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  1. I was a December 25 baby as well. Didn't do well on the subject of birthday presents from relations. It used to really PO my Mother and Father, because they went out of their way to find things and get them mailed to the family members. Mother and Dad made up for it with me however. Still miss them.
  2. I can recall chimney sweeps visiting our home when I was a young child. That: the big coal furnace in the basement, the coal bin as well as the kindling and a couple of types of coal my parents would order. I think coke for the fall and spring and anthracite for winter. Galvanized ash cans for the ashes, put out on garbage day, although some was used on the walk and driveway.
  3. Normally only 6 to 10, whatever fit in the card hold in my suit coat pocket. If I was at a product show, extras in my coat pockets.
  4. Congratulations! Well Done! I'm presuming you're still relatively sane? They weren't too sure about me, after 40+ years as a Purchasing Agent!
  5. My wife, Sherron with our little cuddler, Fleur. It took me a while to find the albums with the pictures.
  6. That got me thinking about my Grandfather: born in 1882. He remembered when he heard about the Wright brothers at Kittyhawk, Bell and McCurdy's Silver Dart, flown off the ice at Baddeck N.S. and then was alive to watch the moon landings.
  7. Same thing happened here in Canada. In fact we knew a few of the families as friends and neighbours. One fellow, Ex-Wehrmacht, became one of my Father's best friends.
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