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  1. Anybody know why you can't find Federal small pistol primers or when they will be available again?. Cant find'em.......................... RT
  2. Hey Dee Mak......... Haven't seen nor heard from you in a long time........ How's everything. Hope you are fareing well with all this Covid...... Any interest in a trade for a 44 spec "73" RT
  3. For sale, a 20 inch, octagon barrel "73", chambered in 44 spec. Slicked up with a large bead front site, lightened hammer spring, polished internals, a Ricochet Roy lever wrap and Mernicle butt cover. It also has the flip up ladder site mounted on the barrel it. It runs real smooth. No shot stroke. I've decided to sell it before adding the short stroke and let the new owner do what he wants with it. Lightly used with a few cart dings. Reduced price to $ 1100 & free shipping to your FFL.......... Would also trade for SKB 200E, or a couple of original Vaquero's, or Blackhawks in 4 5/8 in 38/357..........Thanks RT
  4. Do I need a 44 special pistol or can they be shot safely with a 44 magnum.. I picked up a 73 in 44 special and might want to do Classic Cowboy but don't have pistols yet. 

    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      You can shoot 44 specials all day long in 44 mag , RT.   Like I said it's the same as shooting 38 spec in 357 mag.  just the shorter cousin       Enjoy   and hope to see you and Charlie at Gunsmoke.   If you need anything else, just holler    GW

  5. What caliber pistol do you use to shoot 44 specials . Can you use 44 magnum or 44 special pistol, only. Is there any other option. for shooting smokeless.........RT
  6. Jackaroo, what caliber are the pistols, and where in OK are you located for Face to Face.......  Rootin Tootin

    1. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      38 cal,  they're in Piedmont OKC

  7. What is the caliber on the pistols and where in OK are you located..........
  8. Looking for 357 octagon 24 inch, slicked up...........
  9. I have an original Vaquero 357 and need Gunfighter grip panels. Anyone out there have one you can part with. Regards.........….RT
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