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  1. Hells Comin Thanks I'll see you there, good meeting you and the others.
  2. I'm looking for rifle and double shotgun dust covers.
  3. Krude    email me at wintertexan@netscape.com, or call me at 402-802-0140, so we can exchange address.  

  4. Can I get more information and pictures of the Single 7?
  5. Oklahoma Krude

    Am working on getting a handle on shipping when Riverdog gave me a I’ll take it. If that falls through I’ll get back with you. Last Gun

    1. Last Gun

      Last Gun

      Just checked to Oregon over $60... so it’s pricey. Riverdog passed. So If by chance you want them come back at me.

  6. I'm looking for a stainless single six .22 with birdshead grips. I would also be interested in a ruger birdshead backstrap Stainless, Brass or Steel in that order. Please let me know if you have something that will work.
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