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  1. I love Trail Boss in a 30-30. I use the maximum load published by Hodgdon. I found gas checked bullets improved accuracy.
  2. Trail Boss is a good powder that prevents double-charging a case. However, there are powder check dies one can install on a progressive press that prevent loading an overcharged or undercharged case. I use an RCBS lock-out-die. Loading uncoated bullets leads to a slow buildup of lead shavings and bullet lube in seating dies. Coated bullets prevent this. I don't care how dirty my guns get. They get cleaned after every day of shooting and always function through six stages. BTW, I prefer softer lead bullets to hard cast bullets. We get some backsplatter off of steel targets and soft lead bullets minimize backsplatter. Many CAS shooters keep some standard velocity loads with them for knockdown targets. These are not needed for other targets and most shoot lighter loads. Use enough powder so you have some felt recoil and your loads are reliable in cold weather.
  3. First, Berrys (as I understand their business) supplies plated bullets. CAS requires lead only bullets (coated is OK). 125 grain bullets are a popular choice. Since you know how to load, buy a progressive press, I agree with AW, drive to Dillon in Scottsdale and check out the Square Deal, 550 and 650 presses. Price their cast lead bullets too. Try to find a local caster in your area so you can obtain bullets without shipping. Some out-of-area casters will deliver to Winter Range without charge. Evil Roy has a set of DVDs that show you how to train. Sportsmans Warehouse is selling primers at a good discount right now. Buy all the Federals you can while prices are low. There are many powders that will work well. If you have a powder left over from loading 45 ACPs it will probably work. Search this Wire for threads listing pet loads.
  4. I keep a stainless Marlin rifle around for shooting in wet weather. If you buy a stainless gun, keep it well-lubricated.
  5. I shot a WB match yesterday with social distancing. It worked well. The TO wore and mask and gave the shooter more room than normal. Only two persons allowed at the loading table - one at each end. Just one person at the unloading table. One thing that was not planned but worked well was good use of the wind. Those who needed to talk to each other stood at right angles to the wind, six feet apart. Everyone showed much discipline. I felt safe.
  6. I've seen low-income SASS shooters whose dedication to the sport exceeds mine. We have a retiree who plucks spent bullets out of the back of a berm and recasts them for future matches. People camp in canvas tents at EOT in 100-degree weather when air-conditioned motels room are available for $50 a night. I've also seen a family of seven cram into a small passenger van with all their carts and guns and travel to out-of-state matches. I'd hate to see such people priced out of the sport.
  7. Founders Ranch where EOT is held is resuming operations. There will be a Wild Bunch match on Saturday. The shotgun ranges are open with limitations. Resuming shooting at the ranch will help keep it solvent. (I really miss not shooting EOT this year.)
  8. There are more shooters who use subs than genuine black powder. I use both. I find APP is the sub most commonly used. One can buy a single jar in many local gun stores and load the same bullets used with smokeless powder. Real black powder is far less available and is bought online in larger lots. Bullets need special lube to keep fouling soft. I am moving towards all genuine black powder myself because I am now equipped to cast and lube my own black powder bullets. You will have plenty of company shooting the subs.
  9. Most users manuals warn against handloaded ammo. If you've seen revolvers with cylinders blown in half and the top strap bent in a gun store display cabinet you can see the reason for the warning. Most of us will only shoot ammo that we reload ourselves. BTW, I have seen a revolver destroyed at a CAS match and have clearly heard rounds double charged.
  10. Your first and best source of information is the manufacturer's users manual. Taylor's is very reputable and you can contact them too.
  11. 1st choice: a canvas ammo belt with rifle rounds separated in groups of two. 2nd choice: a possibles pouch. We have shotgun belts that hold rounds in groups of two close to where they are loaded. I grab two rounds at a time. Pouches are OK but the distance from the pouch to the rifle chamber is greater and the rounds may not be well-alligned. A belt works best for me. Loading the rifle is the most time-consuming task in Plainsman. Rifle loading efficiency is essential for good stage times. Yes, I too carry extra rounds in case I fumble and drop a round.
