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  1. Do these have the internal locks? Still-you really need to post pictures for a true evaluation. OLG
  2. Need a heck more details. Starting with caliber, metal finish and bbl length. Best to post up pictures. OLG
  3. Then don't buy one, until you have shot a full match with one. Good luck, OLG
  4. It's a good start YES a new version will show up. OLG
  5. The '87 lever is the coolest. Steep learn'n curve and you need to be a good gunsmith to keep'em run'n. My wife and I have been run'n them for many years. I also learned how to work'em over buy the man who got'em to be imported when no USA maker would touch the project. Have you even fired one yet? OLG
  6. Bear Creek Supply sells what you want. OLG
  7. How often do you calibrate your scale? What is your e exact load? I loaded 700X for many years back in my ATA Trap dayz. It's not what I would use for handgun loading. OLG
  8. Then you should have given Last Chance Cyn a go. Only about 5 or show miles east on the road to Ransberg. OLG
  9. Read the rules about adjustable sights! Get to some shoots BEFORE buy'n anydangthing. OLG
  10. Lift one up before put'n down the green. I thought the 26" was to muzzle heavy. Be VERY cautious of Remmy made Marlins. OLG
  11. GO you will enjoy it! The altitude and dryness can be issues for some. OLG
  12. Just depends on how cold it gets. What's the powder? Trailboss is very temp sensitive at the low end of the charge range. OLG
  13. When I lived in the Mojave. That was considered just a 'breeze'. OLG
  14. You ain't using enough powder. The crimp is an 'aid'. Not a fix. OLG
  15. When Mom flew 17's as a WASP pilot. She said they were a flying battleship. Respectfully, OLG
  16. This was when Pat had just started his regimon of medications. He's do'n much better now. OLG
  17. Are you certain the RPP extractor you ordered was correct for the extractor hole location on your bolt. RPP's site shows the various locations Marlin used over the years. One other thing, not uncommon on the larger caliber M94's to have to file a 45* angle on the bottom outside edge of the ejector's 'wall' for case rim clearance in feeding. Did you contact RPP about this issue? If no-you really should....... OLG
  18. Did you try the Ranger Point Precession extractor? OLG
  19. 44 WCF uses LP primers .38 Special/.357 Magnum use SP primers. OLG
  20. I would like to have 'Spot' for gun cart duty. OLG
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