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  1. Get well soon and come back so we can torment you a little more! Mean time, I'll say a prayer for your safe return.
  2. It was only a two seater and no yacht. Just a 14 ft Princecraft Yukon.
  3. Charley Harley: You were lucky you had some good people who hung around as witnesses. I got T-Boned in my then new Cougar be a red light runner, who then claimed I had jumped the light. The #$#$@% behind me, who witnessed the whole thing tried to say he saw nothing and drove away. Fortunately, a driver coming the opposite direction hung around and filed her report. that we had the light and reminded the traffic LEO that the red light runner had to go through a red, because we had a delayed green! (Then the fun started with MY insurance company!)
  4. OOOOOOOOOH! Tell us more, he said with prurient interest!
  5. Some one REEEAAALLLYYY wanted that knock-down to fall!
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