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  1. Hey, and isn't that Shamrock Sadie and Knot Hardly Dunn?
  2. Make sure to get some of the green tip Zombie Max bullets too.
  3. If they're crimped enough, of course. And other things... sooo many other things...
  4. Ya seat em, ya run em through your FCD then ya hold em up to yer ear and listen to em... they'll tell ya.
  5. Should be able to use a trigger/bolt spring from several different single action, Colt pattern guns to try. My guess is the hammer cam is not as it should be. Lots of information available to learn about how the parts all interact. YouTube videos. View many and don't take any as gospel, just as reference info. Some people that post actually know what they're doing, but you never know who that is. When you start to pull the hammer back, the bolt (part that comes up through the frame and locks the cylinder) should drop down and allow the cylinder to rotate. Stopping at half-cock, the bolt should stay down and allow you to have a free-spinning cylinder. Pulling the hammer the rest of the way back, the "tail" of the bolt will drop off the cam (short, cylindrical knob) on the hammer and allow the bolt to snap back up as the cylinder reaches the next chamber and lock the cylinder in place. Sounds like the bolt is coming off the cam too early and locking the cylinder prematurely. I'm not saying anything new, others have already explained this. Your problem is most likely the tail on the cyl bolt or the hammer cam. And scrub that sucker clean!
  6. I think we're all thinkin the same thing here. Do some research and get to where you understand the terms of your parts and how they interact. The Jerry Kuhnhausen books are great as well.
  7. Illinois... tooey! Another scam to line politician's pockets. Crap! Grew up there... ain't goin back! What a shame
  8. Welcome to the fray. Happy shooting and best of luck as a merchant. Mt Home 93-96, loved it!
  9. Give them bad boys a bath! The cylinder locking may be an issue with the tail of the cyl bolt and the mating point on the hammer. The hand spring looks to be intact and kinda stout as well.
  10. Absolute must follow this advice! Ask me how I know. Duh
  11. Maybe something's jammed up inside em. Maybe they was put back together wrong. IDK, have to see em.
  12. Who cares? If yer gonna do it, be quick about it and get on with yer shootin. And if you go through all your "guns" on the firing line, shadow shootin it up... you look like a goober. Jussayin
  13. You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out...
  14. Give Ron a call at Power Custom, he will explain it all to ya and get you the right parts. Great folks!
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