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  1. She’s got this thing about cauliflower and a few years ago instead of making mashed potatoes we had mashed cauliflower, not to bad the first time or two but God made potato’s for a reason because they are better mashed than cauliflower is. Well she quit mashing cauliflower and now she cooks it with chicken stock until it’s a near liquid and calls it soup. She put some beef in it a couple of times ago and it was a lot better. This time it was just cauliflower and veggies.
  2. Man, I’d probably be drowning in it if I said that.
  3. I’m liking cauliflower less and less now days.
  4. I’ve thought of flushing it down the toilet while she’s gone to work in the morning but she’s very astute and will wonder where all of the soup went aaaannnnnndddd then she’ll think I like it so much that I’m eating it all for breakfast and then she’ll cook more of it.
  5. Yeah I’ve hinted that I’m not a big fan but she dumps more stuff in it thinking it will make me like it more.
  6. Mrs. Lose likes soup and she has come up with a cauliflower soup recipe that she thinks is divine, me, on the other hand has trouble choking it down. Yesterday, after a great match up at the new Cajon range I pulled into the garage and opened my door and the wafting odor of a new pot of cauliflower soup just about made me turn around and leave. I thought we had finished up the last of it on Thursday for lunch but boy was I mistaken, she cooked up a pot of it yesterday that you could swim in. Anyway, as I’m sitting here staring at a big bowl of soup, I’m trying to figure out how I can break the news to her that I’m sick of cauliflower soup. Any suggestions? Have your mates ever insisted on fixing stuff that you really don’t like but don’t have the cajones to tell them that you don’t want to see it again? Nowadays she fixes it about two or three times a month. Help!!!
  7. Last time I was out there they’re still using those kilns plus a few more.
  8. FJT, it was great to see you back and I enjoyed our short visit. Hope you and Hud will be able to come out to Cajon more often. Nice range, isn’t it?
  9. Mrs. Lose gets hers locally and she gives me a back massage with it mixed with avocado or olive oil every morning. I feel it helps my lower back pain and helps me through the day she used to have very painful arthritic hands and since she’s been using the CBD oil her joint pain in her hands has disappeared. I tried it for my hand pain and it didn’t help but a supplement, ArthroMax has done the job.
  10. My thoughts are with you and the Mrs., UB.
  11. I joke about quitting but I never started. I was raised in a family where nearly all of the adults smoked. My grand parents on both sides smoked heavily and so did my folks. Mom quit when I was in my early teens and I remember how hard it was for her. They didn’t have the nicotine patches and such back then or if they did she didn’t use them. When I was about 10 years old my cousin and I found a cigar that my uncle had laying around and we decided to try it out and it made me sick to the point I had dry heaves and that was the end of my tobacco use. My brother started smoking in high school and the last time we were together he was lighting one up right after another, being in his house was not enjoyable. My step dad smoked until just a few years before he died. He hid it until he finally did quit. He’d tell people he quit but he’d do it on the sly and you could smell it on him. CS, I sincerely hope you can overcome the pull that tobacco has on you because you will be so much better off. After visiting with you on the phone awhile back I’m pretty sure you’ll win the battle.
  12. If you stick with the gum your voice won’t change.
  13. Well, one sure way of quitting is the testicle/hammer/anvil method, it’s been proven very successful and it works like this. Every time you get the urge to light up you lay one of your testicles on an anvil and smack it with a 5lb sledge hammer. Usually smokers only do it once but the hardcases learn after the second one, hope this helps.
  14. The day ain’t over. Some leftist sites I’ve checked in on it’s getting pretty heated.
  15. One thing I learned from the impeachment hearings was that POTUS would be selling Alaska back to the Russians. Cowboy action shooting and lots of other fun stuff will probably be banned by the new owners so are you folks sticking around? Its a joke folks, relax.
  16. It happens all of the time out here, unfortunately.
  17. Some of you may remember me posting about the eggs Benedict at Rosie’s restaurant in Escondido, Ca. a few months ago. Well Kaitlyn Pilsbury the cafe owner was in a serious accident on her motorcycle on December 21 and is now in a rehab hospital. Here’s the story. Food Network is doing a benefit on February 17 to help raise funds for her medical costs. She is a very nice lady and has a long, long recovery ahead of her. ESCONDIDO Rosie’s staff runs Escondido cafe while owner recovers from hit-and-run crash A sign and donation bucket near the cash register at Rosie’s Cafe in Escondido on Monday raises awareness and money for owner Kaitlyn Rose Pilsbury, 33, who was seriously injured Dec. 21 in a hit-and-run accident in Vista. (Pam Kragen / The San Diego Union-Tribune) Owner of retro eatery featured on Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” last May has been in ICU since Dec. 21 By PAM KRAGEN DEC. 31, 2019 2:43 PM Escondido — Almost a year to the day after Escondido’s then-struggling Rosie’s Cafe was chosen for a TV makeover on Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” series, the eatery’s owner is now engaged in a struggle of her own. On the evening of Dec. 21, owner Kaitlyn Rose Pilsbury, 33, was seriously injured when her motorcycle was struck by a hit-and-run driver in an SUV near her home in Vista. She has been recuperating in the intensive care unit at Palomar Medical Center ever since. On Tuesday morning, family members posted an update of her condition on a family-run Gofundme page, saying: “Every day she shows more progress.” As news of the accident spreads, Rosie’s Cafe has become a gathering space for friends, customers and community members. The restaurant at 117 W. Grand Ave. was closed for four days after the accident. But since it reopened Dec. 26, waitress Sarah Zenns said customer traffic has been tremendous as visitors have come in to dine, drop off cash donations for Pilsbury and write notes of support for her in a journal near the cash register.
  18. Met Rush at Dans Bake sale in Fort Collins, Colorado back in 1993. Get well soon, Rush, you’re a fighter.
  19. You are correct about them being for the Niners. When KC came back in the fourth quarter it was like the air had been let out of both of them.
  20. That’s what I’m saying. No matter what gun owners do they’ll be stamped with the White power or privilege thing. It’s going to get much worse as this election cycle plays out.
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