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  1. Nice grips, Deacon. But I must admit that ALL my 1911's use the same grips..... Pachmayr rubber wrap around. There's nothing special or pretty about them except all of them feel the same in my hand. I must admit the rubber wrap around grip kinda softens the feel of recoil with the 10mm and .460 Rowland rounds. I reload all of them..... so there is no 'watered down' factory stuff that I shoot in them. ..........Widder
  2. There..... I fixed it for ya. ..........Widder
  3. 'Cheater Williams'............ now that's funny. ..........Widder
  4. Those of us with less than 10 are considered 'Padawans'..... ..........Widder
  5. Deacon, you know how to draw a crowd. I have EIGHT 1911's in various calibers. 3 in 10mm: 5" Springfield RONAN, 6" Springfield TRP, and also a 6" Iver Johnson Eagle XL 2 in .45 ACP: 5" BUL, 5" Magnum Research. 3 in .460 Rowland: 5" Kimber Classic, 5" Kimber Raptor, and a 6" Rock Island Armory. ..........Widder
  6. My first thoughts, because of your need to control E. Tennessee 'varmints'. (groundhogs, crow, possible daytime skunk, etc.....), you'll need some magnification with those small critters at 50 and 100 yards. My first choice would be to consider a nice 'variable' scope of maybe 3-9 power. There are some good 2-7 power scopes available, but the 3-9 variable scopes are popular for many reasons.......... shooting at small and distant targets. Popular name brands: Nikon, Leupold, Burris, Athlon, Vortex, and a few others I can't think of right now. P.S. - SOME OF THESE SCOPES CARRY A PRICE STICKER SHOCK. A good place to check out scopes is Bill's Outpost in Midland Shopping Center, Alcoa and also Smoky Mtn. Guns on Ashville Hwy, East Knoxville. Good luck. ..........Widder
  7. REY: a word of caution. With the speed bees and the 10 shot 617, its possible...... and highly probable, that you can burn thru 100 rounds in just a very short period of time. Your loading is effortless and very fast. And shooting 10 rounds in that 617 can be pretty fast also. ..........Widder
  8. Congrats RYE. I have the same setup (10-shot and the same Speed Beez, except mine is the 6" like Calamity Kris posted. I had the option of the 4 or 6" after shooting both of them and testing them for accuracy. The particular 6" I chose was a tad more accurate.... so I got it. PLUS, the friend who sold it to me has a whole darn collection of those 17 variations, including another 6". Enjoy! ..........Widder
  9. You are exactly right. A long time ago, I can remember talking to a shooting pard and we would talk about our 'wishes' for certain guns. One of our major conversations was about wanting 'this-n-that' for our Ruger 10/22's, but MOST of our wishes were not being manufactured at the time. Now, everything is available, in various configurations, sizes, colors, etc....... so just about anything imaginable is now available for us to build our dream rifles. Of course, it helps to have a healthy checkbook when you go shopping for these custom parts. OKIE: I will say this about the KIDD trigger systems....... I think they are noticeably better than any of the others I have tried, which includes Volquartsen and Tandemcross, which are still great trigger systems. The KIDD has a 2-stage trigger that is unreal ( I own one), but their single stage trigger system is buttery smooth and precise, and for the money, the single stage trigger system is all most of us should ever desire. I have two of the KIDD single stage trigger systems in my 10/22's, and I have only one of the 2-stage trigger systems in a 10/22. YES... the 2-stage is a tad nicer and a dream to use..... but save your money and get the single stage trigger system, if you decide to buy a trigger system. Thanks for the kind words on the Marlin .32. If you ever have any issues, give me a shout. I warranty my work, including all shipping cost. ..........Widder
  10. OKIE, Here are a couple businesses with reputable aftermarket 10/22 stuff. F.J. Feddersen: fjfeddersen.com KIDD: coolguyguns.com Although Feddersen doesn't show their receivers on their website, it possible they still might have some in stock. Personally, I have a Feddersen receiver on one of my 10/22's, AND.... I have a KIDD on 2 of my 10/22's. Both receivers are perfect. The Feddersen receiver has the picatinny rail built into the receiver. The KIDD receiver has groves to mount their separate picatinny, BUT... KIDD will give options on their picatinny rails, as you will see in their descriptions. From my experience building 5 separate Ruger 10/22's over the past few years, you can't go wrong with anything made by KIDD. If you visit the 'coolguyguns' website, you will be able to do A LOT of window shopping wishes. They have everything. And if you want a great laminate stock, visit BOYD's stock manufacturer: ..........Widder
  11. If he ever got a bad case of 'gas' wearing that bubble suit, he'd look like that Michelin man..... THEN..... he'd start floating away and the Air National Guard would fly up to shoot him down like a spy balloon. ..........Widder
