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  1. Post it on FB where more than just a few people see it and see what happens.
  2. 3rd grade Minatare, Ne. playing football at lunch break. We were called back in to the cafeteria and were told about it and sent home. I remember watching Oswald being shot on live tv and the funeral procession through DC.
  3. The only way to get news and information from some clubs or SASS related groups is on FB, strangely.
  4. I tried to order a pair of those hammers from Ruger awhile ago and they wouldn’t sell them to me.
  5. Should your search turn up empty you might give Double Diamond a PM or PM me and I’ll give you his contact info, what you want is right up his alley.
  6. He’s a great pard to deal with. Answered emails and PMs in a hurry, never left you guessing as to when or where your order was.
  7. His loading blocks were pretty cool. I sent him some of my pretty exotic cutoff scraps and he built some loading blocks out of it. If I remember right he had the blocks built, finished and shipped within a week, great service.
  8. I guess I should have said “ I haven’t seen him post in years”.
  9. He hasn’t been on The Wire in years. He used to build some very nice loading blocks/strips.
  10. Flat Rock Vigilance Committee Woodstock Stoners
  11. They were so close on the Merwin Hulbert not that long ago and it was going to be built in the good old US of A.
  12. That would be kinda like Ford coming out with an all electric Model A and they’d lose their ass.
  13. I ship and receive Old Armies via USPS quite often, it’s legal.
  14. Well in a twisted sort of way I really enjoyed The Ballad Of Cable Hogue with Jason Robards. Seeing Stella Stevens naked in a bathtub at the age I was (16) really left an impression.
  15. About the only organized part of my day is that I hang my car keys up on the same hook every time. The key rack is right inside the door as you come in from the garage and I never lose my keys, Mrs. Lose on the other hand will not hang her keys up there even though there are plenty of empty hooks (18 all together) and a couple of times a week we’ll do a key search because she’s misplaced her keys.
  16. You shoulda told me you had this when we did the ROA deal. BTT.
  17. Same here. Doesn’t work on 3 iPads but will work on iPhone where I can get cellular. Works fine on my wife’s computer.
  18. Thank you. I’ve tried hardening the Howell type but haven’t had much success, may not be getting them hot enough.
  19. Another question is do the firing pins tend to peen or mushroom like the T&C/Howell firing pins? Do you keep spare firing pins on hand or do you not need to worry about it?
  20. So who said that you can see all of the cartridge rims on ROA Kirst conversion cylinders? Nobody until you just now. None of the Kirst online pictures show the loaded cylinder side view and that’s why I posed the question.
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