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  1. I've hunted burn areas for elk a few years after a burn. Aspen groves resprouted from their roots and provided elk easy browsing. Elk herd tripled in size due to the increased food source. However, in some areas fire was so intense it sterilized the soil and killed tree roots. These areas did not provide food. So will animals return to a burned area in one year? I would scout the area before planning a hunt.
  2. UPS thinks that the ORM-D label is required until the end of this calendar year. Rather than argue with a UPS clerk I'll just apply the label if shipping this year.
  3. Here is UPS instructions. You can find and print the ORM-D labels from your computer. It's not cheap!
  4. The first thing I noticed was the shooter started in a shadow. You might only film on a stage where the shooter was always in the sun.
  5. I've used them with 777 with good results at the short distances we shoot main match. I too would not use them with Pyrodex.
  6. I'm amazed you still had RV sites with 30A power available. Camping on range without a generator is sweet.
  7. I own a farm just north of Mollala. This is exactly what I expect of the people of rural Clackamas County. The people in Scotts Mills to the south did the same and stopped the fire there too. It rained hard last week, clearing the air and slowing the fire. Heavy rain is forecast this week too. No fire can burn long once the winter rains begin.
  8. There are many powders unsuitable for CAS main match shotgun shells and metallic cartridges. These are slower burning powders suitable for magnum revolver cartridge loads or heavy shotgun loads. BTW, there is plenty of real black powder and the subs available. If you can't find suitable smokeless powders you might buy a pound of one of the subs and give the darkside a try.
  9. I usually eat at Dyers BBQ on Georgia St. just north of I-40. You could stop at Long Hunters and buy a gun. I have some co-workers who always make a stop at Braum's Ice Cream.
  10. The Three Stooges travel to Venus by rocket and discover life.
  11. What brand are they? Rainer (no longer making plated bullets) said just load theirs with cast bullet loading data.
  12. Decades ago in my mountaineering days Mountain House was a good brand. They are still in business. I find that grocery stores have plenty of non-perishable food that needs little preparation. This food is lower cost. BTW, my late father could not eat Mountain House freeze-dried. It gave him GI distress. Try some before you buy a large quantity. You may not like it. MREs are too salty for me. I am on a low-salt diet.
  13. I learn much from watching top shooters at major matches. I imitate their better moves and my stage times decrease. Local matches usually don't have RVers camping onsite. Evenings spent with fellow campers are enjoyable. At one RV park near EOT every camper on my row was someone I shot with before. Major matches also have vendors. They are a good place to acquire new gear and wardrobe. I sometimes am a match director and many of my stages are repeats of stages shot at major matches. So hit the road and shoot nearby state matches and regionals and get to Winter Range and EOT every few years.
  14. Maybe just a pizza delivery to cluster balloon pilot. It's cold at altitude and one gets hungry quickly.
  15. I wish the ones I shot at only looked like a wok. I sometimes encounter targets that would make a good wood rasp. This is why I only shoot #8 or smaller shot. Smaller shot hurts less when it hits my face.
  16. About 3-4 cents each. I've seen Remingtons on sale for 2 cents each recently. If you order online there are also HAZMAT and shipping charges. (The gougers on auction sites want 10-16+ cents each.)
  17. Degrease your revolvers and re-lube with BP-compatible lube before shooting MZ. I use Ballistol but some use olive oil (smells better). Clean the revolvers with a water-based solvent after shooting. I field strip and clean the cylinders and barrel as there can be enough fouling to binding the revolvers. MZ makes great shotgun shells. Some BP subs perform poorly in cap guns. There can be a noticeable delay between the cap popping and the powder burning.
  18. I just shot the NM State WB match using Sport Pistol. It was much cleaner burning than my W231 loads. However, many of the top shooters chose WST. I've used American Select in 45 ACP before. It burned clean but did not meter as reliably as finer-grained powders so I quit using it for that cartridge.
  19. Some black powder substitutes have been introduced in the last 25-years. Do not load them exactly as you might real black powder but instead follow the manufacturer's instructions. +10 for those who recommend online reloading data. BTW, coated bullets are now available and are favored by many. Bullets by Scarlett is located in your region. You should check out her products.
  20. I shot the Revenge in Colorado on the San Juan Range back in June. While there I bought bullets out of San Juan's warehouse. There were huge stacks of bullets ready to ship. I've sure he has plenty ready to ship this month. I've never been concerned about obtaining cast bullets. Some caster somewhere can supply me. Powder and primers is another matter. Suppliers are fewer.
  21. I would go with .44 mag since I already own several firearms in that caliber. However, if I was starting without firearms I would choose 45 Colt due to the better selection of available revolvers. I am shooting coated bullets with a minimum charge of Unique in my 44 mag rifles.
  22. I use the LED light on my 550. I would not load without one. It helps to see powder charges. You are wise to keep the turret press.
  23. You did fine. However, some firearms no longer in production can be hard to find. I bought my Ruger 44 mags new but had to buy my 357s used. Regarding a shotgun: are you looking for a SxS, a '97 or a lever action shotgun? That will help readers determine your need.
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