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  1. Never attribute to drugs what can be explained by natural stupidity.
  2. Marches to a different kettle of fish.
  3. Or an Ordnance Rifle the dam Yankees donated to us.
  4. If you're on the right side it will fly towards the bluebellies.
  5. Sights are wrong for a Parrott. The stadia goes into the socket there at about 2 o'clock. On the right rimbase you can see where the front sight screws in. You could maybe make a case for it being a Treadegar Iron Napoleon, except that the front sight is too high, and it has the seat for a pendulum hausse.
  6. Classic! Supposedly only 2 months after he was shot.
  7. I have no idea of the venue this is from. Looks to be a Griffin Gun (3" Ordnance Rifle) with, I'm going to guess, a one pound charge of either Fg or Cannon Grade (and I'd place money on the Cannon Grade) powder. Great photo.
  8. We are already seeing that in their attacks on the second. They're going after due process, they're going after equal protection, all under the banner of gun safety. They are even going after the first amendment for the same reason.
  9. Since the 2018 midterm elections the left has mounted an all out attack on our civil rights across our republic. As we have seen for decades in CA, NY, NJ, and other places facts don't matter. Logic and reason don't matter. Their objective is the complete elimination of all firearms in private hands, except for an elite and privileged few.
  10. Nah....people were "kite fighting" well before this.
  11. Mark 1 Target Kite http://kitehistory.com/Miscellaneous/Paul_Garber.htm Even radio antenna
  12. I love all the little bits of history that would be forgotten that the....shall we say...more seasoned pards contribute.
  13. ADDED: This, obviously, is a Facebook find. About three quarters of all the cool stuff I post here is stuff I come across in Facebook. Yes, there are things I don't like about FB, but the benefits far outweigh the bits I don't like.
  14. Haven't found it on YouTube yet. Live buck standing in bed of truck
  15. This is one of the few where I have seen the male lead en pointe for any length of time.
  16. It is, but from a later date. Again, drawing on long memory, I don't think the Tejano style took off until the early 1900s, maybe 1910s, when a lot of the Germans and Poles left Mexico during the revolution.
  17. I think he does a fairly good job - better than a lot of Top 40 Country/Western singers. Good voice, good stage presence - if maybe a bit over acted. The selection is a bit odd. "Buttons and Bows?"
  18. https://www.umarexusa.com/colt-single-action-army-45-177-pellet-cartridges-6-pack https://www.airgundepot.com/colt-peacemaker.html
  19. https://www.theloop.ca/patrick-stewart-singing-cowboy-songs-will-delight-and-confuse-you/?fbclid=IwAR1uIPTMyeJ9VyfsQXOIDEUtr4Dos6lv3r7JE2IVRBNueBL9KEVqmKkRf-Y https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/ps6
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