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  1. Excellent. The stat for Michigan CPL holders can be found here: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/msp/All_Statuses_Report_647845_7.pdf GG
  2. Pretty cool - Michigan has about 652k CPL holders currently. With only 10 million folks that's a good per capita. GG ~
  3. Thanks for the info. On all three of my OMV's the Schofield cartridge is good to go. Not sure if brass manufacturer has anything to do with it, but my samples are all Starline Brass type. It seems in an OMV if there was an issue.a very (and I mean very) minor amount of metal would need to be removed to allow that case to fit properly . GG ~
  4. Yup - I know the Scholfields had no prob in the 'Original Model' Vaqueros...not sure on the New Vaquero.... GG ~
  5. Feel, See, Hear the old west - REAL BP GG ~
  6. Could you please resend. My inbox was full and had to get rid of some old messages so your pm didn’t get through. Thanks. GG
  7. Hey yall - is there a state club that is the umbrella for all the other SASS clubs and/or cowboy action shooting. Meet with a gent who lives in Wisconsin that wanted to know more. We have the Wolverine Rangers here in Michigan - anything like that in WI? https://sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Wisconsin Sending him this link to this thread for him to check out what y'all post Many thanks! Thanks, GG ~
  8. Cool UB. Nice set-up. looking at the wood stocked version myself....but....we’ll see. My regular 500 made in ‘85 is still my fav. GG
  9. They can be rented at a local hardware store usually. Get a buddy and have fun. GG ~
  10. My fav gal (asides from my wife ) is Christie Brinkley - for looks she beats 'em all ...don't think she did anything as a western or a cowboy flick though - hey, she was great in 'Vacation' GG ~
  11. Well, if anyone is afeered of their transfer bar removals I reckon Ruger would fix them up to factory lawyer approved safety spec for ya for free. GG ~
  12. Yup - have more enjoyment at LOWES than Home Depot....overall. Sometimes one will have what the other doesn't and when that happens, CS isn't all that important to me. GG ~
  13. I had to do that in Illinois when we moved there in 2002 (moved out thank the Lord). My mother married a few times and so I had a few different last names. So most my life I was a certain last name (which I decided to keep) and it had been on my driver's license since I was 16.....moved to Texas in 88....got new license no prob.....moved back to California....got my license no prob....move to Illinois...big prob. Showed my DL and my birth certificate...the clerk said "which last name are you?".....so I had to go to court, petition for a change to my last name (30 days wait) - pay $300 - and they even out it in the local paper in case anyone wanted to contest it, went to court, judge asked my reason for the name change, explained the situation, he said "granted". Man what a process ...anyway for my REAL ID in Michigan it was easy: I just brought in my passport - no prob. GG ~
  14. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article229024939.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&fbclid=IwAR2VewvCVVOKdCz_6k0qzueYS-v_NHK2VP_guQST6lVAZm1FiOYZy8BKZKo Doh! GG ~
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