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  1. Microsoft, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, Auto Warranty company, someone saying there's an arrest warrant out for me...all call me from time to time. If I'm bored, I'll sometime press whatever number it says to press to speak to a live person and then I mess with them. If they appear to have a middle eastern accent, I'll offend them in ways that it's probably frowned upon by these forums to repeat...
  2. Ok. Yeah, I was wanting to see if it was short stroked or not.
  3. Can you post a pic or 2 of the side with the lever in its fully opened position?
  4. Usually I can't remember the line by the time I'm ready to shoot, especially if its a long one or a quote from a movie I haven't seen (yet). By then, I've spotted and / or picked brass that I completely forgot what the line was, unless it's written on a sign off to the side somewhere. Otherwise I'll either say "I'm ready" , ask the TO "what's the line?" or will come up with something witty / funny on the spot related to the stage / match theme.
  5. Rustled up about 137 pieces of .32-20 brass and 48 pieces of .22 hornet brass. One of the .32-20's is an un-fired factory round. Collecting gold for a rifle. PM if ya need brass. $50 shipped.
  6. Mmmm...I need a '73. I just don't have that amount of gold saved up yet.
  7. If this were in .357 I'd be all over it. Good luck with your sale!
  8. Just measured 32 oz on my scales for my 3 (Pietta) pistols
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