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  1. I don't think Dean gets enough credit for how funny he was, with the possible exception of Foster Brooks, no one played the drunk for laughs better than Dean.
  2. Perhaps being unemployed will make them less "woke"? However it is San Francisco, so it remains to be seem if this will hurt or help their business.
  3. Right now the people committing these group robberies don't seem to want to hurt people for the sake of hurting people. Other then trying to escape/stay out of their way, I will do absolutely nothing unless I am attacked and in reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm. Those that feel otherwise should remember what George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse went through before be found not guilty.
  4. Last time I checked here in CT it was $3.45/$3.50 gallon for cash/credit. Makes me glad I work from home
  5. I read an article months ago that paper shotgun shells are more expensive to make and it takes longer. Whatever they apply to the paper requires multiple coats and has to dry completely between coats
  6. That's why I use the gift bags as much as possible
  7. Her father is Thell Reed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thell_Reed so while it may have only been the second time she was lead/head armorer for a movie, she probably has a great deal of experience with firearms. Without more information, I'm not willing to blame her, especially with everyone lawyering up and everyone blaming someone else
  8. The 20 gauge with the short barrels normally used for SASS & using factory loads in a generally lighter gun , has a well deserved reputation of having a sharp recoil that most shooters find unpleasant. Yes there are low recoil options out there, but they are probably going to be more expensive and harder to find than the equivalent load in 12 gauge. Unless you reload and/or already have a 20 gauge, there is really no good reason I can think of to buy a 20 gauge for SASS shooting versus a 12 gauge. As already stated, if you forget or run out of 20 gauge at a match, there probably won't be any other shooters to get ammo from. I've been shooting SASS in the Northeast for almost 25 years and I have seen only one shooter use a 20 gauge on a regular basis and that had 26" or 28" barrels.
  9. Add: How many people saw signs that the kid had issues but decided to kick the bucket down the road and let someone else deal with it?
  10. Shrug, Frontier is no better. Took me two weeks to resolve my internet (which I also use for work) from dropping out every 5-10 minutes. 4 telephone conversations, 3 chat conversations and two visits from technicians, one of whom apparently replaced to corroded connections and a new router sent to me.
  11. Just the physical part would kick my ass A link to the rules and more pictures: https://www.varusteleka.com/en/event/finnish-brutality-october-23-24-2021/61118 Video Link 1: Video Link 2:
  12. The 57th Wilde's Rifles was part of the 3rd Lahore Division, which along with the 7th Meerut Division made up the infantry component of the Indian Corps which saw service in France from 1914-1915 as part of the British Expeditionary Force. Havildar* Ganga Singh and 15 other Sikh's were holding a trench position during a German attack. The German reached the stretch of trench held by Havildar Ganga Singh and his men and in the ensuing hand to hand combat, Havildar Singh, who pre-war was a physical fitness instructor and district bayonet fighting champion, killed 5 Germans with his bayoneted rifle before the bayonet broke. He killed a German officer and proceeded to kill another 5-10 Germans (accounts are unclear) with the sword until he was injured severely enough that he was unable to fight and was left for dead. Havildar Singh was the only Sikh survivor and at the end of the battle there were at least 60 dead Germans in the trenches alongside the 15 dead Sikhs. Having been wounded 6 (both hands, leg, chest and scalp wound) times he was brought to England covered in bandages and splints for treatment and recovery. When asked about the fight, Ganga SIngh is reported to have said it was a good, heavy sword and I would have killed many more Germans if I hadn't been injured in the leg. Ganga Sing was awarded either the Indian Order of Merit 2nd class (probably equivalent to our Distinguished Service Cross) or the Victoria Cross. *Havildar is the Indian Army equivalent to sergeant
  13. My Christmas shopping is done already and I never left the house. The weather is is rainy and cold and I have to work today. And any "deals" out there isn't worth the aggravation of dealing with all those people anyway. Bah Humbug!
  14. I should be good for quite some time, I had been buying supplies even when I didn't really need them.
  15. Probably never. I suspect that in exchange for his testimony, the prosecutors agreed to drop all charges. Of course given that the POS's testimony helped the defense more than the prosecution they are probably regretting that deal.
  16. I don't remember has I had not yet been conceived. As to knowing if what we have been told so to date is the entire truth, a partial truth or a complete fabrication? Maybe, but not for at least a couple of more decades.
  17. The announcer is a bit much, but it's still interesting
  18. The dentist skit with Tim Conway & Harvey Korman
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