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  1. Wanted to give a review of the commander shot clock timer we finally recieved for the club. It interfaces seamlessly with our kindles with bluetooth for scorekeeping, you turn both the timer and pad on, go to practiscore and on you pad activate the timer. The timer is small with a rubber sleeve, plenty loud enough and picked up all shots on the range even 22's. We ran with the sensitivity set at 7 and may dial back a bit to 5 or 6. We only ran one posse last time so we don't have and data on picking up shots from the next bay. Scoring was a breeze, all that was needed was to click on the little clock on the tablet and the time automatically logged in after each shooter had finished. Adding misses and bonuses was all that was needed to finish scoring a shooter. All in all it was a good experience with no glitches, our scorekeepers found it easy and all we did was to verify the pad and timer read the same. I would recommend this for your club at this point, our doing times on pads has cut out hours of logging handwritten scores into a computer allowing us to email results practically as soon as we get into a wifi area at the club or at home. Any questions feel free to send them my way.
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