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  1. As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating." In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying burning twigs to set new blazes. John Pickrell reports.
  2. Greenville, Texas in the 1880s. Main Street Helena Montana 1870 "The Bob Saloon" in Miles City, Montana, 1880.
  3. One Sunday a cowboy went to church. When he entered, he saw that he and the preacher were the only ones present. The preacher asked the cowboy if he wanted him to go ahead and preach. The cowboy said, “I’m not too smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I’d feed him.” So the minister began his sermon. One hour passed, then two hours, then two-and-a-half hours. The preacher finally finished and came down to ask the cowboy how he liked the sermon. The cowboy answered slowly, “Well, I’m not very smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I sure wouldn’t feed him all the hay.” (I do believe that if only one of his kine showed up he'd go try to find out why the others weren't there)
  4. I thought that the problem with The Onion was that while it is obviously a satire site, it is often more accurate that the NY Times, CNN, et alia.
  5. Exactly my thoughts, thank you.
  6. Started in '39, ended in '45.
  7. I find any commercial in which I have to spend time to figure out what it is plugging or what is being said rather stupid. The only reason I went looking for this is because my wife, who can usually understand the quietest mumble, said "I have no idea what they are yelling." The basic theme, "Find a rival who will challenge you if you want to improve," is good. I also wondered why the Mater Dei "Monarchs" were wearing the patch of the 1st Marine Division.
  8. That will just spread them around and make them mad.
  9. That's good news. Thank you for the update. O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Who did patiently endure the scourging and wounding of Your most holy Body, that You might save the souls and bodies of Your people, look graciously, we beseech You, upon the suffering body of Your servant and give him strength to endure patiently whatsoever You shall see fit to lay upon him. Bless the means employed for the working out of his cure, granting that he may so endure his sufferings in the flesh that the wounding of his body may be to avail for the correcting and salvation of his soul, for Yours it is to show mercy and to save, O Christ our God; and to You do we send up Glory, as to Your Eternal Father and Your All‑Holy, Good and Life‑creating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.
  10. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/12/wasp-car-video/?fbclid=IwAR2v9AArKlkRL5Ehfg64BwK2dxYfH5oC23QAbgKoYq5JEB7SZCowWDXaFHs
  11. That is good pricing. I like them partially for training. Guys who say things like "I have a rock-steady hold!" put the laser on and you see the dot wobble all over the place. Sort of like putting in the random snap-cap in the magazine for a guy who flinches and denies that he flinches. For the record, my hold looks like headlights on a washboard road.
  12. Too many years of loud and sharp noises play havoc with the hearing.
  13. The "Find a Rival" commercial. There is a chant in it and I can't for the life of me make out the words to it. Do any of you know what is being chanted? I think some of it is "All day like..." and "All night like.." but I'm not sure.
  14. Somehow I had managed to open in a new window and post at the same time before I had gotten the post written.
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