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  1. Yeah, be sitting down on the toilet 'cause you're gonna ****. However, If you need any of the ones that Natchez ($5 shipping) or Powder Valley (free shipping) have in stock, I suggest you get it now. Never know when things will be hard to get again, buy once, cry once. Shipping specials for both retailers expire at midnight tonight 1/10/24.
  2. I started as Modern, now I'm a Senior...talk about time flying!.
  3. Naw, that's an American arachnid...gotta be toilet paper. If that's Australia, that's a paper towel roll with a baby spider on it.
  4. I don't know what kind of stories, but I know this...we need pics.
  5. I disagree with the Quisling reference, Powell is just a thieving rat (among other thieving rats) trying to save his own ass. Quisling was a traitor to Norway by joining the Nazi's in their occupation of Norway. Powell isn't a traitor to the NRA, in fact, he could actually expose more of the thieving bastards than is already known. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand thieves and believe that Powell is getting off easy. I notice that he didn't call Oliver North, who tried to expose LaPierre and company years ago but got ousted under the guise of "trying to take over the NRA", a Quisling. I hope LaPierre and his fellow thieving rat bastards receive the max sentences if proven guilty or if they admit their guilt. Paying back money that they stole to begin with is not punishment enough IMO....prison time would be more appropriate. I hope the NRA can get back to fighting the enemies of the 2nd Amendment real soon...instead of the leaders fighting to save their own asses.
  6. Only if you change the stock/fore end to black plastic and re-blue the receiver black. Then it's one of the evil assault rifles with the 30 magnum round clip.
  7. American Select Meters great, a "fluffier" type powder, consistent ignition in all temperatures and it's even currently available.
  8. Nope. When I got home, I experimented with it...same results.
  9. I disagree and I don't want it the same. No matter how destroyed the house is...the foundation is still there, ready to be built on once again....stronger and better. That's how it can be rebuilt. Or, it could just be rebuilt as a copy of the old house, forgetting the reason that it burned down to begin with. We shall see.
  10. Do the two front portions of the take downs' serial numbers match the receiver's serial number?
  11. I was at a Florida State Championship at St. Augustine in January. Came out of the hotel, it was cold and had ice on the windows so I decided to start my 2000 Ford, turn on the defroster, leave the truck running with the key in the ignition, take the key fob/unlock back to the hotel room wait 15 minutes and come back and unlock the door with the key fob. Sounds good, doesn't it. Guess what, the key fob will NOT unlock the door with the engine running. Had a spare (non-chip) key in my wallet but it's in the truck with my cell phone and AAA card. Had a friend call AAA, they came out in about 20 minutes and unlocked to door in 15 seconds with a slim jim. WIthin a month, all of the plastic cruise control buttons on the steering wheel had "dried" out and eventually cracked and fell off. I rarely used cruise control before and can't use it now. The truck was right nice and toasty when I got it unlocked though. Lesson learned.
  12. All I got was a lame Valen Halen tune...with Sammy Hagar at that.
  13. That's the employees. They must pay them by the pound.
  14. I like the AK platform, like some others, I think the SKS is a better firearm. I would like to see a 1.5" additional drop in the stock. Make it more comfortable to shoot.
  15. Love the pink rabbit slippers...otherwise, nothing to see here.
  16. Only the left turn signal...in the fast lane...on Interstate...in Florida...while driving 54 mph...20 miles before the right-hand exit.
  17. If you are talking about warming up the engine or heating/cooling the driver's compartment, I don't think that it would hurt the engine or components. I know that the vehicle should be at operating temperature before getting heavy on the gas pedal or towing a heavy load. When I had a car with a supercharger, I was told that the engine should always be at operating temperature before driving/heavy acceleration. I always tried to get that car warm before driving. I've heard that vehicles with turbos should be treated the same, operating temperature first before heavy acceleration. I don't know if any of that advice was true but it didn't hurt anything to abide by it.
  18. I culled the S&B (and Amerc) out of my .38 brass a long time ago or I'd be happy to send it to you. I don't shoot too much CAS anymore and when I do, I rarely get any S&B brass in the brass pickup. I started marking my brass (all calibers) with a Sharpie about 20 years ago so that I know that it's my brass, it's not Amerc or S&B and that it's already been checked for abnormalities.
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