  12. This is a matter handled by the host club's bylaws. Depending on the bylaws there may be different requirements. I am on the board of a host club that once hosted CAS matches. We also once had a resident USPSA club that had an arrangement like the OP requested. Our attorney examined the arrangement and found it violated our bylaws, the USPSA's club bylaws and state laws governing corporations. We had to dissolve the arrangement. Some clubs have reduced fees for senior citizens. They can also waive membership fees for those who perform service like range maintenance or administrative work. Check with the host club's officers and see if you can cut a deal. My club helps out those who spray weeds, rake litter, weld targets and process memberships.
  13. You can shoot blackpowder ammunition in any category. In one of the smokeless categories you can shoot blackpowder ammunition. You can shoot both blackpowder ammunition and smokeless ammunition in smokeless categories. You are disadvantaged shooting blackpowder in a smokeless category since you have to content with smoke obscuring targets. Just start shooting smokeless ammunition and once you learn the game you can try the Darkside. There are plenty of Soot Lords on this Wire that will help you make the change.
  14. Your cost analysis is good. Regarding reloading shotgun shells: smokeless shells are not worth the bother. Blackpowder shells are clearly worth reloading. However, if you have trouble sourcing low-recoil smokeless shells you might start reloading.
  15. Choice Ammo, Black Hills, Grizzly Arms, Buffalo Bore, and Magtech all load all lead bullets in 44 Specials. Still since you are already a reloader, just buy a thousand cases from Starline and develop your own pet loads. 200 grain bullets are good for revolvers.
  16. This match was on my list as a possibility for this summer. I appreciate you posting now so I can adjust my summer plans. Hopefully your club has the financial strength to host the match next year.
  17. While our local shooting ranges were shut down I loaded much empty brass to keep busy. This brass had been reloaded many times. I only had three brass-only cases split. At least 10% of the nickle-plated cases split. This is a common experience with nickle-plated cases. Like HSMW I reserve my nickle-plated for revolvers. I have not experienced flaking nickle cases. Some is so durable that most of the nickle has worn off during reloading. If you can get nickle-plated cases for 3-cents or less a case I would buy them.
  18. I loaded several thousand 38 Special rounds recently using a Dillon 650 and American Select. My RCBS powder check die caught three rounds with too little powder dumped. Bridging is possible but not a severe problem. American Select and Unique have about the same flake size. Neither is small flake powder that flows perfectly. Still, I like the American Select. It fills revolver cases well and burns clean.
  19. I have an oddball question. Are these loads legal for a derringer side match? Page 27 of the Shooter's Handbook states requirements for revolver, rifle and shotgun ammunition. These firearms clearly require lead projectiles but there are no stated requirements for derringers on that page. Page 31 states requirements for derringers. .22 mag ammo is prohibited but the page is silent regarding wax projectiles. Is there a ruling by the ROC that wax projectiles are illegal for derringers? (I have a 38 Special that I would only fired lead projectiles from in a SASS match. My question is purely academic.)
  20. LL24, SASS is not about re-enactment. It is a fantasy shooting sport where competitors dress in a 19th century costume of their choosing. One can dress as a ranch hand, a Mexican peasant, a saloon girl or madam, a military man, a railroad employee, a mountain man, a homesteader's wife, an Indian, a blacksmith, a shopkeeper, a civilian official and so on. Historical accuracy is not essential but will help win costume contests. Many in the Old West wore the same garb one would see in an East Coast city. BTW, wear any eye or hearing protection you need without regard to historical accuracy. We want you to leave a match with your hearing and sight intact.
  21. I own a Miroku rifle in 357. It is a slick and pretty gun. It did need work before use in competition. I had a reputable smith do the work. However, he and some other CAS smiths no longer work on the guns. If you buy one you may have to make the minor mods needed yourself. 357 is a good caliber. It is a straight-walled case and is easy too load. You can load 38 Specials longer than spec and they feed very well in many rifles chambered for 357. Once-fired brass is cheap and readily available. When I lose 38 Special cases to the weeds or under props it costs me very little.
  22. Magdalena had a chute that rolled a clay rabbit diagonally in front a shooter. It was easy to hit but frequently missed since CAS shooters are used to pointing their shotguns instead of swing them.
  23. Welcome to the sport. Yes, we are a community. I really miss the shooting sports while our local ranges are closed. Take what guns you own to matches and shoot every gun offered for you for trial before buying anymore. Since you are on a budget start shopping garage sales and gun shows for used reloading equipment. A single stage press is a good start. (You can reward yourself with a progressive press once you get that first good job and your income increases.)
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