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  1. Anyone recognize Maid Marian's horse from the 1938 Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood? At the time his name was Golden Cloud. In 1943 his stage name was changed to Trigger.
  2. That is because most modern transmissions are electrically shifted by computer.
  3. Sean Connery wearing his Body Control Module.
  4. The most popular song of WWII had a German version and an English version. Both versions were sung by the same singer and both versions were equally popular. Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene.
  5. I just watched a documentary on Marlene Dietrich. What an amazing character. She hated the Nazis and was one of the first stars to volunteer to entertain the troops. She went right to the front lines. She became friends with George Patton and traveled a lot with the Third Army. When the Americans were getting ready to cross the Rhine into Germany General Eisenhower ordered her not to go into Germany fearing she might be captured by the Germans. She refused and as they crossed into Germany Patton handed her this pistol and said, "here, shoot some of the bastards before you surrender." She received numerous awards for her vountary military service including on the recommendation of two American generals the Medal of Freedom.
  6. Colt - barrel lug for ejector, replaceable hammer cam, firing pin bushing. Pietta - all three Standard Arms - two; hammer cam, firing pin bushing USFA - one; firing pin bushing Uberti - none
  7. You know the old saying, "you know you are getting old when you read the obits to see what your friends are doing."
  8. The engraved revolvers used by John Wayne in The Shootist were Great Westerns as was the 7.5" revolver used by James Arness in Gunsmoke.
  9. This is interesting. Sometimes the simplest things have a big effect.
  10. Absolutely true. Witness the XXXXX (the name has been deleted to protect the innocent) Memorial Crater just outside the right hand door of stage 12 (the General Store) at Winter Range (now EOT). All it took was some surgery and an alias change and we have the finely turned athlete we all know and admire as Shooting Bull.
  11. The Battle of the Somme began on July 1, 1916. 19,000 British troops were killed on the first day. The battle lasted until November, 1916. The Thiepval Memorial commemorates “the Missing of the Somme”: more than 72,000 British and South African soldiers who were killed in the region but have no known grave.
  12. I went out to our monthly match at Cowtown this morning. Only had one big posse (27). I decided to call it quits after four stages. Bumped 114 today and supposed to be 115+ tomorrow. I use to shoot no matter the temp. Now as the temps start rising I start pouring sweat like one of those old comedies and figure it is time to head for the barn, take a shower, and lay on the couch for a while.
  13. If you liked Haywire take a look at In The Blood.
  14. I really liked her in the Mandalorian. But, Disney decided to can her because she was not PC enough.
  15. What about pistola? Lots of times counters will say he missed "one pistola."
  16. I wonder if I can use my EBT card to buy one of them there Anacondas?
  17. Robert Blake in Our Gang. (AKA The Little Rascals)
  18. Looks like Texas City is the largest US explosion. Followed closely by Biden exploding at reporters yesterday following questions about student loans and Hunter.
  19. Just because it is 112 and I am bored I checked the Beirut explosion (which is in Asia and not Europe) and it was 1/3 the size of the Oppau explosion. The largest man made non-nuclear explosion was in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A freighter and ammo ship collided during WWI in 1917. The Halifax explosion was the largest in the world until the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Halifax
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