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  1. One of Wartrace favorite sons and World Champion Duelist, TN Williams, got injured this morning. You won't believe it, but he was injured while drinking milk. The cow stepped on him. Another true story. Just ask Krazy Kajun..... ya just can't make this stuff up! ..........Widder
  2. Hope you have a quick and complete healing and recovery. Of course, you might also have had your bionics upgraded..... ..........Widder
  3. I wish Chicken George would have realized that a few years ago..... EDIT: Hey HC, looks like you and Red Knee are gonna hide out somewhere else during this TN 'brew-haa'. Its gonna be a good one. I plan to bring my 5 gallon bucket of shells. Red Knee can verify its a real bucket. ..........Widder
  4. Blackwater would be acting kind to me if he said: Ole Widder sings and plays the guitar almost as good as Dr. Bottlestopper and his Unicorn Midnite Band. But that don't necessarily mean I can pick and sing. ..........Widder
  5. I don't think I've seen a .3+ split since I dreamed about my timer breaking........ And we are all glad you shoot the SxS........ you'd just be tooooooo fast with a good 97. ..........Widder
  6. and I suppose Reba thinks Keith Urban IS a country music artist.........? ..........Widder
  7. I bet this comment even made PWB laugh and spill his blue ink. ..........Widder
  8. HOWDY CG. Honestly, I try to practice a little and basically stay in tuned for matches without fumbling too much (as you know how easy it is to fumble shells using the 97). I'm trying to gain some of my speed back, but for now, I'm off a few .000's. I don't expect to be like I was before my heart surgery 4 years ago, but I do feel good now and have my strength back. There will be NO EXCUSES from me. If for some reason I can muster some of my speed back, I'll be competitive. But right now, I'm not dreaming of any glory win at the side matches. I do look forward to shooting with Gut C and Skrap P with great anticipation. I love events such as this and I think Whiskey is gonna allow us all the lee way he can to have a super fun shotgun side match..... for the SxS, 87's and 97 shooters. NOW..... if I can only convince TN Williams to prepare a couple specially prepared Chicken Feet to lay on your gun cart, I might have a chance..... On a side note, I plan to travel on Wednesday and be able to be there early on Thursday morning. And weather permitting, I plan to play all day. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family. EDIT: I really did turn 73 last month. Safe travels. ..........Widder
  9. You would if you drank the water......... Most of us live in an area that gives those "EMERGENCY ALERT" warning test on the T.V. every month. The law requires it as a monthly test. Where TN Williams lives, they run those 'monthly' test every 6 weeks. Go figure! ..........Widder
  10. I think she was trying to teach you a new language. In Chinese, TN Williams is pronounced.......... "Wong Ho". You were 'Wong' when you was little......... and you still is 'WONG'. ..........Widder (translated in Chinese: Maskulinum)
  11. TW's questionable reputation as having any kind of wisdom or power comes from 3 sources: 1. he reads and believes in fortune cookies that he gets at Sun Wong's Chinese restaurant. 2. he impresses little kids when teaching them how to ride a bicycle when he puts balloons or baseball cards on the spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle. 3. he tells people who don't know him, that he is wise. ..........Widder
  12. I plan to be singing The Blues..... a couple of speedsters are coming to the TN State. ..........Widder
  13. Texas Maverick: I'm still walking....... but not smiling. Lumpy: My voice did pitch upwards an octive or two. Chantry: TW is a fabricator of tales. He should be at the top of everyone's 'list'. Powder River: no porn or credit card usage. I was talking with the Geisha twins on the phone using 'Face Time', which is a live conversation. My wife walked by and looked at who I was talking with (which was o.k.), but at the same time, one of the other twins walked behind her sister with very little clothes on and the 'Face Time' picked it up. Hot water for me! Deacon: Thanks. A good friend is what I need when dealing with TW. Okie: that's funny! Texas Maverick: I'm Back! I was without Internet services for about 8 days. Thats why TW knew it was a good time to stab me in the back, which is what he does best. He hires illegal aliens (usually little alter boys) to sharpen his knives so he always has one ready to stab those around him. He would use his guns.......... but he's a terrible shot. PLUS, he's afraid that I might tell everyone about his doctor visit last week to Dr. Smellfunkus, his colonoscopy doctor. WHEW! ...........Widder
  14. Rafe, You make an excellent point. BUT, because the instructions were not to "SWEEP" the rifle targets, the 4th shot could be intended for that target that was already down. Therefore, engagement of all 10 could be within the scenario. Does anyone know exactly what rifle target was hit with the errant pistol shot? Did the shooter admit to the '4th & 5th shot" engagement on target #4? Its hard to know exactly how this panned out unless we know the stage setup, what rifle target was down, etc........ Just my opinion, of course. I ain't slept at a Holiday Inn Express in a long time. If we look at the stage drawing posted by the thread originator, you can see that a miss on pistol target #4 could possibly be the round that hit rifle target #5........... which makes it possible to engage #5 before #4. We don't know what rifle target was actually hit with the pistol. Again, there is nothing in the information we have been given that mentions the rifle targets were a 'sweep'. Therefore, any order of engagement is permissible, including the downed plate. ..........Widder
