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  1. Nimble Fingers, you are correct. It was the wrong place to say what I did. The rifle is beautiful- wood like that doesn't come along very often, cowrustler
  2. Me too. A Henry in .45 Colt just doesn't seem right, cowrustler
  3. Yes, it's a shooter at best with a bore liner. I've sold quite a few '73s this past year and this one is in horrible shape- maybe a $600 gun if that.
  4. I'll take them. PM me your address or your Paypal account. And thank you.
  5. Captain, if they don't sell there and you'll ship in a flat rate box, I will take them, cowrustler
  6. Granpaw, I'd best take that off your hands. PM me your Paypal info and I will send you my address. Thanks much, cowrustler
  7. I bought a few of these buckles and a billfold from Cholla- excellent quality, a good person to do business with!
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