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  1. Big Red and I had been triple vaxed when we were exposed to it and tested + For us, it was like a mild cold for about a day, but we were otherwise healthy. Those with other issues don't fare as well. The LTC Home, where my wife was had a number of deaths in the space of a couple of days.
  2. BUY a gun when you're illegal??????????? WHY? Just make your own. Style, fit, finish dependent on your skill and handiness. Afghani tribesmen have been making anything customers could want for decades, much of them indistinguishable from the originals, using hand tools.
  3. Now that I think about it, My feelings are hurt.
  4. Not that kinda cougar. One attacked and mauled a 7 year old child out his way.
  5. They look ........................delicious.
  6. I'll bet there were more than a few tangled chutes, if that was their jump protocol. I recall reading they also jumped with no chutes, at a VERY low level into the snow in the Finnish war. I passed on the training, when I was offered the chance.
  7. I heard he uses tiny little whips. SPCB* is keeping an eye on him after the neighbours complained about their crying and screaming.. *Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Butterflies
  8. AHH ! DOC, DOC, DOC, Where are you and Marty with that DeLorean??
  9. They haven't made it to here yet, unlike Walmart and Costco.
  10. My uncle was 16, in 1916, in the trenches and behind one of those. My cousin Bruce and I heard some hair-raising stories about he and that gun.
  11. Too bad he's so far away. Otherwise, a little midnight requisitioning might by in order. You know: Just to relieve him of the trouble of fixing it up of having to bend too low for those lower drawers!! Just thinking about you health Buckshot!!
  12. Looks like they might have been or were created as presentation pieces, from the hole provided for a plaque.
  13. You are getting GREAT advice here. I'll re-emphasize for anyone new to the game: DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU TRY! And be aware of what classification(s) you want to shoot in. Read the Shooters Handbook and covenants for costuming and firearms for them. You may think some firearm you've seen or heard about will just be the cat's whiskers, but take it from me, you you won't know until you've shot them. So take advantage of the offers to let you try various types and models. Costuming can come along as you develop your persona. Welcome to the fun!
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