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  1. Are we really sure those soldiers with guns are unarmed? Do we really know if those fighter jets are unarmed? ..........Widder
  2. Its the skull of the highly venomous Pyroreptillian. Not only was it venomous, but even its skin and SKULL was poisonous to touch. There is no known anti-venom for it and early symptoms of pending paralysis is sleepiness at night and a need to urinate at morning. Been nice knowing you Cool Kit Gun! ..........Widder
  3. Chief Rick, I agree. Its about the quality of life. I spent $1,000 on 2 separate occasions for a re-occuring problem on our 5 year old dog. Benji was his name. Great dog. He and I played all the time. When the SAME problem occurred the 3rd time in 5 years, with the doctors diagnoses it would probably keep occurring, we decided to put Benji to sleep. His problem was that he couldn't urinate and he suffered for days. Only surgery would clear his urinary track but it was only temporary. We didn't have the funds to keep pay
  4. You fellers ain't seen nothing till you've seen Ron Wright and all his antics. He was from Kingsport, TN. and 'wrassled' in the Knoxville, Kingsport, Johnson City area. Get on YouTube and watch some of his antics. I watched many of the other 'wrasslin' businesses, even Jerry 'The King' Lawler out of Memphis. But NOBODY, and I mean nobody, could match the antics of Ron Wright. TRUE..... todays programs suck. The beauty queens are terrible and I don't know anyone who sits around admiring them for their beauty. And the steroid muscle head
  5. Here is the situation: A 'Person of Interest' is inside his Lawyers office, talking to his Lawyer about a certain crime. The police enter the premise (which is open to the public and entrance does not require a search warrant). Upon entering the Lawyers office area, they hear something about the crime which could convict the 'Person of Interest'. The conversation between the lawyer and client are suppose to be kept confidential. Yet, the police hear some valuable information. And, the police have no search warrant. QUESTION: can th
  6. I got a close friend and fellow Cowboy shooter whose family knew his dad was an Earthling before he was born. Don't know how they did it, but they knew he was a human male. ..........Widder
  7. YEP. Mom use to fry it in a black iron skillet, put a couple slices on some bread with a couple other dress-up stuff, and we didn't know there were other things to eat. SPAM or Balogna w/cheese. Great with a cold Pepsi. ..........Widder
  8. One of them may be your dog..... ..........Widder
  9. Birdgun, such sacrifice is where legends are made. ..........Widder
  10. I can't tell you exactly how fast, but I can tell you that it takes a fast plane or jet to catch up with one..... And according to the picture posted above, the carrier is 'cruising' with no wake but some of those other ship are 'turnin and burnin' just to keep up with it..... ..........Widder
  11. I'm curious as to what the 'Fast Draw' version or model might be. Do you have a picture of this model to post. ..........Widder
  12. Lets not forget Submarines. If I remember correctly, The Boss of that vessel is the Commander. Is that correct Chief? He can be the rank of Captain but wether a Commander or Captain, his title can be referred to as Skipper. ..........Widder
  13. Can you imagine....... we (NASA) spends millions of bucks on a space telescope (Hubble) so we can see stuff quadrillions of miles away. The telescope is so powerful, it can probably see a fly sitting on your nose and tell if its a male or female fly. So you know that telescope has scanned Mars a few times, atleast enough to tell NASAA scientist where they need to land the rover. So WHY do we need to spend millions more to put a rover there, just to tell us its deserted and a barren desert? Who cares if the moon is made of cheese and Mars is
  14. JB, I agree with the comments concerning you and BDoc being an asset to SASS, and even more so... to those Jr shooters you have sponsored. Keep up the good work, good deeds..... and good honest business dealings. Ya dun good, fellow JEDI GF'er. ..........Widder
  15. Have you ever wondered why NASA always lands their rovers, on the Moon and Mars, in the desert? You would think they would land em in the city so we can observe how their citizens live, etc..... ..........Widder
  16. I never knew him in a 'personal' way but I had met him a few time at matches. He was ALWAYS friendly, with a nice warm smile to share. A gentle giant of a man who will surely be missed. RIP BJ. ..........Widder
  17. Indeed, I feel the same. My ole friend, the 'Nanner Man', ran out of primers right before the TN State last year. I had a few extra to spare because I hadn't been shooting for a few months and sold him 9K @ about $25 or $30 a brick (don't really remember). Those were Federal SPM. He said he would pay me back when I die. He'll probably drop a check in my casket..... ..........Widder
  18. Goody, This is a good, honest and worthwhile comment. ..........Widder
  19. How can Ruger expect different results if they hire the same techs and engineers that created the present situation to begin with. ..........Widder
  20. Well, I wouldn't let the dealings of any vendor put a burr in my saddle. Speaking of vendors, for those I know and especially those I'm aware of their reputations, they are honest folks. They pay good money to be a SASS Merchant. They travel to matches so that most of us can view their merchandise. If we don't like their prices, we just smile and move on..... OR, we dicker with them for a lower cost. I agree with Creeker. I couldn't have said it better. ..........Widder
  21. YEP. And of course everybody knows that a bullet flies faster than a check... ..........Widder
  22. Glad you didn't mention his alias. The Mods would have deleted your story..... ..........Widder
  23. With firepower like that being kept in Florida, you should be able to keep them Georgia folks on their side of the line. ..........Widder
  24. I kinda look at it this way: it cost 50-cents to mail a letter. And a penny a day for service ain't bad. ..........Widder
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