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  1. Check the Team SASS page about AB 3071. It will BAN all use of lead bullets and shot. OLG
  2. FACT- IF, this disaster becomes law. It will spread East..... OLG
  3. Eastwood has never, ever been pro-gun. Just look at his history as a Mayor. OLG
  4. Opposites attract. Yusta-do you lube your cases? If so, how? OLG
  5. They can be a bunch of fun. What was used for lighting? OLG
  6. Equipment maintenance, can be the cause of a squib. OLG
  7. Mil spec primer made for select-fire weapons etc. For all intents, think of'em as a small rifle primer. OLG
  8. I have seen far more squibs in the game, than all the other gun games I have ever played combined. The vast majority of squibs I have seen in CAS, come from folks loading 'fly-fart' level loads. OLG
  9. I've been run'n a Dillon since 1987 I started reloading in 1967 on a RCBS jr that I still have. Started reloading SG ammo in 1978 on a MEC 600 jr, that I still use. I have never had a 'squib' come off of those presses. Why-because I don't allow myownself to be distracted when I'm reloading. That means no phone, TV or visitors. I do have a radio going........ Just takes a bit of discipline is all. OLG
  10. Either. It's caused buy inattention and/or lack of concentration & focus. OLG
  11. That is pretty DUM... I use reclaim, so it's a mix. OLG
  12. I would be far more concerned about WHY the squibs happened And, is there now a chance for a double charge in that lot of ammo? OLG
  13. Forgot to say- Get the coated version. Would like to hear how they work out. OLG
  14. Ask Missouri Bullets for a sample pack of those bullets for the 44R. You may well be surprised how well they work. OLG
  15. Get to more shoots, you may well find good deals on the gear you're looking for. OLG
  16. Check out Missouri Bullets. They give discounts to veterans, SASS clubs etc. OLG
  17. Why don't you just call'em and ask. OLG
  18. Oh heck no...... Go entirely with desert tan. OLG
  19. Add as much radius as possible to the corners of the ground areas. That will remove the stress risers caused from the corners. OLG
  20. One western that I thought was very good, was called "The Missing". IMHO, every character was well cast. OLG
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