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  1. Twelve pistols/revolvers, and two rifles. The revolvers are 3 screw convertible Blackhawks that occasionally get used in Cowboy matches with the 9mm cylinders.
  2. In the days of Modern category, I would occasionally shoot a pair of adj sight ROA's, and you'd be amazed how many people said, "You can't shoot C&B's in Modern".
  3. Currently sold out, but the stuff appears to be made anyway. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/ultramax-9mm-luger-rnl-125-grain-500-rounds-remanufactured?a=1593341 This one looks kind of sketchy, who knows. https://bullseyeshootingsupplies.com/product/9mm-125-round-nose-lead/
  4. Krasner attributes the drop in convictions in part to police submitting weaker evidence or more cases being tossed out by judges because witnesses didn’t show up in court. If you don't show up for your hearing, your case is dismissed?? The police commissioners name is Outlaw.
  5. I got an answer back from Taylor's this morning about the groove diameter, they are .357".
  6. Closest thing I've got to small space guns are a Beretta CX4 Storm, a Remington XP-100, and an MBA Gyrojet. Some 25-30 years ago, I had a '72 and a '76 Corvette - just like CAS, ya gotta have a backup, doncha know.
  7. Unless ya got a doctor appointment or somesuch, what in the world do us old retired folks care what time it is anymore?
  8. Would such a proposed rule change apply only to allowing .38/.357 to be added, or could I try to push 110 grain cast bullets @ 1400 fps in my .25-20's to make 154 PF?
  9. I've read about rifle round counts of 7 - 10, but I've rarely encountered a rifle count less than 10... maybe 9 on a very few occasions. I suppose it varies regionally. DON'T MESS WITH THE .40+ CALIBER REQUIREMENT. You can "expand" interest in ANY category or side match by waiving or changing the rules on caliber, guns, sights, shooting style, leather, costuming, ammunition, smokeless/black powder, etc.
  10. The short answer is no... conditionally. The breech block has to rotate up between cartridges, so there is very little leeway in cartridge overall length. If you could load .45 Schofield cartridges to 1.60", they'd work as well as .45 Colts.
  11. Yep, ArmsCor. I've shot a Rock Island branded one a fair amount in WB, and no problems, as have other WB shooters around here.
  12. Got one, thanks. It went up 4¢ though, cuz it was $299.99.
  13. If I told you my secret honey hole for Red Dot, it wouldn't be a secret, would it. There are thirty powders that will work fine for this game in .45 Colt, and none of them cause "side spatter". Lead shaving isn't caused by the powder, but rather a timing or wear issue. Revolvers are going to have a certain amount of gas escaping at the barrel/cylinder gap - there's no avoiding that, except for the 1895 Nagant, of course. There are also easily fifty recognizable commercial casters, many mentioned above, and probably another five hundred or thousand who cast for local shooters & clubs. There used to be a shooter here who brought his cast bullets to nearly every shoot, but I haven't seen him for years. The lead? Could have been anything from pure to 25 BHN, but they were cheap. We're shooting at "OK Corral distances", so don't fret too much over an exact powder, bullet weight, alloy, case, hull, wad, or primer. Well, unless you're one of those folks who shoots "tuned" guns with 12 pound springs that won't work reliably with anything but Federals.
  14. Bore diameter is land to land - groove diameter is what I want an answer for. But, in all fairness, I asked for "bore diameter", so...
  15. I would say, "That depends". No one seems to know for sure if the barrels are .355" or .357". If they're .355", I would expect the manufacturer would make some sort of modification to prevent a .38/357 cylinder from being installed. I have an email in to Taylors about it. (EDIT) Well, that wasn't any help, but I guess he answered my question 100% accurately, as asked.
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