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  1. From the FB group "Greatest Planes That Never Were," a group dedicated to one off or low number of production aircraft. "Before the Transavia PL-12 Airtruk, best known for being (1) ugly as hell even by cropsprayer standards and (2) being in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, there was the Bennett PL-11 Airtruck, built out of old RNZAF Harvard parts. Two built, which was roughly five too many. Waitomo Aircraft Management: There's this company in the UK called Blackburn, builds some absolutely butt-ugly aircraft. Luigi Pellarini: Hold my beer..."
  2. Those will strip the paint off your kitchen walls.
  3. This would be great for a group camping breakfast.
  4. They are edible. Just don't have a lot of flavor.
  5. I just came across this recipe. It looks interesting and would make a great presentation piece at a potluck. GOZI RICE STUFFED PUMPKIN Recipe courtesy of Safa Sartawi http://www.instagram.com/sofiesworld__ This recipe was adapted from the Armenian dish Ghapama, & stuffed with our Middle Eastern Gozi rice. Ingredients 1 pumpkin about 5kg, cut the top and clean inside well 2.2 pound beef or lamb (1 kg) boneless, and cut into medium cubes 2 tablespoon seven spice cardamom pod for boiling the meat cinnamon stick for boiling the meat bay leaf for boiling the meat onion quartered, for boiling the meat 3 cup basmati rice 1 teaspoon garlic and ginger paste 14 oz frozen peas (400g) almonds, pinenuts toasted, for serving Instructions Brush the inside and outside of the pumpkin with oil and bake it in a hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the pumpkin size. Chef tip: you can also season the inside of the pumpkin with cardamom powder, all spice, cinnamon and honey before baking. In a pressure cooker or a regular pot, add some oil and brown the meat from all sides then add the onion and whole spices and a tbsp. of the seven spice mixture Add water and remove the oil layer then cook according to your pressure cooker instructions or until the meat is half cooked in the regular pot on low heat In another pot with some oil add the garlic & ginger mixture then a tbsp. seven spices and salt to taste. Add the rice and peas then the meat broth (I used 5 1/4 cups of broth for 3 cups rice, but it depends on your rice type) Bring it to a boil then cover and lower the heat and let it cook half way. Put the rice in the pumpkin then add the meat. Cover with the pumpkin lid and wrap it in foil twice. Bake it in a 200C (400F) Oven for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, until the pumpkin is tender and cooked through. Sprinkle the toasted nuts and serve with green salad and yogurt.
  6. https://www.livescience.com/dinosaur-shrimp-emerge-arizona
  7. I hope he lives a long life. With herniated discs. With arthritic hips. With gout, bone spurs, and bunions.
  8. The Southerner’s Guide to Bacon Grease
  9. Didn't Stevens make both of those? Or maybe Harrington and Richardson.
  10. 1.) Easiest to load single rounds. These usually don't feed well from a magazine. 2.) Pros: Very quiet. Good for pest control. Cons: Usually won't feed from magazines. Very short range. 3.) Hard to find and expensive.
  11. You bet! Both dry mustard and made mustard.
  12. Delayed. I think more because if the lightning than the rain. Kind of appropriate, though. A Bolts game delayed because of lightning and rain.
  13. Well, now that you mention it .... Yeah. Did you do it again? Sometimes I use a little Coleman's Dry Mustard in chili.
  14. Not complaining, other than it not being up here. But RAIN??? In early October??? In Southern California?????????? Weird beyond belief.
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