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  1. Not to keep bashing Baldwin as an individual, but just how stupid can he be? Baldwin: 'Someone is responsible' for shooting, but 'not me' - StarTribune.com
  2. This is NOT to begin bashing the NRA, of which I am a long-time member. Just placed an order with Midway and was surprised when they showed the roundup amount that has been contributed to the NRA....It currently stands at $20, 578, 170.22 . That being acknowledged, why do I keep getting mail requesting that I renew membership that doesn't expire for two more years, and begging for more $$$$?
  3. FedEx packages were found in a ravine in Alabama...... Hundreds of missing FedEx packages found in Alabama ravine. How did they get there? (yahoo.com)
  4. Just noticed a Weatherby rifle for sale, and it is stamped "Atascodera, California"......I didn't realize Weatherby's were made in Cali...... I thought the Vanguard line was made by Howa in Japan.......Sort of surprised when I saw this......
  5. Apparently Cali is losing a business...... Arms manufacturer to open $9.5M SC facility, hire 55 people (yahoo.com)
  6. Kind of funny if you google the "let's go Brandon" phrase......lots of input from around the globe....
  7. Not to insult those of you in Cali, but how will you mow your lawn, blow your deck clean, and use your generator when the power outages occur? California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws (yahoo.com)
  8. Just sharing a link to the most interesting explanation of world events that we are now witnessing......This is NOT intended as political, nor is it to endorse any specific denomination.....Only for insight from a Biblical perspective of the day in which we are now living. If you don't want to hear about his new book, start the sermon at the 3:00 minute mark.... Television - Weekend - DavidJeremiah.org
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