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  1. Any chance on that SW being shipped?  The address is on the license.

    1. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611



      Good Afternoon Buffalo Nichols,


      I got the Smith to my FFL dealer on Friday a little after twelve noon.  I just called and was told that he had just gone to the Post Office so it likely did not get shipped on Friday after he closed the shop.  I will get you an update and the tracking number when I hear from him. 


      Thanks for your patience,



      Professor Thoreau


    2. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611



      Good Evening Buffalo Nichols,


      My FFL dealer shipped the Smith at the USPS today around 2:30 and the tracking number is:


      The Expected Delivery Date is this Thursday.  Please let me know when it arrives.


      Thank you and have a great evening.




  2. I would offer you $450 shipped, best I can do and if not I wish you the best of luck.

     If you accept I get me your address and I will get the MO and CR out tomorrow. My address will be on the C&R.

     Buffalo Nichols 

    1. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Good Evening Buffalo Nichols,


      Thank you for your offer. 


      Yes, I will take $450 for this S&W which will include shipping to your C&R.  My information is as follows:


      Jim Waldon

      10 Coachman Dr.

      Eugene, OR 97405


      e-mail: jmw97405@sirikirpal.com


      I will mark the item "SPL" after I post this note to you. 


      Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you confirming that you got my note etc.  If you include your address, I can get the Smith packaged up and ready to go to my FFL which might speed things up a bit when your payment arrives.




      Professor Thoreau

      AKA Jim Waldon

  3. Rufus you list the price at $875 with case shipped and the next post is $975 without case which is correct? Am interested but confused. Email is dmfservices@suddenlink.net have C&R. I f $875 mark it sold let me know and I will respond to post.

  4. Send funds to

    Mike Faires

    2536 Robinson Way

    Huntsville, TX 77340

    If I find the contract I made I will send it along, The inmates name is J. D. Ferraro, ( like Geraldine, VP cantidate) it is marked in side the left side grip along with 2011.

  5. Would you go $1500 for the pair shipped. I have a C&R so you can ship to me without going through a FFL>

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