  15. Sorri Pards, but I been without internet services for over a week. BUT..... my money would bet that PWB is sitting back, reading with great interest, the comments from the ROII's and Black Pins before he squares things up with ALL of us. OR..... he may be out of blue ink. If the shooter argues that his 'missed rifle shot' was because he was engaging the rifle target that had previously been knocked down with a pistol shot, then trying to award any penalty would be moot..... in my opinion. In that circumstance, shooter would be CLEAN. Without US actually knowing the positions of those pistol and rifle targets, we have no idea as to their settings nor do we know if a 'clear miss' was possible. Probably wouldn't matter in this situation. Originally, I thought it would be a miss. But after thinking about it, I'm probably wrong in going with....... CLEAN. ..........Widder
  16. Just my opinion, but.... most any trigger time can be beneficial. If your focus is on wild, uncontrollable (uncoordinated) speed practice, then you'll probably experience some sloppiness in your stage transitions, etc.... BUT... if your trigger time (practice) has some structure of a particular goal, and your efforts in practice are controlled and focused on your goals, your trigger time will probably be very beneficial within the shooting abilities you have. YES, a good .22 rifle/pistols can help you gain. And yes, the Widder Soft Stroke Henry lever .22 is a darn good set up, especially with Slater's trigger job, which he can give a good sub 1 pound trigger. These modified rifles are capable of sub 2 second 10 shot runs if the shooter is capable of running that fast. ..........Widder
  17. Not sure yet, but I'm gonna try to make it down and hopefully shoot with the Burt bunch. Slater ain't sure he can make it. ..........Widder
  18. Here I sit, having a little snack after having a nice day. I got up early, reloaded 200 rounds of .32 H&R and 140 rounds of 9mm. Went and picked up some 2-cycle oil and some fresh gas for my yard equipment. I even called to verify my Doctors appointment next week and even made my lodging reservations for the TN State. Basically, a good day. YET, while minding my own business (which TW knows nothing about), I get a phone call while eating a Taco to tell me I needed to view The Saloon and defend meowndangself. Well, because nobody really listens to TW, much less believe anything he says, I'll just sit here, finish my taco, drink a cold Pepsi, and enjoy my evening knowing that TW lives 3 1/2 hours away and glad he ain't my neighbor. TW is antsy because he had a colonoscopy today and it nearly gave him a brain concussion. His doctor is Dr. Smellfunkus, notable for his special technique and leaving lipstick marks on cheeks. TW is his favorite patient. Like I've said before........ ya just can't make this stuff up. ..........Widder
  19. I was on a Posse at the SouthEast Regional last year with Lucky Lead Pepper and TN Williams. BOTH are super TO's and hard working posse members. Obviously, Randy St Eagle has been a good example and teacher..... ..........Widder
  20. If its a 'Hit' list....... then for sure, TW should be at the top of the list. If its a 'Poor Boy' list, then put me at the top....... ..........Widder
  21. I can verify the 'Bigfoot Tick'. TW actually owns a nice piece of forest area (thick woods) in Middle TN with a couple small caves. On one of his 'Speedlunker' expeditions, he found some signs of what most folks call 'Bigfoot'. Soooooo, guess who he calls and recruits to help 'ambush' this strange creature on his property? Yep..... ME, the sucker. So, this creature walks out of its cave around sundown and TW jumps on its back. All he could grab was fur.....and a tick what looked like a 'Vampire'. That tick sunk its fangs into ole TW's hand and he took to squealing like a little pig. The creature ran over me like I wasn't even there. For the record, the creature wasn't real big or monstrous...... but more like a cross between a bear and a dog We had to pry that tick outta TW's back hand, which he still has fang scars today. He put it in a mason jar with hopes to train it to do tricks........ like: sit, stand, rollover, suck, etc. So far, its learned how to sit and suck. I'll share another SECRET with the Wire pards, just don't tell TW I told you so. You can talk about his family, wife, truck and job..... but he don't like anyone to talk about and make fun of his pet chickens. ..........Widder
  22. Grudgingly, I've lost a lot of speed. But, when ya slack off for 4 years and get older, its gonna happen. I'll still have fun and I might even help out a little and work the timer for some shooters. BUT..... you could be right in that SOMEONE might hit that 3.99. And although Red Knee isn't planning to be there, he still has time to change his mind and jump in line. Remember, Red Knee was on the 3 man team of 1897 Cowboy shooters (along with Missouri Traveler and myself) what beat the 3 man Wild Bunch shooters a few years back. Us Cowboys loaded from the belt for about 25 KD's and the WB shooters stoked their 97's for their 25 KD's. It was close..... but the Cowboys whooped em. I could be wrong about the number of KD's, but it was between 22-25 if I remember correctly. ..........Widder
  23. Randy, a few years back (the last time RED KNEE visited Wartrace), I ran the 6 KD's in 4.24 seconds. This year, I'm gonna bring a few boxes of AA Low Noise, Low Recoil shells and anyone who breaks that match record will get a box (25 rounds) of shells from me. I hope its an incentive for those capable to bring their 'A' game and wear it out. Who's the Huckleberry? ..........Widder
  24. Ole Chicken Catch-a-Torey is pretty fast. But, he's getting old, like me. And speed is a faint memory. Slater is still young and more important, he's pretty good with that 87. On a side note (and TW don't like for me to talk about this), CC is having some eye problems and really don't see very well anymore. It all started last summer when he tried to ambush a porcupine and the porcupine was in heat. Needless to say where most of the quills were stuck. AND..... needless to say how much fun ole TW hisowndangself had removing those quills. Its a never ending saga. If Hollywood ever wanted to do one of those weekly 'Real Life' shows with never ending events, TW's place would be a hit show. ..........Widder
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