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  1. I have an 1897 takedown ser# 99XXXXE that when the barrel was shortened, and a new bead sight was added the bead sight was not straight but off to the left side (Done prior to my purchase). Can the barrel be turned so the sight is in the proper position without too much trouble or messing up anything? How would you do this if possible? Other than the sight problem it is a great shotgun. Thanks Driftwood Dan
  2. If you like your Mec 9000, send it back to Mec for a rebuild. I had a 9000 given to me and it was in bad shape. They rebuilt it and it came back adjusted for my loads and the cost of the rebuild was about 1/3 the price for a new press. Driftwood Dan
  3. This for my 44 special, mild and accurate. 44 Special 200gr LRNFP 4.6gr TrailBoss
  4. I have been using my Coyote Cap 87 for many years, but then again, I most often hold up the bottom of the posse list for times. When they work, they work but when there is a problem.... don't ask. I had this Lazer work done on the stock. It didn't help with my speed. Driftwood Dan
  5. I had this done for my 1873 and I still am shooting very very slow. I guess all the engraving has lots of wind drag. Driftwood Dan
  6. many dismantling tools out there here are a few Unload-It Shotshell Dismantling Tool 12ga *** NEW! *** (ballisticproducts.com) Shotshell Reloading: The Ultimate Shotshell Dismantler D-Loader Shotshell Dismantler - Precision Reloading This is what I use Stay Safe Driftwood
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