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  1. PM sent - may be serious about outright sale as well as possible trade discussed.
  2. I have a SBE. Not the SBE 2, but original SBE. Price is good. Send me a PM. I have someone whom will be at Wartrace and shoots there - he can drop it off to you.
  3. It is actually a Cody Matic 73 in 45LC. Wanted to keep it to be honest. I shoot Wild Bunch and in the big matches I will need 45LC. I do, however have two Marlin 94s and a Rossi all in 45LC. So, guess I could use one of them. But I really like how smooth the Cody Matic is.....so I am stuck with that dilemma. I can offer a Marlin, etc.....
  4. Looking to "generalize" my shooting. I have a 45LC rifle and 357/38 handguns. Looking for a Uberti 73in 357/38. Prefer it ready to run, short stroked and slicked up. I have a few coins but not a lot of gold to spend if you get my drift. I have a couple trade items (non CAS mostly) or even straight purchase is fine. Anyone interested in helping me fill this void, send me a PM with offers, description. I am in the West TN area - Memphis, but shipping to FFL is fine from another FFL.
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