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  1. Let us all hope this is not Pat's case. We don't want him mooching couch surfing on all his CAS Pards!!!
  2. Knowing how honest, forthright and open the CCP is at all times, I wonder just how well THEY are keeping to the treaty?
  3. Late seeing this, but be assured Prayers are on the way, heading south, from this side of the Medicine Line. Glad to hear you are doing well! God Bless+
  4. Now Pat, here's a phrase you'll have to learn to start using:
  5. When I was a child, one of our neighbours was an old British career soldier, who had served in the Boer War, the Indian Frontier, Afghanistan etc. He told of Lee Enfield rifles, "recaptured" from tribesmen, that when placed back in the racks to be re-issued, were later found to bear the same serial numbers, rack numbers and other markings as rifles previously "recaptured" These were locally made firearms, made by "uneducated, illiterate" gunsmiths, working with hand-tools and no idea of what the purpose was of the serial numbers, proof marks or rack numbers on the original rifle, so
  6. With China flexing it's muscle, the way it has been, the brain trust might want to think about increasing the active fleet size and ramping up the regeneration program. Just sayin'
  7. Sounds almost like one of the "Sensitivity Training for Managers" we had to attend just before I retired.
  8. Simple solution: Since it was the ship's engines failing that caused the ship to lose control and ground itself, why don't they just demand a reeeally big outboard, be attached before the ship enters the canal. Don't bother to thank me and remember I'm here all week!!
  9. Both banks I use here in Canada: (Bank of Montreal or BMO and Scotia Bank) have not used deposit slips for many years. We have a card we swipe and enter a PIN number to handle our transactions with a teller and a modified method using the teller machines. We too get a transaction slip back.
  10. Hey Pat: I've been retired for quite a while now and I have to tell you, you'll need to get yourself on some sort of a schedule, to keep sharp. In a spirit of helpfulness, here's mine. Yours may differ:
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