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  1. Get rid of those bushings and order the adjustable shot and powder bar. OLG
  2. Pick the one you can load the cheapest. Look at Starline Brass for cost of cases. OLG
  3. Never said they weren't. Some idiot wants to fix something that don't need fix'n with a name change. OLG
  4. OH, HELL NO They have done NOTHING to earn such a name The 'RedTails' were real men with honor and courage......... OLG
  5. What about a survey included in the shooter's packet of the matches that you run? There's a lots of SASS shooters that are not on the forum. Respectfully, OLG
  6. They were making a come-back, when we moved. I've always liked the idea.... OLG
  7. We use the Savior soft double rife cases for our SASS guns. That gee-tar case looks great TNX for the details! OLG
  8. PLZ, give us the details on your 'gun case'. Very nice OLG
  9. No on the wad. Load a few up and you'll see foryourownrself. OLG
  10. Have you ck'd out the S&W Shield? I have one and really like it. Now that we live in Missouri. My daily CCW is a Glock 19 gen5 with amer-glo sights. Give Goodie a hug from us. OLG
  11. OP, did you make additions/changes to the circuits before these issues started? OLG
  12. Not hard to miss-read situational awareness at times. My years as a LEO did 'tune' me a good bit. But, when it does 'hit the fan'. Your training/practice comes into play quicker than you think. OLG
  13. We're run'n "Cap's" prep'd '87s. They be GTG. If it wasn't for Coyote Cap, we wouldn't have the reproduction '87 SG. The #1 tip in use'n any 87 .... 'drive it, like you stole it'. JMB never designed any of his guns to be babied. OLG
  14. It's the 'coolest' shotgun used in CAS/SASS. We've been run'n them for over 15yrs. OLG
  15. Don't use those circuits till fixed. Who did the wiring? Sounds like your common and GND are making contact. OLG
  16. I'm on me second belt in 10+ yrs. Do you have the low speed tumbler? OLG
  17. Next time try a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine repair shop for the belt. And buy 2. OLG
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