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  1. I have not had any problems using the Wolf, Federal, Winchester, S&B primers in my CAS rifles or revolvers they all went bang. I do have reduced springs. The only time I had a problem was with Winchester 209 primers in my shotgun shells. Driftwood Dan
  2. Rafe, I have used the Large Pistol Primers in the past (10,000+) and never had any problems. If they were stored well I think there would be no problem. I am using Seller and Bellott primers now. Hope this helps in deciding. Driftwood Dan
  3. I really like the Pyrex hopper for all Dillon Powder Measures I can see the powder.......... I have them on my Dillon 550 and Mec Shotshell reloaders powder and shot. Driftwood Dan DRAM WORX – Pyrex Replacement Hoppers
  4. Why choose one over the other. I shoot both and other categories, just depends on my mood and the weather. Hot age base or B western. Cold Classic Cowboy. Just have fun. Shoot well. Driftwood Dan
  5. Abilene, I purchased my Dillion 550 in April of 1986 & never did anything to it. About 3 years ago I contacted Dillion to send it back since it had never been lubed since I purchased it. I sent it back and within a week had it back at my door with all of the updates for the 550B (550C was not out yet), It only cost me the original shipping to Dillon. It was a good thing to do, in my opinion. Driftwood Dan
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