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  1. My contribution to Cowgirls: My Mother, 1944 Calgary Stampede, just before the parade.
  2. Some dogs are more helpful than others. tumblr_qtg12zmMi41z5l2rv.mp4
  3. Very popular up here. It makes some of us watch the CBC! Not sure we get our moneys worth of the 1.5 BILLION dollars per year our government pours into it though.
  4. Better check to make sure you haven't broken the Beeswax seal, connecting the toilet to the soil pipe. You could have a leak. SWMBO has done that, due to the TIAs she has suffered and affected her legs and balance. We have handicap bars at the toilets and an upright pole with a moveable swing arm to aid her getting up an well as grab bars in the shower and tub. Saver her from a couple of falls, but not all.
  5. An old picture of Pat, before he met the now Mrs Pat Riot.
  6. At the risk of great personal injury and/or being socially ostracized:
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