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  1. There is a house in Clearwater, Florida at the east end of Enterprise Rd that has been hit at least 7 or 8 times by vehicles. Enterprise Rd in that area is a straight stretch of hilly road (yes, hills in Fl.) that runs east/west, in that area. It has a speed limit of 35 but people regularly do 50 - 70. It ends in a T type intersection at McMullen/Booth Rd which runs north/south with the house on the east side of McMullen/booth. Last time I was at that intersection on Enterprise, they had installed rumble strips prior to the intersection and a flashing light. People still hit the house as I see it in the news about once a year.
  2. A bill has been introduced in Florida to address the loss of "road" taxes due to EVs. some general info below. Here’s why it may soon cost Floridians more to have an electric vehicle (fox13news.com)
  3. So Mike...did you get the friggen Expedition or not? Asking for a friend.
  4. Before the '70's it caused by... 1850 to 1898...The damn Yankees caused them. 1898 to 1914...The Mexicans caused them. 1914 to 1939...The Germans caused them. 1939 to 1945...The Germans, Italians AND the Japanese caused them. 1945 to 1970's...They were all caused by Communism.
  5. They don't taste like chicken...they taste like (mildly) gamey turkey. In 1978 or 79, I went to a "biker" Thanksgiving feast/party in north Clearwater, Fl. The owner had a large parcel of property with a large house, neglected orange groves and fields. They sold it years later and it was developed into an addition to On Top Of The World, a large group of condo's for 65+ retirees. Anyway, there was, and still is, a bunch of peacocks in that area. The Thanksgiving dinner was great, everything you'd normally have a Thanksgiving plus keg beer. The "turkey" tasted a little gamey so I thought that they had gone hunting and harvested a bunch of turkeys. Wrong. When I asked about the "turkey", they said that they simply baited the peacocks and harvested them one by one until they had enough. It should have been obvious because they were giving away male peacock plumes when you got there, but I didn't think about it. I never had peacock after that but I would again if it was presented as they tasted good and I detest peacocks also. They are very destructive birds, especially to vehicles but also to dwelling roofs, air conditioner condensers, windows and a myriad of other things. I also think that it is illegal to harm them in Pinellas Co, but I'm not sure...and I'm not telling if someone does.
  6. Just that much closer to the bottom of the tornado.
  7. Is there no munition in the gun and just a "blank" charge?
  8. Either is just a neither without the n.
  9. And they cut the ground prong off AND plugged it in so that polarity is reversed. Wait, is that a Bud Light in that coolie? That explains it now.
  10. Can't be a teen...no cell phone in it's hand. Looks more like the druggies in Philly, Portland, San Fran or Seattle.
  11. Nope, no different sources and I'm not going to seek different sources. If folks want to crucify Liberty Safes, be my guest... doesn't affect me, in any way, what-so-ever and it's no skin off my ass.
  12. Time to get out the belt sander...you'll be down to bare metal before you know it!
  13. A very thoughtful and detailed assessment. Thank You
  14. Most EV's are designed to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. Roof racks, luggage carriers, exposed antennas, raised door openers and the like are parasitic drag and decrease range. Same thing happens on ICE vehicles. I've heard that roof racks alone will reduce milage by 1 - 2 mpg at highway speeds.
  15. Every time I think about a race across the US...I think about Farrah Fawcett.
  16. I'll never forget...nor will I forgive. The Star and Stripes that I flew that day, continued to fly for exactly one year after and flies every year on 9/11, flies again today May all the lives lost on 9/11/2001 and the many lives lost since, Rest in Peace.
  17. Before I even clicked on this thread, I thought to myself "This has to be Grady Judd". There was another one where a suspect killed an officer and a police dog and wounded another (IIRC). The SWAT team took him out by shooting him about 80 or so times. The news reporter asked him "Why did you all shoot him 80 something times"? He said "We ran out of bullets".
  18. I'm a chocolate shake guy myself, but...the good thing about a vanilla shake is it's easier to make a vanilla shake a chocolate shake than it is to make a chocolate shake a vanilla shake.
  19. Griff, many years ago ('98, '99 or so), did you visit a club in Lakeland, Florida? The club name was The Polk County Crackers. I remember a guy showing up in a semi rig and shooting with us. If it was you, you'd remember because it was in the middle of summer and hotter/humid as it could possibly be.
  20. I was never a fan of Three's Company, although I did watch a few episodes. I actually thought that this was from All In The Family which I was a fan of.
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