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  1. LASSOOS: Lever Action Shotgun Shooters & Omnipresent Obscuring Smoke
  2. Allie Mo, Sounds good hopefully someone will remember what LASSOOS means. DD
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I checked on CAS City, no luck. Sent a PM to Gunner over on Cas City. Glad I am not the only one that cannot remember what I walked into a room for. Driftwood Dan
  4. Old age has me. I cannot remember what LASSOOS stands for. I think it starts as Lever Action Shotgun Shooters ??? Please Help another cowboy and I were talking about our 87 shotguns and LASSOOS came up but we cannot remember. Thanks Driftwood Dan Found what it means thanks to all. Driftwood Dan Lever Action Shotgun Shooters & Omnipresent Obscuring Smoke = LASSOOS
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