  12. The .38 Competition: NO LESS than $1400 The .45 Colt: $1000 would be a good buy for the buyer. $1200 might also sell faster than you can blink yeowndangeyeball... I took my .45 and cut the barrel to 16.5". I only shoot sup'd up hot .45 Colt loads in it. A good hot Colt .45 in a short barrel rifle is basically equivalent to a .454 Casull in a 7" pistol barrel. Good luck in your decisions to sell or keep them. ..........Widder
  13. Purely hypothetical. A military person commits a crime against another military person. For example, lets say..... Murder. If a civilian court puts the accused person on trail and he is acquitted, can the military convene a court martial on the same charge? And if convicted in a military court martial, can the accused be sentenced to jail time, OR.......... would 'double jeopardy' come into play. ..........Widder
  14. I once dated a Bip Lip girl and when she put on lipstick, my forehead looked like that after a wet kiss. If you had been wearing your Cowboy hat, it probably wouldn't have scuffed you up so bad. Seriously, I hate that happen to you. Has TN Williams been hanging around you lately with them chicken feet? ..........Widder
  15. I saw one of those once at a crash site at Area 51. The one I saw had some strange markings (writing) on it and was impervious to fire. PLUS..... it had a tendency to float in mid air when in the sun light. Beyond that, I'm restricted to say anything else..... EDIT: I might add that Jabez Cowboy also knows what it is but he's restricted to make any comments about it. And if ask, he'll deny any knowledge of it or its usefulness in levitation. ..........Widder
  16. REX, from what little I've read, I agree with you. And of those 3 you mentioned, Bill would be the one I WOULD NOT want to face off in a gun battle, especially close range. Ed McGivern would be one I wouldn't want to have a shoot out with at long distances. And with Jerry Miculek, I would just let him shoot all his ammo up before I engaged in the battle. Ya see, I don't think JM can fire just 1 round. Once he starts pulling the trigger, he's on auto fire till all the ammo is gone. Then is would be safer to come from behind my rock and fire back..... ..........Widder
  17. Don't forget Sardines, boiled eggs, and a cold Pepsi. WHEW! ..........Widder
  18. We all know about how beneficial speed can be and that accuracy can be just as beneficial, if not more so. But I was talking about 2 folks, drawing and firing, and what speed would have to incur in order for 2 shots to in flight at the same time..... that the possibility of BOTH participants being shot basically at the same time they fired their pistols. I think some folks above have answered the question. THANKS ..........Widder
  19. Two Hombres are facing off in the street. They are approx 25 feet apart. BOTH are shooting .45 Colt revolvers shooting their 255 grain slugs at 900 fps. BUT, one hombre is slightly faster than the other. How fast does the 2nd shooter need to fire his round to shoot the other shooter before the 1st round fired hits him? In other words, what time sequence between both shots is needed to allow both bullets in flight at the same time? ..........Widder
  20. I think its exactly what Subdeacon Joe stated, and to be honest, I don't know where it started. Ya see, its used to add content to emphasize a previous statement or help justify an upcoming statement. Here is another example: "I believe Dr. Bottlestopper is a good man, and to be honest, I also think he's one of the best doctors in the hospital". ..........Widder
  21. One of the code names for the 3 stooges: Oscar, Tango, Zulu ..........Widder
  22. Fox News reported this morning that the Prez is gonna initiate an executive order that requires ALL gun transfers have a background check...... even among private owners. If this is so, does this mean that every time a firearm is used in Hollywood, a background check must be initiated in order for that firearm to be handled by anyone working with that firearm? I think the NRA should pursue this requirement. It would help keep guns out of the hands of the 'Baldwins' in Hollywood. ..........Widder
  23. Here's about the best advice I can share for a new shooter: 1. BE SAFE and obey safety rules/guidelines. 2. Have fun. ..........Widder
  24. OH NO! The governor has outlawed any 'out of state' 97's to enter Tennessee..... Actually, we would love to see your family come shoot the TN State at Wartrace this summer. But I must say, since heart surgery over 2 years back and I just turned 72 last weekend..... I'm no where near being as competitive as when Red Knee and I use to battle it out. Red Knee is waiting for me to take up the rocker before he comes back to Tennessee..... BUT..... It'll sure be fun on side match day. I have enjoyed the videos you've sent me. Thanks! ..........Widder
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