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  1. I will take it via PayPal. Pm your e-mail address to me. Thanks, cowrustler
  2. Use .25-35 dies. The case is ever so much smaller than .25-36 you'll never notice the difference. It's ok to shoot .23-35 in most sound rifles chambered for .26-36. The reverse won't chamber generally, cowrustler
  3. I agree with Hoss. For what they were intended for precision accuracy was not needed , cowrustler
  4. It's a .38 S&W. I wouldn't shoot .38spl, even if it fits, in it unless loaded very light. The typical .38spl bullet might be a little loose in the bore but these were made 100 years ago.
  5. About a month ago I bought 10000 large pistol primers from an auction site and thought I'd paid too much at $350. I guess I didn't, cowrustler
  6. Cholla, got the buckles and the wallet today. Very nice! Thanks much, cowrustler
  7. Neches, you might check with River Junction Trading Company. I got a set of real jigged bone grips from them for an old Colt and they really dress up the gun. Not cheap but putting plastic on an original is blasphemy, cowrustler
  8. Most of the Officers Models go for around $7-800. I've had a few and all were remarkably accurate, cowrustler
  9. Evil, 1876 would have been too early for a .38-40. Give out some of the serial number and about 50 folks will be glad to tell you the year made, cowrustler
  10. But it wasn't a .40-70 Gov't I don't think.
  11. Yes, I appreciate the information. Never heard of it either, cowrustler
  12. Jack, money sent via Paypal for the 2nd vest, cowrustler

  13. Back 40, the check went in today's mail. Again my apologies- senility must be setting in. :) cowrustler

    1. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      No Problem Pard,    I'll get the lead coming your way.   Thanks

  14. Ron, I've got a Ruger Single Six, old style, not converted, very nice with an unusual 4&5/8" barrel (only made for 2 years, 1959 and 1960 if I remember right). $500. I'm down north of Edgemont so I would guess we could avoid shipping, Bill

  15. I have bought stuff here and generally found everything as described and the dealings cordial. I don't sell here because I'm not techie enough to post pictures given the hoops SASS requires a seller go through to get them posted. And most of my buying and selling is for original guns and there are better markets than here for original items. That's not to say anything against SASS members but other venues offer lots more shoppers.
  16. People like Cat are the reason I don't get on here much myself. While I've met some very nice folks here there are way too many like him who give the organization a bad name. And as for his comment that if you buy from a non-member you have no recourse- what does he think is going to happen if you get cheated by a member? Is SASS going to send out a posse? Fraud is fraud and if it really occurs, the postal inspectors can be called.
  17. Ben, I may have one but I've got it sitting up at the Newcastle gun show on my table and can't measure the barrel. The barrel extends slightly beyond the ejector rod. I will get in touch tomorrow if it doesn't sell, cowrustler

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