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  1. A Carrington type event like the one from the 1850's would put the US, and most of the World, back into the 1800's. Forget about all of the electronic gadgets, internet, cell phones (although I kind of like the idea of no cell phones), GPS and most other things electric for a while. It would probably fry most the electrical grid and associated equipment. Without electric, water supplies and food would quickly disappear and civilization would quickly crumble into dog eat dog. Am I going to worry about it...nope....what for?
  2. Some moons are more gaseous than others.
  3. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** For sale - Dillon 550B shell plate and locator pins for .45 ACP/.45 GAP. Plate and pins are also for .308 Win as they both use the same plate/pins. NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE POWDER FUNNEL. Powder funnel for either caliber is available for purchase from DIllon separately. Price - $27.00 Shipped to the lower 48 Payment by check or USPS MO. Sorry, no electronic fund transfers accepted. 1st I'll take it.
  4. Mine has changed also. Don't particularly care for it.
  5. Somewhere, somehow, someone is real proud of that.
  6. ***CLAIMED*** Lyman Autofeed primer fillers/pickup tubes. For SASS members only. Just pay shipping.
  7. Maybe it's not his day to quit drinking.
  8. Kind of depends on where this cursed house is in relation to your house doesn't it?
  9. So far as chronological sequence, I think a 1996 calendar will work also.
  10. That kind of crap really is annoying...I hate it when it gets all wrapped around the Ditch Witch blades.
  11. Thanks Bob and Joe. With your assistance, I found them pretty quick. They are for a Lyman primer auto-feed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lyman-Auto-Primer-Feed-Complete-or-Replacement-Large-or-Small-Tubes/273110473126 Edit - Tubes have been spoken for! 4/11/24 If anyone has the need for these, I'll mail them to you for shipping!
  12. Won an auction of reloading items. These two items were mixed in with a bunch of Dillon stuff. I don't think these are Dillon items. They are definitely large and small primer tubes with what appears to be ends that go into a priming system. I don't know if they are pickup tubes also as they seem too short to fit 100 primers in them although the ends have slots that would indicate that they are for use as a pickup tube also. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. On occasion, throw it out Tupperware and all when you're afraid to open it!
  14. Who is Sunny Hostins and why should I care what he says.
  15. I took a rare picture of the eclipse at night.
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