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  1. Turkey Thanks for giving me his address. LOL Turkey Thanks Giving
  2. I posted on July I'd take two of the Ruger gray boxes but have not heard about how to send you the money. DFo you still havfe 2 gray boxes?
  3. I tried and got a message can't be connected as dialed. It was my fault and I didn't confirm I dialed correctly. Please accept apologizes for chiming in. Being in the telephony business for 42 years, I saw the number was 603 but my fingers dialed 602.
  4. I'm looking for a Browning or Winchester BPCR 1885 in 40-65 or if I can't find a 40-65 I will consider a 45-70 . What is taking up space in the safe you no longer use. I may be interested in trading a engraved Pope Ballard .22. I'm not sure what it is worth so I need to figure it out before a trade is considered.
  5. I'll take the Two midway like new 40" 45.00 shipped
  6. Now Springfield Slim that's the cowboy way, great offer. So good of an offer, I was wanting to buy San Joaquins belt, I would like to buy a belt from you. I'll contact you early this week.
  7. Check out Sturdy Safe Company, they aren't pretty like some safes but they are better than most safes and they are made in Fresno, Cali.
  8. I'll take 2 of the Vaquero gray boxes PM me with details
  9. What are you looking for by way of trades? I'd like to get it but $115.00 + 40 FFL = same price as new here in Az. BUT I might have something to barter if I knew what you "need".
  10. Snakebite I'm looking trough post to buy a Browning BPCR and saw an old post where you were considering selling one you have.  Do you still have it and would you consider selling it?  Thanks Jerry alia Oklahoma Krude.

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