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  1. Check out the Thread "Norinco 97", moved back to this front page. ..........Widder
  2. My guess....... the little hole in the frame is too tight and now allowing the ejector rod to smoothly push thru. Open it up just a few .000 and polish AND.... slightly bevel the front edge. TEST: remove the cylinder and push your ejector rod back and forth a few times to see it there might be slight dragging during the process. ..........Widder
  3. If you noticed, I placed a 'LIKE' on a couple of your post cause I think its a cool idea. And yea, TW and I were just having fun with what it would be like in a Baptist posse..... because we both are Baptist. I hope you garner some good Posse members. ..........Widder
  4. And don't forget the Baptist take up an offering for every stage..... ..........Widder
  5. TN Williams wanted to start a Southern Baptist Posse, but all of them had to take a DNF at the Dance Hall stage at Wartrace. ..........Widder
  6. OH NO........ this ain't me I was talking about. It was one of those 'what if' situations that TW and I were discussing because we have witness various situations as mentioned in the OP. ..........Widder
  7. During the course of fire, a shooter starts off with rifle/SG and basically has a bad stage with long guns. Rifle jams up with multiple rounds left inside and SG run goes rough. Shooter then starts to engage the pistol targets and decides..... 'what the heck' and decides to dump most of his pistol rounds in the dirt as fast as possible (down range) just to finish the stage. Would you consider this action with penalties only for all the misses or would you think this would justify a SOG penalty, along with all the misses? ..........Widder
  8. Well, I wasn't gonna say anything, but most of these posters don't like you. Matter of fact, there are probably a lot of non-posters that don't like you. ..........Widder
  9. Hey UB, A "....very nice night" is when the pictures are canted or upside down. ..........Widder
  10. ah..... the disintegrating biscuit scenario. I started getting the breakfast burrito that doesn't seem to fall apart while navigating down the road. ..........Widder
  11. Howdy OTJ. It was GREAT to meet you and all the other Cracker Crew this past weekend. It is sad when a GF runs a stage, garners some misses, and then complains about the stage not being 'suitable' for them. Its been years since I've shot a stage that I thought went against the gunfighter style of shooting. It was a stage that REQUIRED 5 pistol rounds....... move and shoot the next 5. Except, the club refused to allow the GF to move with revolvers out of the holsters. I thought that was kinda quirky on their part. Split pistol stages shouldn't be any more challenging to the GF as it would be for other style shooters. I have actually seen a few traditional style shooters and Duelist grab their 2nd revolver..... and its empty. Hope we cross paths again soon. ..........Widder
  12. I'd be Leary to lay down in my bed at night. ..........Widder
  13. Happy B'Day, JEDI PWB. I hope SASS gives you a raise..... ..........Widder
  14. Basically, only 3. Widder, Mike, and. Mikie. In the past: Hillbilly, Hill (Navy) ..........Widder
  15. If any of you know and talk with Toothpick, please ask him to email me at: widder1894@icloud.com THanks ..........Widder
  16. Bogus Jim......... The Man what knows how to dress Cowboy, look like a B-Western movie star..... and shoot like a ball of fire. Congratulations on SE Regional B-Western champion AND 6th Overall in a super tough crowd. ..........Widder
  17. Well, he learnt from me........ Congrats TW. ..........Widder
  18. Indeed. I got to meet BOTH Bucky and Haley this weekend and it was a pleasure to talk with them, as it was with some very notable Cracker Crew posse. Got to visit with the Legendary Fireball and I got to have some great conversations with OTJ (The Outlaw Travis James). Congratulations to Bucky and Haley. Well deserved. P.S. - watch out for Haley's 97 speed. She is destined to probably set some new speed shotgun records in the future. ..........Widder
  19. You are probably totally correct. But when that small part of the pie is made with salt instead of sugar..... well, the whole pie is usually discarded. There are a lot of small parts of a major match that help make it a success or failure: Vendors (food and Cowboy stuff), organization, target setup and props, etc..... and even the weather. Making the shooters happy with stage scenarios plays a big part which is the reason match directors and stage writers work overtime to avoid stages that might have a 'P' trap. And also when those Match Directors go to great strides to set up 10-12 stages that will completely accommodate all styles of shooting, and all sizes of shooters. They establish staging tables that are not toooooo short nor toooooo tall, and window/door frames with appropriate size as not to hinder tall shooters, although tall shooters are only a small percentage, etc........... Yep, you're right..... its a small piece of the pie. But it takes all the right ingredients to make it tasteful and enjoyable. Have a good day. ..........Widder
  20. I agree with JEDI Creeker. And I'm glad he used his black ink so that I wouldn't have to. type all that stuff he stated..... ..........Widder
  21. RYE, There is some good and accurate information above post by some knowledgeable Wire Pards. From my personal experience, here is my opinion: 1. The 04 series and up appear to be better IAC's. They can be tuned to run as good as anyone is capable of running them. 2. 'SOME' of the 01 thru 03 series are good.....but a real good 97 smith might be needed to enhance their life span. And it doesn't hurt the 04 series and up to also be tuned by a good smith. 3. I use an 01 series and an 09 series for my dry fire practice with good results. I used an 03 and 04 series for about 8 years in all my monthly matches and side match speed competition. My 04 series model can be considered a 97 lovers 'dream model'. It's flawless. It has been abused and still keeps on ticking. 4. I presently use 3 CB series (Cowboy) models for monthly matches..... including my 03 series model. These are just darn good guns. 5. Like all of our guns, your gonna find folks who swear by some and folks that curse some of them. $300 is a great price..... regardless I think a properly tuned IAC 97 is as good, if not better, than a Winny 97. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new toy. ..........Widder
  22. How bout a Nanner/Mayo sammich? mmmmmmm good! ..........Widder
  23. TW thinks if he shaves his head, rubs ash on his body and wears a sack cloth Cowboy outfit that its gonna help him shoot better in the match. You ask..."Who is WaterLou". We all might be 'WaterLou'd if we start getting that rain. ..........Widder
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