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  1. Considering the age and condition of the car, I'm not sure I would call that lucky.............
  2. Employees aren't going to get in that door either.
  3. I also add crispy bacon crumbled up. 3 - 4 slices oughta do.
  4. Well, you can either recycle it or use it to start a bonfire when you're done.............
  5. Owned by a dentist perhaps................
  6. A breaker panel, AC vent and thermostat in your shower. What more could you ask for?
  7. My ex-FIL used to say there's a pork chop in every can...........
  8. Breakfast Breakfast Casserole Makes 6 servings Ingredients 1 dozen eggs 1/2 C cream 2 C grated cheese of your choice (We use cheddar) 1 pound thick cut bacon sliced into 1/2" strips 8 ounces Crimini mushrooms cleaned and sliced 3 stalks green onion chopped fine 2 T butter Utensils Disposable non stick cake pan (Must be non-stick) Optional 2C brown and serve potatoes/hashbrowns cooked Optional 2 1 C chopped fresh spinach Pre-heat oven to 350f Cook the bacon and drain in on paper towels Saute' the mushrooms and onions in the butter until soft Beat the eggs and cream until well beaten Layer the bottom of the cake pan in the following order: potatoes, bacon, mushrooms, cheese. Pour the egg mixture on top and bake for 45 minutes. {Just made it with the spinach and it was wonderful.}
  9. BTDT. That helmet must weigh about 50 pounds with all that ice on it.
  10. OMG I'm gonna steal that. It so sounds like my office.................
  11. Cost Plus World Market. https://www.worldmarket.com/search.do?query=tim+tam
  12. Amazing artwork. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.
  13. We used to have these buggers when we lived in the South Pacific. I don't know if they are edible but you have to watch those claws. If the crabs use those to break into coconut shells, imagine what they would do to a finger or toe?
  14. Their sister store, Sam's Club, now charges $4.00 an item if you order something on line and come into the store to pick it up. Apparently, it was costing them too much in labor to do it for free.
  15. I agree with you. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoevolution.com%2Fnews%2Fone-owner-1956-chevy-bel-air-flexes-supercharged-v8-drag-racing-heritage-160990.html&psig=AOvVaw3BYQcWIrnLeyNAg-dYZFyF&ust=1667575582322000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCIiA6KOpkvsCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ
  16. Unless you happen to be in the area the bag lands, once the helium degrades....................
  17. Well, we have had to file a claim with our insurance company because of hail and wind damage to our roof. Come spring, it will need to be replaced. I am working with my insurance company now to secure a contractor to do the work. When I looked into ratings on the type and manufacturer of the shingles, I find lots of dead ends. Some of the websites won't show you any results unless you agree to sign a contract with their installers. Other websites contain old information or no real tangible ratings ("25 of our customers think this is the best shingle". Who are your customers and what makes the shingles so great? Some of the ratings were stupid too. "The shingles that were installed didn't match the blue in the color sample...." So you're going to rate their performance lower because the color isn't what you expected????) Even Consumer Reports no longer does performance evaluations on shingles. I understand that your location and the type of weather your roof is subjected to will greatly effect how long your shingles last. Shingles might be rated to last 50 years at the beach in Southern California but might only last half that time here in the harsh weather of the Midwest. That only makes sense. Who installed them and how carefully they were installed also makes a difference. I get all of that. Why can't I find ratings comparing shingle A to B to C etc. and how long they lasted in weather similar to mine? What caused the failures would also be helpful. Was the shingle manufactured incorrectly or installed incorrectly? If I must spend $10K+ to have a new roof, fascia and gutters put on the house, I most certainly want to get as much value out of it as I can. I won't even get started on some of the shady characters I've encountered so far............ Please, experience with composite only. We won't/can't think about installing anything else right now. Thanks, CK
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