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  1. What has to be frustrating for them as much as for us is two things. One is that they have to rely on the data they are given and feed into the models, which as anyone who has watched the climate catastrophe crowd are notoriously wrong, and two - all the other reporters get to tell you about what has already happened (even if they spin it) where-as the weatherman has to predict the future. Tough job that! It's probably easier in Phoenix than in Denver though! SC
  2. My favorite, and frankly now my only chosen source, is Desperado Cowboy Bullets. I load my Colts with their .45 sized .454 over 6.7 of Unique and get one hole groups at 15 yds. Damn good stuff from a damn fine Cowboy family! https://cowboybullets.com/45-cal-250-grain_p_26.html
  3. S&W model 52 was also chambered for .38 special. Their mags and the Coonan mags are available on Etsy and other sites, but starting at well over $150.
  4. Thanks - that's helpful, and I've saved the instructions. At Appleseed we also run Known Distance (KD) matches, depending on the range configuration, at either 100 or 200 yds. Course of fire is ten rds each at 25 (standing), 50 (kneeling/sitting), 75 (standing to prone) and 100 (start from prone) yards, or double on a 200 yd range. All strings are timed. Different equipment rules and such though. SC
  5. Link won't work for me. Is this anything like the Appleseed Project Rimfire KD matches they run at 100 and 200 yds? SC
  6. Not exactly what you're asking about, but I have a VQ barrel on my S&W Victory and it absolutely loves stingers, but I get my best accuracy from CCI standard velocity. They function quite well and I'd use them if that was what I had, but after running some 25 different brands and configurations the std ran best. The Velocitors were pretty wild too! SC
  7. These guys hae some classic stuff: https://vintagegunleathertoday.com/collections/speed-loader-cases
  8. There are a lot of reasons to dislike EV's, and some to hate them: - They take a significant amount of time to refill, and that power is generally coming from a fossil fuel burning source, (Roughly 80% US Power is from fossil fuels), - In the event of major disruption to the local electric grid (hurricane, flooding, earthquake, snow, etc.) getting fuel/energy to a vehicle that is stranded is impossible, - Range is limited by battery size and subsequent charging speed, - Batteries have a service life and then need to be disposed of and are not (yet) recycled for their materials, - replacement cost of a battery can approach half the value or more of the vehicle at that point. - The elements that go into batteries are mined by slave labor and children in China and other countries, - A Life Cycle Analysis of producing, utilizing and retiring EV's shows that they produce more pollutants of every variety than conventional automobiles, - China is the worlds producer of raw materials and finished batteries (some 75% or more) and they can do so because their environmental restrictions on pollution are so low, thus letting them pollute for us by proxy, but it's still out there polluting the worlds oceans and air, and they control the availability, - Electric vehicles are 24% heavier than their conventional counterparts, and this creates more “non-exhaust emissions” like tire wear, brake wear, road surface wear and re-suspension of road dust. There are a lot of reasons to dislike or even hate EV's, and there is no reason to believe they are in any way as good as, let alone better than conventional automobiles. The above list is part of several reports and analysis that have been done to evaluate whether there is a good case to be made for them, and as of now there isn't. Having said that, I do hope we reach a point where we can generate sufficient energy from non-fossil fuel sources (eg. Nuke or fusion), can produce batteries of sufficient energy density and recharge rates, without toxic materials mined by children and without the ancillary pollution, to produce better cars. Alas, right now in Florida they are exploding, but I'm sure that will change in the future! SC
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