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  1. Left handed shooter, over the top as per Longhunter's videos, works great for me.
  2. This Sunday's match in the Valley at Elstonville starts at 9:30am so come out early to beat the heat. It's also the last chance to tune up before The Mason-Dixon Stampede if you're headed that way next week. Elstonville Sportsman's Club, Manheim Pa Remember the lead will start flying at 9:30AM
  3. Well remember we dont win any Cadillacs in this game it's just for our fun. It is very interesting to visit matches and watch via you tube other matches from all over. One thing we will prob not do is shoot our rifles at pistol targets, there's supposed to be a yardage distance difference even out on the great cowboy range. Our fast shooters will be fast no matter what so keeping it fun and interesting for the other 80% is more important to growing our sport, at least that's what most of the cowboys around here think , so we will honor that at our monthly's
  4. A reminder to all who plan to come out to Elstonville to shoot in the Valley, June, July, August start times are 9:30am. June 23 is our next shoot so come early, bye the way if you do plan to attend you'll shot at The Hombre Corral, The Red Garter Saloon, Camp Curtin, The Silver Spur Mine (moving mine cart) and the bluffs. You got it, fun and fast and we'd be honored to have ya!
  5. Deuce Steven's, not only a top shooter but a cowboy who is got an eye on his target and that hot dog your eating at the same time! Lol
  6. I got a question the other day from a new shooter and it was a good one. "Do you look your first pistol back into your holster or keep your eyes on the next target? What say you cowboy nation? Gamers welcome!
  7. Sass alias: Circuit Rider Jeff Sass # 104296 Where are you from: PA How long have you been shooting: 4 yrs Elstonville Hombres
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