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  1. TNX! I don't care for battery only power or the automatic shut off. I like to ck powder weight from time to time during a reloading session. FWIW: I'm still using my almost 30 year old PACT II digital scale.
  2. Take a hard look at the Hornady M2 bench scale
  3. Contact Ruger and show them those pictures.
  4. Hole location in the bolt. RPP is showing OOS for the extractor. You should giv'em a call .....
  5. I did for 28 yrs. Had to get out of PRK!
  6. I would gladly face arrest to save a dog in that situation!
  7. Re-read your first post...... The loaded gun was left on a counter, no mention of anyone else around.
  8. And on the other side..... A unsecured loaded weapon was left out in the open....
  9. 200-230gn bullet. 5.5-5.7 gn WW231/HP38. Any LPP. 1.245-1.250 C.O.A.L. Get a case gauge......
  10. Dang, RPP is showing OOS for the extractor. Suggest calling them Monday.
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