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  1. Lawman. Email me. I want to buy Tusacjack2@aol.com please email me I don’t on here to much. Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately these statues are reproductions. I am just going to keep them. It seems that no Real Remington statue would ever come with a green marble base. Just some information for anyone thinking of buying a Remington. these were most likely made in Japan. Unbelievable!!
  3. I’m selling 4 Bronze Frederic Remington statues for my aging father. They are all in excellent and original condition. I am asking $1,200 for all four in a group. I will consider selling separately. If you are interested please email me Tusacjack2@aol.com Thank you. The Bronco Buster 13” The Rattlesnake. 9 “ The Cheyenne. 9” Trooper of the Plains. 6” this sale is on being put on hold until the statues can be authenticated. Thank you.
  4. I’m looking for an 1866 rifle in 44-40 must be in original condition. carbine or short rifle will work Thanks Tusac
  5. I sent you a PM  with details Thanks    I'll mark it sold

  6. Jack, money sent via Paypal for the 2nd vest, cowrustler

  7. Jack, I posted an answer on the classifieds.  I will take the vest and shirt.  Just let me know where to send the money. 

  8. For sale is a Josey Wales Coat in grey wool. The coat is my personal coat that I never got around to wearing. The coat has all the features of the movie coat.. rolled leather buttons, whip, ties and cape. It is lined with tea stained cotton muslin. Size XL 46-48 Email TUSACJACK2@aol.com $299.00 plus $15.00 shipping SOLD PENDING FUNDS!
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