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  1. So I've done rifle and pistol reloads for years now, but have never done shotgun since I rarely shot it, and as such know nothing about it. Now that we've started with CAS reloading is starting to look more and more an inevitability, especially for my wife who does not like factory loads. First question, how much of a PITA is it to reload these vs pistols/rifles? I'm thinking of going the brass hull route since they look purdy and (I assume) will last forever under cowboy loads. Second question, what are the basics to get started as far as presses are concerned? shoul
  2. For firearms I was in the same boat. Would have liked Ruger Vaqueros but they are going for buku bucks right now. Ended up with two Uberti SASS Pro's in 45LC (my desired round) for a little over 1200 new. I have put about 300 rounds through them to break them in and they work great. Got lucky and grabbed a Stoeger SXS at Bass pro (it had been on the shelf a whopping 12 hrs) and the wife purchased our rifle from Taylor's. I would definietly recommend scoping out the Taylor's and Cimarron (both Uberti importers) websites for handguns at least, rifles also come available
  3. So what are the advantages to wet tumbling vs dry tumbling with walnut or other media? I can see the obvious reusability of the media in wet tumblers but was wondering if there was some other magical result that I'm not aware of? 200+ for a tumbler is a lot of cheddar.
  4. Interesting... Same ammo limitations for the 1911 such as all lead or would frangible be ok? Also, does it have to be a full sized 1911 or could I should my 4" kimber? If factory loaded frangible ammo (99.9% certain ball ammo is no bueno) is allowed I'd consider asking my club about it. I just have no desire to waste primers and powder on .45 right now with prices where they are.
  5. So I'm approaching this as a brand new shooter myself (first real match is this weekend). I have known about CAS for some time and always had a mild interest in it but my younger self was more interested in other hobbies at the time. There was always something "sexier" to do with my time. Money wasn't an issue then, and to others points, it costs similar amounts to get into 3 gun, more if you're really serious about it. CAS is fun and can be fast, but doesn't present that high adrenaline feeling that 3 gun or IDPA does. Plus a lot of people don't care to reload. It's a time consum
  6. I have an HD bar on my right leg in front of an eagle. Got it at 18. Don't regret it, but wouldn't get it now. Color has held up really good for being 20 years old. Still consider getting others though.
  7. I don't even remember what I got on the written. I know I passed though!
  8. 3 screw blackhawk, so less concerned with pressures and such than I would be with 'inferior' guns. But still sound advice regardless!
  9. Appreciate all the input! I should have a solid starting point for these rounds.
  10. So I have 3 reloading manuals and cannot find a load for a 195gn SWC for the 41 with 231 powder. Does anyone know where I can find that data? It needs to be 231 since that'd really all I've got in any significant quantity. Thanks all!
  11. So I picked up my shiny new Taylors 1873 yesterday and immediately went shooting. Shoots great, cycles great. Went home and loaded up some 38 snap caps. Turns out that the caps I got, A-ZOOMs, are shorter than actual 38s by at least 1/4 inch and would try to double feed into the loading gate, not allowing the gate to come up or the cap to chamber. Anyone else have this problem? I ended up having to take the frame plate off to manually remove the caps.
  12. S&W 1911 - was tuned by their gunsmith and used as a demo gun. Most accurate 1911 I've ever used. Has original case and extras. $900 Browning Hi-Power in 40 cal. Come with original case and 4 mags plus a little cleaning kit and a few snap caps. $900 Shipping is additional $60 from my FFL to yours. First come first served.
  13. There are a few Ubertis online in nickel. I'm not locked in to nickel, although I prefer it over SS. SS looks unfinished to me personally.
  14. Hi All, Wife and I are just starting to get all of our gear together to start CAS and we were looking at several types of revolvers as far as finish is concerned. I'm familiar with blued and stainless weapons, however, know nearly nothing about the durability of Nickel Plating. Is nickel plating viable as far as wear is concerned for this game/sport? My goal is to be competitive while my wife just wants to play the game for the time being, don't know if that would have an effect on the wear of the firearms as we will both be shooting the same guns for the foreseeable f
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