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  1. Fair shape muzzleloading shotgun by Pietta/Navy Arms in 12ga. Right barrel as a small dent and scrap. Also has a National Wild Turkey Federation medallion on the stock for 1973-1983. $600 shipped.
  2. My guess is that this was put together from a kit but given the lack of markings I can't tell if it is Pietta or ASM. Timing is great, pictures show the detailed and unique engraving. Top of the barrel includes 1896-1996 Utah Centennial. Asking $400 shipped, also open to offers but no trades.
  3. Full disclosure, this was one my dad's purchases and absolutlely not my taste. The cold blue finish isn't great and the wood to frame fit is also poor. However, someone went ahead and engraved it for some reason.
  4. I haven't posted this for sale yet, mostly because I am unsure where to start with a price. As far as I can tell this is a Pietta 1851 Navy in .44 that was put together from a kit (Dixie Gunworks?). Someone clearly spent some time engraving it with a floral pattern. Sorry for the lack of detail in the picture, I should be able to get more photos in a day or two, but I'm wondering if anyone has a guesstimate on the value? I'll get closeups of the engraving, see if I can find a year code, verify it is a Pietta, etc.
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