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  1. Krazy Kajun, Thanks for the information Driftwood Dan
  2. Please supply contact information for Fast Eddie Thanks Driftwood Dan
  3. Riverdog is this the progressive 12 ga reloader 8567N Grabber? If so I will take it. PM Sent
  4. Just order one to try Thanks for the information Driftwood Dan
  5. Thanks for the information. Looks like this is from France. Thanks again. Driftwood Dan
  6. Corrected information request. I am looking for the maker of badge holder shown in photo. Thanks Driftwood Dan
  7. I was looking for a photo of the Patron SASS Badge and came across this badge holder. Does anyone know who makes this badge holder? Thanks. Driftwood Dan
  8. I will take #1 44/40 and #3 30 Carbine dies PM to follow Driftwood Dan
  9. Thanks for all the information. 10+ years as my main match and Wild Bunch rifle is not bad with no problems until now. So I am taking it to my Cowboy Gunsmith today for a check up and repair, probably about time. Thanks again Driftwood Dan
  10. Well took the rifle apart again and checked the areas mentioned. The bolt appears to be catching on the carrier block. The carrier block does not seem to be dropping and hangs up so the bolt cannot slide into it. This just started is there a easy do it yourself fix. Thanks Driftwood Dan
  11. Thanks to all for the areas to check. I will be checking the rifle later today. Driftwood Dan
  12. Having a problem with my Uberti 73 in 45 Colt. After using the rifle for many years this last weekend it started acting up. The rifle opens the breach bolt fine but when you go to close the rifle about 1/2 to closing it locks up. I then have to jiggle the leaver and the rifle will open and maybe will close and work for awhile then lock up again. I took the rifle apart and cleaned it and did not notice any bad parts, put it back together and still locks up. So before I send it off to be looked at and repaired any ideas of what to check. Thanks Driftwood Dan
  13. Rod Kibler has done mine and they are great. Driftwood Dan
  14. I would be very interested in having 2 of them with the stainless steel pin and nut in .45 Colt PM sent. Driftwood Dan
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