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  1. I am a self admitted cowboy clothes Junkie. I have always enjoyed the dressing up aspect of our sport and disagree slightly with the order of acquiring clothing. Like others have said your hat is one of the most important items, in a lot of ways it defines you. You will probably only have one or two hats in your entire wardrobe. Because the price of a good hat is so expensive I would find a cheap hat until you find the perfect one. I would start by figure out who your Alias is, what does do. Cowboys in general wore what ever they had or could find. Some of my best looking outfits don’t match on purpose. Boots are a bit tough too because as some mentioned they have to comfortable all day. If I had to start over I would find a good pair of Lacers or Ropers to start with. Something that will serve me on the range or out on the town. You can get into the more period boots as your develop you caracter. There are so many options for dressing on the cheap but Still looking cowboy. For a very basic outfit a pair of colored jeans and a long sleeve work shirt fits the bill. Go to a couple second hand stores. Look for banded collared shirts that look cowboy. Even a regular collard shirt looks great with the right material. I have found so many usable items at second hand stores you wouldn’t believe it. If you or your wife is handy with a sewing machine its even easier. Check out the vendors both at matches and online. Sometimes there are great deals on close outs and seconds. eBay is an awesome place to look too. Here is a complete outfit from the good will store. Shirt. $ 3.00. Used green levi’s $ 5.00. Wool sport jacket cut down and accessorized $ 15.00 plus another $ 20.00 in conchos, trim and 4 hours time. Use your imagination there is a lot you can do for very little cash
  2. Up for sale. 2 pair of elk stag grips for NMVs. Grips are smooth with just a little bark. They feel great in the hand and offer good grip in wet conditions. Asking $ 300.00 for the pair shipped.
  3. I shot xdraw up until 5 or 6 years ago. I kept messing around with DD in practice but would never commit. Right from the start without practice the transition was a full second faster for DD but i kept telling myself one miss with the left gun would negate the advantage. I kept working at it and became more confident with my left hand and now 5 years later I am finally completely confident with my weak hand shooting. I am definitely faster with my strong hand but not by much. I also think how a match is set up can negate some of the advantage’s of DD. Lots of movement between guns seams to do that for me because moving between guns negates some of the transition time. IMO. All in all I’m glad I took the time to switch. Best regards, Chili
  4. You guys just nailed what my intent was all along. Thank you! Chili
  5. Is it that simple? This is not about Duelist as a category, this is about duelist style, as it pertains to all categories required to shoot that way. Shooting GF as a CC isn't an option and its not overly practical for Frontiersman because of cap and cylinder jams. I've done it but can be a bit awkward if something goes wrong. As for it being a disadvantage to traditional duelist shooters I guess I don't really see that as an issue, they choose to shoot how they shoot. Shooters in GF and Duelist categories don't shoot against each other so i'm having a hard time seeing how changing the rule has any effect on GFs at all. So what if it brings "Duelist" closer to GF why is that a problem?
  6. CBB. I haven’t given that a whole lot of thought. I think what is possibly getting missed is that I am not specifically talking about Duelist. I am talking about all duelist style categories including Classic Cowboy, Frontiersman and all other Duelist shooting categories. To me we are talking about one specific change not altering these categories in any other way. Also my main reason and question about this proposal is about getting rid of the penalty for clearing leather early. I was not intending on merging or some how stepping on GF toes. I have a problem with 2 categories being able to do something others cant when it is not related to safety. I may be wrong but doesn’t this rule pre date GF and has just always been this way. I admit I may not have thought of some of the things people brought up but thats why I asked for thought and opinions. Next I will concede that I am not an expert on GF and the intricate rules that apply specifically to them. What is the purpose of the not being able to reholster for GF rule? Is it based on safety? Seams that if its ok for every other category it isn’t safety based? Honestly I think it is an outdated rule too because it forces match directors to pretty much always do back to back pistols or encounter the rath of the GF ( yes I know some still do but kinda rare). Or maybe we leave it as is so we have another category specific rule. But Yes I have no issue with it going away Duelist must shoot one pistol dry and then the other / GF & BW do not. They may but are not required to. To me this is the fundamental difference and as such a GF should be able to shoot faster than a duelist based on the fact that GF may have two cocked pistols but a D will always have only one. While it would be allowed if the rule was changed I doubt I would pull both pistols at the beep. GFs seem to pull both pistols and point them at the same time, they kinda rock back and forth aiming each gun as they alternate shots on targets. I think a duelist would concentrate on the gun their shooting and then switch focus to the second gun but thats just my opinion. To me they are still 2 very different styles of shooting I’m not sure what other diffences there would be but then I don’t know all the differences now. What do you think the other differences are that I missed? Additional thoughts Best regards, Chili
  7. I have no issue with including two handed shooters into the mix. The back story kinda helps make the point that no one cared about it prior to GF and BW. It was the rule and just how it was done. I don’t agree that DD didn’t exist in the early days because when I started in the mid 90s there were plenty of people doing it that later became GFs. It was freaking cool. GF comes along and it got cooler. I tend to want fairness and equality across all the categories. I agree that some rules are needed to separate categories and keep them autonomous. I am not convinced this rule does that but thats my opinion. Best regards Chili
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