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  1. Howdy Rye. I think they worked out their problems but for the buying public, it was too late. Rumors (both good and bad) circulate fast and at the time Remington produced their first batch of 1894's and the public was trying to shoot em, the bad stuff was becoming the 'reputation'. From my perspective, because I worked on about 4 early models and 3 later issued models, the early issued models were pretty bad..... I mean REAL bad. The last 3 I worked on were fairly nice and didn't give me much of a headache is setting them up. Matter of fact, I
  2. I did eat a few BBQ wings from Pizza Hut. Its possible they put some extra special sauce on those wings..... or maybe those chickens were raised on 'wacky grain'. ..........Widder
  3. I don't have a clue what he really ate. I can only report what he had in the dream..... ..........Widder
  4. First of all, this was a real dream of mine I had last night. And before telling you the dream, I must also say that I have never been affiliated with any Union or any Union Bosses. I dreamed a friend of mine invited me to a Union meeting. About 30 or so Union Bosses were there. After seeing everyone there, I realized they were Mafia bosses. Anyhow, ELVIS was invited to sing a song. Yes, Elvis Pressley. He sang a song that was some sort of Union 'Alma Mater' song and then sat down to eat with the rest of us. I was ask to sit across the ta
  5. Jim No Horse is the only 'Honorary Jedi' recognized by the Council. His reputation as a SASS member, dedication to his club, and the spirit in which he personified COWBOY earned him great distinction and JEDI's everywhere were proud to have Jim No Horse listed among us. RIP JNH. ..........Widder
  6. IF that is a Remington produced Marlin, You may have pulled the trigger but you may have also shot yourself in the foot. As Warden mentioned above, there are other factors that cause the Marlin Jam. Just because a carrier is made of stainless steel does not prevent the Marlin Jam. Remington made some horrible 1984's early on. Its been only the last year that Remington owned Marlin when some better rifles were being produced. And they needed some special touches to help them perform right. I hope you got a good deal on it.
  7. I understand your heart broken lose. We had to make the same decision a few years back for our 5 year old Schitsue (?). He was our daughters Christmas present, which made him even more special. 'Benji' was part of the family and LOVED to go riding in the truck. The rest of the story: About 6 months after he passed on, my wife said she was ready for a new family member. Before we could even make time to visit the animal shelter, about a week later a small dog appeared on our front door step about 2 a.m. No collar, no I.D..... nothing. Someone ha
  8. You're taking for granite that he shot himself in the head. Its possible he held the shotgun at arms length above his head with those 28" barrels pointed at his gut area. ..........Widder
  9. Don't forget knots. ..........Widder (who never spent a day in the barrel)
  10. I have a couple of the Model 60's and they are super nice rifles. Of course, I've 'tweaked' em just a little..... Would love another 1894 in .45 Colt..... octagonal barrel. ..........Widder
  11. The Navy has (or had) 5"/38, 5"/51, 5"/54 caliber guns. All I can tell ya is that the more I read about them on Google, the more confused I got. And I was a Radioman in the Navy and the ONLY time 5" was ever mentioned was during short arms inspections. ..........Widder
  12. Major, wherever you may be going and whatever you may be doing.....may the Good Lord watch over you and keep your love ones safe at home while you are away. ..........Widder
  13. Thats exactly the same words I use answering the phone when TN Williams calls me..... .....right before I hang up. ..........Widder
  14. Thats a good thought, one of which crossed my mind a few years back when I ask my gunsmith to 'decommission' one of my 97's for dry fire practice. I had him remove the firing pin. ..........Widder
  15. I've had a couple of those Nuclear test. The medical assistant told me that I would probably experience some serious chest pains after the test were complete and ALL I need to do was drink a Coke/Pepsi to make it go away. Well, I got some pretty bad chest pains for about 1 minute after the test and they went away as soon as I drank some Coke. Strange but true. Anyhow, it was worth the test because it allowed the Doctor to determine the best way to treat my heart problem. That was nearly 8 years ago. I wish you good results on the test.
  16. Since my heart surgery, I ain't had much to do kept sit around and think..... Plus, the new aorta valve is letting more oxygen get to my brain..... or so the Doc sez. Hope you are doing well, Phantomborg. Won't be long before I can start practicing with the 97 again. Watch out! ..........Widder
  17. Blu Nos, I don't know the specs. But I'l just suggest this: Take your torque screw driver and set it at 1#. Then apply it to your screws on your new Colt. When you get the audible 'click', you'll know its ATLEAST 1#. Then proceed to 2# and 'click'. Then go up to a higher 'reasonable' poundage on your torque driver. Do this until you don't get a 'Click'. That will be the torque that the factory set. Testing your torque driver at 1# and 2# is a method to TEST that your torque driver is working properly. If it were me, I wou
  18. Red, I wonder if that broker ever heard about Hillary's $1000 investment becoming $100,000 dollars in just a few months? ..........Widder
  19. To quote BTO..... "Let it ride". Forgetaboutit! ..........Widder
  20. I know 'the shooter' earns most of the credit for being a Top Shooter in championship matches. But I wonder how many gunsmiths are represented with their work on those guns the Champions use. My guess is that A LOT of our SASS gunsmiths are doing an excellent job in their gunsmith work for Cowboy shooters, regardless of championship status or not. I'm not sure there is 'A best' for any of the specialized work. I've handled Marlins set up by Longhunter, Cowboy Carty and Curly Bill Kelly. And I would feel confident using any of them on the firi
  21. I enjoyed that movie.....every time I've watched it. Here's another nostalgic moment in OUR lifetime: ..........Widder
  22. How much of it is credited to the rising gas prices? ..........Widder
  23. I don't know about the best way, but I just use a fired hull with spent primer still in the hull. Roll the crimp section back INSIDE the hull to help maintain a little stiffness in the hull and help keep it concentric. Then dry fire practice all you want. ..........Widder
  24. Looks like the 'Buckeye' mascot after the Alabama/Ohio St. championship game. Maybe 'it's decided to walk home and took a wrong turn. ..........Widder
  25. Larsen, sure hope the Docs fix it for you and you recover your hearing loss soon. I can relate to deafness cause I'm totally without any hearing ability in BOTH ears unless I put some special hearing aids in. Even with one hearing aid, I can barely hear anything and even with both, a lot of words are garbled and misinterpreted. Again, hope you recover soon. EDIT: I remember going for one of my hearing test and the Audiologist ask me: "Are you around any loud noises"? I answered: "How would I know whats loud or not. I can
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