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  1. Why should we be surprised? They've spent the last several years doing little to help and protect US (citizens) so why should we be surprised at their attitude towards one another. I think very few of them ever have OUR best interest at heart. Their priorities seem to be on their vacation time, their benefits, their salary, etc......... ..........Widder
  2. The Mexi place in Murfreesboro has a special section in the menu to honor TW. Bazooka Butt lunch special: 2 Tumcos, 1 Enchiltumco, w/rice and beans. Rec'tum' Rocket Supper special: Large Buritumco, Chimitumco, w/rice and beans, lettuce and pica. Dessert special: chocolate covered banana and tums or strawberry and caramel covered tums. Hey, a feller just can't make this stuff up. After all, T is the first letter in Tums and the 'W' is the last letter of an indigestive, upside down 'M'. ..........Widder
  3. TUMS gives TW gas. ..........Widder
  4. You notice also. Actually, the doctor put me on some medicine to help with my blood sugar and its caused me to lose about 15#, which I didn't really need to lose. Hopefully, the weight lose has stopped and some of my appetite is coming back and I might gain a few pounds back. I was already about 190 and didn't really need to lose any. EDIT: I lose weight and then I lose my money around TW..... ..........Widder
  5. He didn't come back..... He hi-tailed it to the local Mexican restaurant, got some 'super buritos' with red sauce, a big glass of ice tea and waved at me and the other pards as he drove back by while heading home. ..........Widder
  6. Back in 69, I was in Navy bootcamp in Orlando. Strolling thru some pictures of some boot buddies, one of them is of a feller from Alabama. If I remember correctly, his name was TESH or TEISH. (or something like that). Do any of you fellers know of anyone who might fit that description, maybe even a Cowboy shooter? Thanks P.S. - my last name is HILL, in case anyone wants to know. ..........Widder
  7. While having a snack this evening, this mystery crossed my mind, so I figured I would inquire of the Saloon. WHY does Pnut Butter stick to the roof of your mouth, but not the bottom? I concluded that maybe Pnut Butter has a redeeming quality that defies gravity. Mystery solved! ..........Widder
  8. I agree. Of all the Marlin 1894's that I have handled, the 44-40 seemed to be the best at consistent, smooth feeding from the factory. And once some slicking mods were added, they are a jewel to own and shoot. The $1000 should be a 'no brainer'. ..........Widder
  9. Its their 'Rolex', if you know what I mean. Some of us shoot $1000 .22 rifles, and own a few of them. ..........Widder
  10. Oh yea. I was pulling out some $$ from my pocket for TW to get us a couple burgers and cokes and HE grabs the whole dang stack of bills. And notice how natural he was at it. He's like a politician......... takes ALL ya got and has no conscience about it. ..........Widder
  11. You might could try Johnny Morris. You might get his number and info if you look up JM Leather. He is a Cowboy shooter that helps run the 'Green County Regulators'. Maybe he is a hunter, but I really dont know. ..........Widder
  12. I think I set a good example for TW, not only as a member of the Posse, but also as an occasional TO.........Keeping my mouth shut! Lucky Lead Pepper also performed flawlessly as a TO........ great job LLP. And of course, Cahawba Kid did an outstanding job with instructions and keeping the Posse running super smooth. TW is a good TO. Its probably the ONLY thing he knows how to do.......... ..........Widder
  13. Congratulations to both Slow Jen and Bucky on their SE Regional Championship. I've shot with Slow Jen numerous times and I ain't surprised by her Top finish. She is a credit to SASS...... great attitude and ambassador in our game. ..........Widder
  14. When I served in the Navy, I noticed the Marines always supplied security to inanimate objects..... But they did look snazzy in their uniforms while doing that job. Plus, they do know some Latin. ..........Widder
  15. Solution when using BLANKS: As Larsen mentioned above, ya gotta enlarge the flash hole when using NO powder. When your cylinder jams up, you can take a wooden dowel rod, the size that will slide down inside your brass, and push it down thru the barrel, inside the cylinder and brass, and tap it a few times. This will push your primer back inside the primer pocket and you can easily rotate the cylinder and remove it. P.S. - ya gotta remove the dowel rod before the cylinder will rotate. ..........Widder
  16. SouthEast Regional results: Gunfighters finish 1st and 7th Overall Congratulations to Missouri Lefty who finished Top Gun Overall. AND...... a hearty Congratulations to a new and young Gunfighter, Mountaineer Mac, who finished 7th Overall. Mountain Mac, who is a relatively new GF, calls 'Wartrace' his home club in Tennessee, and is therefore the SE Regional GF Champion. YEEHAW! ..........Widder
  17. Some clubs have 'Sister' clubs. They are usually a couple hours from one another and the attendees usually shoot at those 'Sister' clubs. And the verbiage used in the stage writing is understood by the regular shooters. Here in lies some verbiage difference: Sister clubs may write the stage to say......."Shotgun staged on left table". BUT..... the shooter can determine WHERE they prefer to shoot from although its not stated in the stage instructions. The shooter may prefer to shoot from, the right table. The only requirement was to 'STAGE' the shotgun, not necessarily shoot from that position. Shooter has options. THEN..... you visit a Non-Sister club, and the stage writer says...... "Shotgun staged on left table" and it means that is also the location you are mandated to shoot from. The shooter has no option. ..........Widder
  18. TN Williams....... Congratulations. TW has honestly earned his Black Pin. Now I won't have to put up with all his phone question on WTC's. ..........Widder
  19. Suddenly, I feel depressed. No money = No friends. BUT.....I won't be broke after I sell TW's stuff. I might even supply free Pepsi with every purchase. Compliments of TW, of course. ..........Widder
  20. I will be manning the 'Yard Sale' table for TW on Thursday while he is giving the RO class. Drop bye and I'll make you a good deal on HIS stuff. ..........Widder
  21. I dont have Facebook...... BUT, the a copy of the booklet is posted on page 6 of this thread, and it shows only ONE stage with 6 KD's and stage 10 with only 2. All others are 4+. Check it out. P.S. - I like the 6+ KD's on a stage. Makes it fun, especially when things are going well with the SG. ..........Widder
  22. Capt BB, I haven't counted the KD's on each stage, but according to the stage instructions posted, I counted only 40 also. EIGHT stages with 4 KD's, ONE with 6, and ONE with only 2. What am I missing? EDIT: TW says YOU will need 44 for those makeups. ..........Widder
  23. Special Notice to Capt BB: Last night, while talking with TW on the phone, he told me he was all loaded up and ready to go. Ammo loaded, guns cleaned, chicken fee and pecker bones packed, etc....... THEN..... he says he got ALL 40 of his SG shells loaded. I ask the significance of '40' and he said there will only be 40 KD's in the match. I do believe the ole boy is ready! I'm on his Posse and it should be interesting. ..........Widder
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