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  1. Just remember Pat; it's the horror shows we remember best! So when you're back in the saddle and stuff happens..........
  2. We found an early picture of Pat when he first started riding:
  3. I have to buy good quality flags here, since I always seem to have a pretty good breeze. Cheap flags I used to buy at Canadian Tire and fly at our old place would last a long time. Here, they can get blown out in a month or less. We can't complain too much about the breeze/wind though, since we live directly adjacent the South Nation Wetlands area and the prevailing wind keeps the mosquitos in the bush and not in our back yard or around he deck.
  4. Mine is white fibre glass/vinyl with inside cords and a locking access door to the cords. Keeps the Finders/Keepers and those with light fingers disappointed.
  5. Gotta remember Pat; At our ages, it takes a lot longer to heal! Take it from me. Take up something safe, like say:
  6. Computer/Printer interface issues? We can fix that!
  7. The real reason Pat moved to California and may never leave:
  8. Could this be Pat, leaving the house after kissing the Mrs. Goodbye?
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