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  1. Scarlett, I bought some Clean Shot from you in TN 2 years ago. Do you still have some in inventory. I'd like to buy 10 or 15 lbs.  Good stuff...  Thanks   Rootin Tootin  21707

  2. Thanks. Really enjoy it and glad to hear rumors are not true. GREAT NEWS. RT
  3. I'm planning my travel for 2022 and didn't see Gunsmoke, in MN. What is the status and is it going to be a regional again. ??
  4. Hey Flat Top.  Rootin Tootin (21707) here. I sent my registration in with three of my friends that arrived with you folks on Tuesday or Wednesday. My 3 friend, Badlands Charlie, Wicker Nash, and Popcorn Kelly all have received confirmation on their entries, but I have heard nothing. So I filled out an online registration to be sure I get in.  I'm not sure what happened to the first one, so you may see I'm registered twice at some point and give me a refund. My check hasn't cleared yet so I'm guessing you lost the first one or maybe things are so hectic that you just haven't got to it yet. Either way I want to be sure I get in.   Thanks  RT

  5. I joined in 1998 and my number is 21707. Still plugging along. May not be a race horse anymore but can still run with the herd. RT.
  6. Any info on when registration will be avliable and will it be electronic or paper forms. Thanks RT
  7. Send me contact info on Snake Oil George. Thanks RT
  8. Thanks all. Guess I'll contact Snake Oil George. Send me a pm with contact info. Thanks RT
  9. Irish Pat, this is Rootin Tootin.  Please send me the contact info for Snake Oil. I want to get octagon barrels put on the extra set of original Vaquero's in my safe.  

  10. Header says it all. I want to talk to him about octagon barrels for original vaquero's. Thanks RT
  11. I would like contact info on both. Thanks.......RT
  12. Years ago I was thinking about octagon barrels for a couple of original Vaquero's. Never did them but thinking bout it again. Slick McClade was doing them then. Who is doing them now? Thanks RT
  13. Thank you to all. I assumed the answer was yes but before I start buying more guns I wanted to be sure. I've seen lots of changes since joining SASS back in 97 and after reading the shooters manual again and reviewing my RO1 and RO 2 material I thought I'd put the question out there for confirmation and as an informative question for other Duelist style shooters thinking about an aged based categories.
  14. The question is can I shoot duelist style with adjustable sites as a Cattle Baron, NOT in a Cattle Baron Duelist
  15. I have info on the Winchester 97 but I'm assuming there will be some differences internally with the Chinese version. Thanks Not Dead Ed. RT
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