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  1. Someone should buy her and some of her friends tickets to China, to bring her message there. I'll stay here, but please let it be televised!
  2. A couple of Big Red's (my son) friends were bemoaning their financial state, so I questioned them about their spending habits, then told them to cut up their credit cards. One did and is no longer sleepless, while the other is still moaning about his debt.
  3. Pompitous: Have a meander through the WIRE.
  4. I have a Whole House, Natural Gas unit, but my home is 2 story, so I have to run the taps for a while to get hot water, from the basement to the bathrooms on the second floor. Just something to consider depending on where the On Demand unit will be in relation to the point of use.
  5. My Father's side of the family and my Mother's side lost members there, although most survived. Members and survivors of both sides of my family were there for the Vimy Pilgrimage and dedication of the memorial in 1936 by King Edward. At the time, they did not know one another.
  6. You may have to remove the ejector mechanism to be CAS legal. I had to do that when my "Wyatt Earp" Open Hammer started mis firing.
  7. We do things a little differently here. Officers must graduate from the Ontario Police College and all incidents that ended in an injury are investigated by an independent body, the SIU, comprised of trained senior officers. This is in addition to any In-House investigations.
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