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  1. No CCW here in Canada, unless you're a CRIP, drug dealer or other gang type member, but friends down your way found their wives had issues with semi's because of their lack of practice. The wives were limp-wristing and had a lot of FTJs using semi's. Their ladies did better with 3' and 4' revolvers in .38spl, but again, they don't practice very much or at all.
  2. We watched it. Our flag flew at half mast all week, until sundown today. He was Colonel in Chief of my regiment, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, and I was privileged to have shaken his hand on two occasions. I am concerned about the continued health of Her Majesty.
  3. DEW Line, Mid-Canada Line, Pinetree Line. Those names bring back some memories. Pre ICBM, they were the mainstays of North America's defence. RCAF Cold Lake was an interceptor base, flying the AVRO CF-100 "Canuck" an excellent platform to intercept the expected waves of Soviet bombers. Wing tip rocket pods and a quick change Browning 8 gun and ammo system.
  4. A little late to the party, but worth remembering.
  5. As the head of Purchasing and Material Management for my city, I was sitting at a council meeting, waiting to make a presentation and answer questions about a multi $$$$$ dollar, years long commitment we were getting into. At the same meeting, a number of home-owners were there, to protest the fact that the homes they had bought or had built, were very close to our sewage treatment plant and the prevailing wind sometimes brought sewage odors and the smell of Chlorine (used to sterilize effluent). The plant had been there for about 18+ years before the homes were built. One person t
  6. He was Colonel in Chief of my Regiment, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
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