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  1. Capt, The thing about sharing this 'good deed' by Fast Eddie is that none of us are surprised by his actions. The man has a kind heart. Always ready to share a smile and kind greeting to folks around him. And always seems to have a 'helpful' nature about himself. I'm glad you and the family are well and not injured. Hope to see everyone soon. ..........Widder
  2. The only problems TN Williams has is limited to TWO. One of his biggest problems is that he has had to throttle back on his DQ consumption. Even stock value has plummeted since he stopped eating Nanner Splits. #2 problem....... WOMEN. More notable is his X-girlfriends. Seems that most of them work the drive thru windows at the local carry outs like McD, Wendys, Burger King, etc..... And it bothers him because NONE of them remember his name. ..........Widder
  3. Heck, Chili and Cornbread, Phantom, Doc and Bud, and even ole Widder might even show up. ..........Widder
  4. I'm eager to learn from the MasterBorg. ..........Widder
  5. PWB. THANKS! That is the answer I was looking for. Seems like all the other posters may have overlooked my emphasis on the spotter who only states he "THINKS" he saw a miss. Soooooo, when that spotter is not SURE of the miss, the TO is not overriding his duties by dismissing that spotters call. I hope everyone reads your post. Thanks again. ..........Widder
  6. BWJ....... another good video. One question: If you are the TO, and 2 spotters call a miss, BUT..... one of those spotters says.... "I think I saw 1 miss". As the TO, you ask...." are you sure you saw a miss or do you think you saw a miss" Spotter says..... "I'm pretty darn sure I saw 1 miss" To says..... "You gotta be SURE it was a miss or else its a hit". Spotter stick to his original assessment and say..... "Oh, I pretty sure it was a miss and I ain't changing my mind". Here is the question: Based on the
  7. The topic is: "How to improve the most when you first start in CAS". There is probably NOT a universal answer. Some are already familiar with their guns. Some aren't. Depending on age and physical abilities, some will already have reasonable speed, some won't. Even my personal experiences have varying results. 10-15 minutes after I started working with my pistols, I was thumbing BOTH pistols in both hands efficiently..... real efficiently. My dry fires and live fires were faster than some local seasoned Gunfigh
  8. I would guess when legal hanging of horse thieves was outlawed. ..........Widder
  9. You could consider something like 5 days in a work week x 156 weeks = 780 days till retirement. Throw in some holidays and vacation time and its even less. Good luck. ..........Widder
  10. Phantom, I've heard that Snopes and Google use the SASS Wire for their fact checking resource. ..........Widder
  11. Snakebite, if you were better friends with Phantom, you would already know how to get those primers..... ..........Widder
  12. I wonder if some shooters REALLY understand what true speed IS and how it is accomplished. Its shooting a single-action revolver faster than someone can shoot a semi auto pistol. Its drawing & firing 2 single action revolvers for 10 rounds in less than 2 seconds (1.68 or better). That includes the draw time. These speeds don't just 'come'. They don't just happen to pop up one day because we put a picture of a roadrunner under our pillow and dreamed about speed. From my experience, Phantom and Doc are correct in their assessments of our g
  13. Capt, it works like this: You posted information about reloading stuff. A Moderator sees the information and needs the stuff. Moderator deletes the thread so that he/she has time to place their order before others. ..........Widder
  14. I agree with Phantomborg. If I remember correctly, one or more of our primer makers stated that their 'stuff' is being prioritized to making ammo. Unknown to many of us is how production of primers, powder, and ammo ..... and the distribution of those supplies, has been affected by COVID stuff (rules, guidelines, worker availability, etc..... ) ..........Widder
  15. You could always be a politician..... ..........Widder
  16. And all this time, I thought it was the 11th Commandment. ..........Widder
  17. That would equate to about 40 CASES of shotgun shells. YEP, that sounds about right.... or atleast close. To be more specific: 5 cases: of PROPER practice will get to a few good stage runs at the local match and you'll get a couple pats on the back for a good SG run. 10 cases: With proper practice, you'll start to find out if you got 'IT' in ya to be competitive or not. And also, you'll get more consistent in your SG stage runs. 20 cases: With proper practice, you can start to feel 'comfortable' with your SG and hope you c
  18. This doesn't help you at this time, but for certain reasons, my safe combo is kept by a friend in another city and I keep HIS safe combo in my safe..... for the same reasons. If you know someone you feel is that trustworthy, let him/her keep your combo..... just in case. ..........Widder
  19. Don't forget General Curtis LeMay's 'fire bombing' of Japan. He was burning the country down before they dropped the 1st A-bomb. History records over 100,000 deaths around Tokyo alone. The firebombing was so intense and devastating, that even some airmen on the bombers said they 'hated what they were doing' but knew it had to be done to help end the war quicker. ..........Widder
  20. Not exactly. Haman (sp) was hung, although I won't get into the circumstances. It would be a curse of God to let someone 'hang' all night. Basically, 'hanging' in the Bible was in reference to being hung on a cross. Atleast, that is my uneducated understanding. ..........Widder
  21. If used in Cowboy guns, there is a possibility that it could be an external mod. It could possibly be cyphered similar to bullet speed x mass = ? The problem would be knowing the correct speed of the hammer fall of its original weight vs. its lighter weight. ..........Widder
  22. Technically, Under Mosaic Law, they didn't need a court order. ..........Widder
  23. This action is where the phrase... "Stone Cold Dead" comes from. ..........Widder
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