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  1. MAYBE you can teach your boy how to make Vodka!
  2. Rumoured to be an early picture of Pat's Grand-dad, before he got the family into motorcycles.
  3. I would treat that as one serving!! (But then, I am a greedy cuss!)
  4. Jabez, try not to lose your supper or throw things at the PC monitor.
  5. So! Here we are again on page 3 Time more Canadian MEMEs! And there are so many to choose from!
  6. Never mind Pat. When folks are teasing ya, just remember:
  7. 1934603 Days?? You mean Pat has over 5300 years to go??????? Poor Pat. I don't think he'll ever see retirement. On the other hand, if he makes it through to that retirement, .................. he'll be very old. And wrinkled.
  8. Remember, the majority of those Pards posting here are speaking American English.
  9. Rogers TCM is a great benefactor of my pension $$ and a good source of many of the movies SWMBO and I enjoy.
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