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  1. Former Republican Senator Bob Dole, who passed away this week at the age of 98, included in his farewell letter a playful jab at the Democratic Party. Dole said in a farewell letter that was read by his daughter Robin at his funeral in Washington, D.C. on Friday -- "As I make the final walk on my life’s journey, I do so without fear. Because I know that I will, again, not be walking alone. I know that God will be walking with me. I also confess that I’m a bit curious to learn and find if I am correct in thinking that heaven will look a lot like Kansas and to see, like others who have gone before me, if I will still be able to vote in Chicago."
  2. I love the Midway videos but have you even noticed no matter how dirty or difficult the job Larry is never dirty?
  3. Good memories from a simpler time. The first time I remember seeing Mickey Dolenz was in Circus Boy.
  4. This sounds interesting but I think the plastic pouch would melt.
  5. You put them in dry. They cook when you pull the trigger.
  6. Most of the originals are found in excellent plus condition with most of their original blue because the Civil War ended before the Rogers & Spenser could be issued. Very odd grip and hammer angles. Most people find them uncomfortable to shoot. Made by Euroarms (Dixie), Pedersoli and Feinwerkbau. The Feinwerbau models are made in Germany. They are expensive but have an excellent reputation for accuracy in Europe where it is easier to own and shoot BP matches with cap and ball guns.
  7. Wah, wah, wah. I will admit I have whined about UPS and USPS too. But, being realistic they handle billions of items per year and on-line shopping is increasing exponentially. Most of the time you get a tracking number and can see your item's progress. Once it gets close to my house I even get a map of where the truck is located. We have the best delivery system in the world. BUT like the snowflakes we have gotten to the point that if something does not meet our demands for instant gratification we whine. Remember when you are crying about one item that has gotten delayed all the other stuff that came through without a problem. P.S. if my Item does not get here on time I will whine even though I know I should not.
  8. Was looking for some photos of the new Federal primer boxes and to check the current MSRP. Came on a site that looked like the Federal website. Had primers listed. Everything looked legit until you get to checkout. Venmo and Bitcoin -- FRAUD. Be careful folks. Looks like even the manufacturer's websites have been hacked or copied. Some sites are legit. For example, you can buy powder directly from Hodgdon off the Hodgon website. ASSUMING of course you are on the actual website and not a fake. Again you will know when you get to checkout and they don't take credit cards. https://federalprimers.com
  9. On that particular frame the spring seat, spring and strut should all fit.
  10. Buy a cotton pickin loading manual or go to the Alliant website.
  11. What brand of smokeless powder or brand of small pistol primers is universally available anywhere in the country right now? The fact that one guy in East Buttcrack, Montana found a pound of Bullseye at a local gun store does not nean the shortages are abating. I live near a powder distributor. Three months ago they got in a variety of Hodgdon products, including Clays. Last month they got in a variety of Alliant powders. Last week they had nothing. This week they got in several cases of Small Rifle Benchrest Primers. P.S. one of my pet peeves is when manufacturers use the same name for different products. For example, there is Clays, Universal Clays and International Clays and they are not even vaguely the same. Yet many reloaders just talk about "Clays" with no idea of which Clays powder they are actually dealing with.
  12. Clays has not been made in Australia for YEARS. It is made in Canada and has been for YEARS. And the idea that Clays is a smokeless equivalent of BP is downright dangerous. Nice thing about the wire is you always get lots of amusing bad information.
  13. She was also the first female military pilot killed on active duty. She was a WASP and was killed in a mid-air collision on March 21, 1943. Another of the greatest generation.
  14. What are you guys babbling about? What is unrealistic about a guy getting stabbed in the heart and making a miraculous recovery and then being in a fist fight ten minutes later? These guys are cowboys not college snowflakes.
  15. Anyone who claims they have all kinds of powder and primers available at cheap prices is full of it. All you have to do is click on any item and go to checkout. When all they accept is Zelle, BitCoin and other crap it is a scam. You can also Just Google their address and you come up with this.
  16. The plunger just sits on the loading lever. When you pull the base pin forward it can fall off and get lost or is a PITA to make sure it re-engages its hole in the frame every time you reload.
  17. My dad's birthday is December 7. On December 8, 1941 he was at the recruiting office. He had just turned 16 so they would not let him enlist. He enlisted on December 7, 1942. His 17th birthday. Every year we would take him out to a birthday dinner and make note of the date and its significance. As time wore on fewer and fewer servers had any idea what happened on December 7. Now if WWII is mentioned at all in schools it is only in the context of how the U.S. unjustly imprisoned Japanese-Amercan citizens.
  18. You are correct. The factory models only came in 7 1/2 and 5 1/2 inch models. But several of the photos in this thread show shorter barrel custom models. I have built several with barrels less than 5 inches so we needed to know what you have as a starting point for suggestions. First as noted above IF you are loading with the cylinder in the gun you do have to be careful to make sure the base pin lock is engaged. If it is not and the base pin partially comes out of the frame you can bend it. The notch where the base pin lock engages makes the base pin very thin at that pont. Note in top photo there is a ball started and the base pin has come partially out of the frame. This is the bending point. This photo shows an aftermarket base pin release if you no longer have a loading lever. On the 7 1/2" models the base pin latch is brazed to the barrel. But the barrel is long enough that the loading lever and base pin can still be removed from the gun. In order to be able to remove the base pin on the 5 1/2" models the loading lever latch is screwed to the barrel (yellow arrow) and you remove the latch to remove the loading lever and base pin. IF you are loading the cylinder OUT of the gun with a 5 1/2" model the solution is simple. Leave off the rammer plunger (purple arrow) and leave the base pin lock UNLOCKED. When you get ready to remove the cylinder just lower the loading lever and pull it forward. The latch on the end of the barrel will keep everything from falling out. Load the cylinder and put it back in the gun push the base pin into place and raise the loading lever. The lever will hold the base pin in place.
  19. Do your ROAs still have the loading levers on them? In other words what do you mean by Ruger Old Armies with the short barrel?
  20. Let's not get into that confusion again. The gate in question is NOT a 66 gate it is for a 73. Nothing to do with a 66 gate or reinforcement.
  21. Those are modern frames that use the wire trigger return spring. You can see the spring retaining pin hole and the hooks the legs hook over. Guys the OP is looking for THREE SCREW frames. These are the old pre-transfer bar models that had a hole behind the trigger and used a coil spring and plunger to push the trigger forward. Those have not been made for almost 50 years and are getting hard to find. I use to pick them up on EBay but have not seen any on there for a while. OP, good luck.
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