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  1. I met her and her husband. She felt terrible about what happened, but I understand her concern for her daughter. I don't hold any more hostility towards her, knowing the circumstances for her actions. I'll bounce back and get to the matches ASAP. At least I'm saving ammo at the moment!!
  2. Knees are still a bit dodgy, but improving and I'm a lot less bitter about what happened, even though I have to pass up a match at Cornwall. The manager of the store called, to tell me the woman who knocked me down had returned to the store. She had left her credit card in the machine and most of her groceries unpaid, at the self cash out station. It seems she received a call that her six year old daughter had been struck by a car and taken to CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and she was a bit frantic about the state of the injuries. She and her husband visited here a while ago and she apologized. The child is still in hospital but is no longer critical. In the circumstances, I understand her fleeing and forgave her. It took courage and strength of character for her to make the gesture, but I understand her reaction.
  3. PFFFT! You guys are lucky. My issue is with the Canada Revenue Agency, (Our Income Tax People) In the last four years, they have screwed up my payments, called me delinquent and imposed interest charges The first time, I heard nothing from them after I sent them a copy of the front and back of the cheque they cashed for the payment they claimed they didn't get. After a wait on two months and more notices I was delinquent, I sent another package to them, this time Registered mail and CC'd my Member of Parliament, the Ombudsman and the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. I think that may have triggered the tax people and put me on the revenge list because this year, I paid the amount owing at my bank and guess what!! Canada Revenue Agency is claiming I'm delinquent again! I'm starting the ass kicking process again.
  4. It does take some self discipline to wean yourself away from those things.
  5. If Arthur, moves up from my knees and stops and stays in my hands, I'll have to look into that one!
  6. Started with the LEE but I switched to the RCBS units. More comfortable to use. I leave one set up for large primers and one for small primers RCBS replaced the innards of the oldest one after they became worn.
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