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  1. So are these the 38s with the 4.3/4 barrel length? I didn't see asking price. Thanks Biscuit
  2. I have 6, love them, very convenient for the loading table. Thinking I need some in a new caliber soon
  3. Now we are talking about dangerous equipment!
  4. Hashknife, That's how I generally do things in all aspects of life as well, but not reloading yet, the wallet was looking a lot emptier after I got those 45s.
  5. At that price Dutch Wheeler, I could actually afford to shoot the 45s!
  6. I will check out the calculator, but I think it will confirm what I already know, Have to start reloading ammo.
  7. The loaded cartridge cost, especially when you look at .45s, makes reloading a necessity.
  8. I have seen this topic interspersed in other threads, but couldn't find a straightforward thread on cost per round. What is your cost per round for .38, 45, 44-40? Thanks Iron Biscuit
  9. Does anyone know if the newer Winchester 94s with a tang safety can still mount a tang sight like a Lyman or MVA? Thanks Biscuit
  10. Just received a CZ hammered double from longhunter, wow. This is my first hammered double, but it is easy to open, hammers seem easy to cock, and everything about the shotgun is well done. I am impressed with this one.
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