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  1. Got caught heating up a shotgun barrel in the oven once during a re-bluing process. My ex didn't stay gone as long as she said she was going to, came back and asked why the racks were out of the oven. I sounded like Biden in the debate, so she looked...not a happy camper.
  2. If Poet Jones can't use them, I'm interested in them. Send me a PM with price if you would. Thanks.
  3. Had a blue parakeet named Sammy when I was growing up. He had an interesting vocabulary that got even more interesting during the holidays when family were there.
  4. What Joe said, just make it straight bleach though, no dilution with water. Let sit for about 10 minutes, then clean up. If you have windows in the room, open them also. Make sure you rinse out the sprayer bottle real good and spray clean water through the sprayer to clean out the bleach if you want to use it again.
  5. It means your wife is going to kill you and THEN divorce you to boot if you use the washer and dryer to clean brass. If you really want to do brass, use the dishwasher...she'll never look in there.
  6. I am sending a package to Bakersfield, CA tomorrow. Don't know why but when I saw the city, this song popped into my mind, been hearing it all day...
  7. I still have a box of Valor .22 LR that I got at Webb City when I was a kid. Webb City used to be a local tourist trap back in the day. Box of 50 for .61 cents. Cheap prices, dancing chickens, chickens playing the piano, mermaids, all kinds of entertainment for very little money. I loved that place. Still have fond memories of Webb City and Six Gun Territory. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida/2019/08/18/webbs-city-closed-40-years-ago-today-what-happened-to-the-worlds-most-unusual-drug-store/
  8. They keep saying that they are going to the electronic meters but they haven't done it yet.
  9. I had a sort of similar experience with Pinellas Co. Utilities. Seems that the meter reader(s) didn't want to read the meter if it was covered by the least bit of dirt. This went on for the better part of a year. We would get a water bill for the same amount of gallons used (8K) every billing. I really didn't think anything of it as our routines with laundry, dishes, showers, etc., didn't change much. One day, I saw the reader reading the meters so I waited for him to read our meter and then went out and read it myself. It had 2" of dirt and leaves on top of the dial that was completely undisturbed. There was no way he could have visually read the meter. I cleaned the meter compartment out and waited the week or so for the water bill to come in. They said I used 8K gallons again. I still had the old bill with the supposed "actual" gallons on it. The difference was about 10,000 gallons, 10,000 gallons that I HADN"T used yet but had paid for in the past year. I called the Utilities Dept. and they sent someone out to do another read and confirmed my findings. Ended up owning nothing on the present bill and a credit on the next bill. They may not have been reading your meter for a long time and finally read it for real, resulting in a credit that was applied to your bill. Look at your bill to see when the next read is and read it yourself also for a few billing cycles. You may find they actually owe you money if they haven't been really reading it. So far as garbage collection, I'm in County jurisdiction and Pinellas doesn't offer garbage collection. There's about 8 or 9 garbage companies that are privately owned around here. I use one that is a small company owned and operated by a guy that lives about a block away. He uses real garbage trucks, provides a giant container, charges $30 less (quarterly) than all of the other bigger companies. I had two of the bigger, name brand, companies for years and had nothing but trouble with them missing pickups and poor service.
  10. How do I wear a fancy necktie? Rustle some cattle!
  11. Mags SPF For Sale: 2 - Savage Arms/Stevens 10 round, .22 LR magazines. Magazines are used. One is in perfect condition, and one has some exterior rust damage but should be fine for use (see pictures). I do not know the manufacture of the magazines. SAVAGE/STEVENS 22LR 10 ROUND MAGAZINE FOR MODEL'S 85-84-33-34-35-54-56-57 AND MANY MORE INCLUDING STORE BRAND'S SAVAGE STEVENS MADE FOR SEARS, WARDS,WESTERN AUTO,COAST TO COAST, ETC. (NOT FOR USE IN ANSCHUTZ) Price - $30.00 Shipped to your location in the lower 48. Payment to be by USPS MO or personal check if an established SASS member. 1st I'll take it gets the items.
  12. I ALWAYS consider who will take the presidents place if he/she is incapacitated. That includes the top three line of succession at the very least. IF the president and the top three were somehow taken out at the same time, the US has a lot more problems than the line of succession at the White House.
  13. Even the AMC Pacer was a better looking vehicle...probably held more cargo also.
  14. Residing in Florida for all of my like, I've always been a "weather nerd". Read the clouds...know the weather that's coming. I could always tell when a tropical system was around. Read the clouds at night or during the day...don't need the internet or weatherman to tell me what's coming. By the way, we had 2.23" of rain yesterday at my house.
  15. AND make $100K++ a year. On another note, lightning can strike from a lot further than people think. The match was cancelled out of concern for the participants, good move IMO. Could have gone the other way...
  16. It appears that Boeing has terminated their employment with the company.
  17. If they didn't study astrology, why are they doing the math anyway? Steal all of our beer and cheese making facilities? You can take my cheese when you take it from my cold, somewhat stinky (I like sharp), hands. No wonder we're sending probes to crash into them.
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