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  1. Hmmmm...member since 1996....no pin for me GG ~
  2. Both have their merits - concealed mostly more so. Either way if a person wants to exercise their right so be it. However and wherever one does so they should be considerate of the people and surroundings. Respect goes a long way in our fight to defend our rights. GG
  3. Whatever you want. IF looking for the one that will help propel your game? The Marlin and 73 are the top two - period. You said 'Made in USA' - only two choices if looking at new rifles: Marlin or the Henry. Henry is a great rifle no doubt - just not so much IF you want a firearm that will shoot faster than you. IMHO, I would recommend a 92 to a "newbie" before recommended a Henry, but then again...if the newbie wants to buy "Made in America"...... When speaking to new CAS folks I recommend in this order: '73 (or 66), Marlin, 92, Henry and give the pros and cons of each. Truly it boils down to what they want to achieve - fast shooting prospects? want a rifle that's most authentic to the old west time?, budget, and whatever....what works for me, may not work for them.top shooters or even pards that have been involved is always the best Of course there are MANY threads on this subject on the Wire, internet, or better yet....folks at a match. Talking to the top shooters or even pards that have been involved is always the best. GG ~
  4. Required? - no. Recommended & encouraged? - yes. GG ~
  5. Keep the spotters. More participation by folks on a stage is more fun anyway. GG ~
  6. Happy Birthday - my 50th last year and I enjoyed a greasy pizza - danged good!! GG
  7. The Williams blade sight is what I have in mine (along with some nice brass hardware) Thanks to Chili Pepper Pete who turned me onto the sights. GG ~
  8. How come the video is in slow motion.....? GG ~
  9. 4:30 - correct. AXLE CODES:37- 3.733L- 3.73 LS41- 4.104N- 4.10 LS43- 4.304L- 4.30 LS48- 4.888L- 4.88 LS53- 5.385L- 5.38 LS I had the truck built up and included the 4:30 in the future case I would add larger diameter tires - anyway, I have had 285/75/18 and now 295/70/18 - not that much taller than the 275/75/18 originals. GG ~
  10. My '06 V10 has 165k - runs like a top. It also has 4:30 gearing so it can tow very well.....gas mileage? what's that GG ~
  11. Only reason I changed my alias was I was away from the game a few years, didn;t renew, and SASS gave it to someone else - which is understandable. My originbal alias "Jackson" was homage to my family. Doubt I'll change it now - it is who I am.....unless "Jackson" come available again.... As far as reputation? Har Har Har GG ~
  12. Congratulations - what a "surprise" indeed. Looks like you for sure GG ~
  13. Sorry pard. Prayers up... GG ~
  14. Thanks for sharing that - just shows more what kind of scoundrel this woman is. GG ~
  15. When I wish to purchase the "best" or have the "best" work on something I usually consult the "best" GG ~
  16. You asked - people gave you an answer you didn't like for YOU AND OTHER'S SAFETY. Happens. GG ~
  17. Yeah, I know it's my jam jams, but imagine they are Calico pants or somethin'.... GG~
  18. Real. Easy to clean, love the smell, and it's "true" old west IMHO. GG ~
  19. I remember doing that carrier.... hope it worked well for ya. GG ~
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