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  1. If I recall my food history, it was the first "modern" self-serve market. Instead of people presenting a bill of goods to a clerk who then pulled the items, they got a cart (buggy) and picked the items off the shelf themselves and took them to the clerk to be rung up and paid for. Somewhere aroud 1915 to 1920 that was.
  2. Liberated Arnhem Flower Girl Still Attends To His Grave 75 Years On From a FB friend in the UK:
  3. Sign says "Western Desert" so.... Hot.. and stale.
  4. Mighty fancy steppin'! But give the kids a few more years.
  5. Another "just because you can" example.
  6. For those little 4 foot by 6 foot utility trailers.
  7. All I know about the photos is what I posted. Maybe later I will do some digging, maybe Google the name of the ship and see if the official Navy site has anything.
  8. Pew Pew Tactical · 18 hrs · "We took the M1A that you know and love, and then gave it the weight and ergonomics of a solid oak bookshelf"
  9. From a commerical site so the ones I post have big yellow banners on them, but still interesting. USS Newark ca 1891-1901 Petty Officers Mess - Note the upscale white china plates, bowls, cruet holding the vinegar and oil. Note the wooden kegs hanging from the ceiling! Sailor on front right sitting on armament locker. USS Newark ca 1891-1901 Crews Galley where food was prepared for the Crew. Note the black and philippino officers stewards and mess cooks in front and in the rear you can see enlisted crew members being served thru a serving window USS Newark ca 1891-1901 Crews Berth Area also served as the Mess - Note wooden spitoon on floor next to sailor sewing. He is also sitting on his "ditty box" which contained a sailors personal items aboard ship. The sewing machine is sitting on one of two small arm armament lockers.
  10. I think we have a tie! Although LL might take it on Artistic Merit, even though the judge from East Germany gave him a 4.7.
  11. Watch it on Youtube - you will see that this is from 2011. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/april/24/pilot-killed-in-crash-of-vintage-flying-wing-airplane https://www.google.com/search?q=restored+flying+wing+crash&oq=restored+flying+wing+crash&aqs=chrome..69i57j33l5.10902j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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