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  1. This for my 44 special, mild and accurate. 44 Special 200gr LRNFP 4.6gr TrailBoss
  2. I have been using my Coyote Cap 87 for many years, but then again, I most often hold up the bottom of the posse list for times. When they work, they work but when there is a problem.... don't ask. I had this Lazer work done on the stock. It didn't help with my speed. Driftwood Dan
  3. I had this done for my 1873 and I still am shooting very very slow. I guess all the engraving has lots of wind drag. Driftwood Dan
  4. many dismantling tools out there here are a few Unload-It Shotshell Dismantling Tool 12ga *** NEW! *** (ballisticproducts.com) Shotshell Reloading: The Ultimate Shotshell Dismantler D-Loader Shotshell Dismantler - Precision Reloading This is what I use Stay Safe Driftwood
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