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  1. Our club ranges here at Elstonville have never closed, just the restaurant/bar along with the club shoots, clays, cowboy action. However we have used the time to work on berms build a bird popper area and more. (And we've been shooting just to shoot) "nothing official". Our guidelines will be similar to others in that slowing down a bit, and smaller posses. Masks if need be and only two per loading table (8' tables) spreading out a bit is easy and brass pickers like we use keep you from bending over anyway. Common sense is the key here, i can't tell you how many times in the last 7 weeks I've had to back away in circles from folks who just try to come up in my space to talk lol, mostly my senior friends, no fear I guess. Bottom line is we need to lookout for one another till this thing has passed. Hand sanitizer and clorox wipes are a great idea to help out and like others have said the summer heat which has been no where to be found yet here in PA will help greatly on it's own. Our gov has us shutdown till early june at this point
  2. I had to cancel due to the club/bar on property having shut down for two weeks, thus all shooting activities must stop also. Only 2 cases in our county but wanting to be safe for my friends over 60. We will get through this and be back to shooting soon. Stay out of the big cities.
  3. Due to The Elstonville Sportsmans Club bar/rest having to close for two weeks here in PA over the corona virus, our Cowboy Action Shoot is cancelled also. Hopefully the restrictions will be lifted for our April shoot and we can get back to shooting. In the meantime keep reloading.
  4. Sort of feel sorry for you all but where are your gun rallies and marches for gun rights. If people just lay down then you get what comes. Im sure there has to be a cowboy action shooting attn that could bring suit over this or other shooting sports. Bottom line is dont let it get to this, when will republicans learn to fight viciously for what is our right! If enough people could get sick and tired of something then have some guts and do something. Ive been to Cali, sorry id never live there, went from south to north spoke to to many people working 3 jobs just to survive, that's rediculous. Organize, get your churches involved, get farmers involved. Hey! Create sanctuary gun ranges! The libs did it in your state do it back to them. Just get after it!
  5. I spoke with two gunsmiths this week and both highly praised Ballistol.
  6. just wondering what the longest distance anyone has had to shoot at a pistol target at a match
  7. Sass alias: Circuit Rider Jeff Sass # 104296 Where are you from: PA How long have you been shooting: 4 yrs Elstonville Hombres
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