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  1. thanks, my plan was // is to buy a box and give them a go as long as folks didn't overwhelming reply that it was not a good shell for shucking.
  2. I have been using Winchester AAs, but wondered on how the Remington Gun club shells work, specifically, how well they shuck out of a double. Anyone with experience? Thanks Biscuit
  3. So I am looking at getting a new set of Ruger Vaquero pistols. I shot 2 handed in the 49er category last year. I was thinking about going to 45s and shoot them in the 49er for a while before going to either duelist or morelikely, classic cowboy. My question is can you shoot comfortably with 2 hands and the lowered hammers, or once you go to lower hammers, is that almost exclusively a 1 handed approach? The other question is do anyone, many folks shoot in a o e handed category with the higher more origial hammers? Thanks Buscuit
  4. Hi Dakota Fox is this still for sale? This is the larger grip model correct?
  5. So are these the 38s with the 4.3/4 barrel length? I didn't see asking price. Thanks Biscuit
  6. I have 6, love them, very convenient for the loading table. Thinking I need some in a new caliber soon
  7. Now we are talking about dangerous equipment!
  8. Hashknife, That's how I generally do things in all aspects of life as well, but not reloading yet, the wallet was looking a lot emptier after I got those 45s.
  9. At that price Dutch Wheeler, I could actually afford to shoot the 45s!
  10. I will check out the calculator, but I think it will confirm what I already know, Have to start reloading ammo.
  11. The loaded cartridge cost, especially when you look at .45s, makes reloading a necessity.
  12. I have seen this topic interspersed in other threads, but couldn't find a straightforward thread on cost per round. What is your cost per round for .38, 45, 44-40? Thanks Iron Biscuit
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