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  1. Could the lawsuits from the 'neighbors' over the years be part of this? OLG
  2. Never trust the Mec bushings to throw what they say they will. For powder, try 17.0-17.5gn of Unique. Less felt recoil than Featherlite. OLG
  3. Local laws can override that. Many locations require the FFL thing. OLG
  4. No secret-Been such with PP for many years. Perhaps a bit of research would have saved you this heartache. OLG
  5. Check the laws of the city you are shipping to. OLG
  6. X2 on Glock extended slide release. Especially if you have gloves on or wet hands. OLG
  7. Glock's are fighting tools. Plain and simple. I carry Glock 19 gen5 'blue label' everywhere. This from a die hard 1911 lover who is still here thanks to a 1911. OLG
  8. 22's can be a real problem to score. Plan on painting the targets more often. OLG
  9. First call paramedics and notify the WC. Then notify child protective services. OLG
  10. FYI, you do know private party can't ship primers or powder..... OLG
  11. The one I bought in 1967, and still have does not. OLG
  12. My Grandmother changed hers from Haan(German)to Hahn(English)when she came to the USA just after WW1.
  13. This X2 Plus the cups are thicker. OLG
  14. Call these folks http://www.clementscustomguns.com/home.html OLG
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