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  1. Call these folks http://www.clementscustomguns.com/home.html OLG
  2. You want a Marlin and not a 66/73 with that outfit OLG
  3. I'm still here thanks to my Colt 1911 that I bought new for $95.00(police price)in 1972. Still have it.... OLG
  4. Call CCI/Speer, they are a munitions manufacturer and have a full on lab. They don't use consumer grade devices for a one off example. OLG
  5. Kydex=sandpaper. Becomes brittle in cold temps. Go with quality leather. OLG
  6. Yes-there were some exceptions. OLG
  7. Very different internally as to voltage between radio an TV. If the tube doesn't 'see' certain voltage. It won't function. OLG
  8. Springfield Missouri would fit you well. Especially the southwest Springfield. Vast majority of tornadoes are north of hwy 44. Great SASS clubs here OLG
  9. .34 cents EACH before S&H is many things. "Reasonable", ain't one of'em OLG
  10. Glock 19 gen 5 in 9mm with a Glock 17 mag for reload. Or a S&W #340 and 2 speed strips. Plus a Surefire 1K lumen flashlight. OLG
  11. Those burrs are easily removed with a small round file or stone. Not a big deal..... OLG
  12. Dillon was told to say that by their lawyers. The Pyrex hopper is great! Been loading real BP on my Dillon 550 since 1987. OLG
  13. My .454 Casull is a FA. No issues ever with the Dillon .45 Colt dies and Lee .45 Colt FCD. OLG
  14. Yes, I use Dillon. 45 Colt dies for my .454 loading. OLG
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