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  1. Interesting thread here. I agree with a lot of what most everyone has said. There's no one size fits all solution, unfortunately. Clubs need to promote themselves somehow. SASS/CAS needs to promote itself as well. Barriers to entry are real, as we all know. Spending several hundred dollars on a fancy baby stroller was the biggest barrier to entry for my wife and I. Luckily there was a pard who was generous enough to just give us his old cart that I believe he built from a kit (never met him, but I owe him a few beers!), otherwise I would have just carried around a gun case and used that. To that point, we knew we wanted to participate in this sport and would have figured a way to make it work. That's harder and harder to find today. This sport/game/hobby is interesting to a lot of people, but not interesting enough to get a lot of people to jump in with both feet. It's neat to watch, but getting that commitment from people to spend their hard earned Saturday(s)/Sunday(s) dressed up and sweating and dragging stuff all over the place is hard to do. There's no other incentive other than "it's fun" or "I want to be the fastest *whatever* shooter". For us already here one of those two incentives are more than enough. Others, not so much. We (CAS Shooters) are competing with all kinds of instant gratification distractions that, unless you're unnaturally good, just doesn't happen with CAS. It takes time and effort to learn and sadly a lot of people don't want to invest. The current political climate along with people still struggling with the last 56 weeks of two weeks to flatten the curve definitely don't help. Not even sure if what I just wrote makes sense or is word vomit, but those are my thoughts on this subject. JR
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