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  1. 100% of people that ingest or are exposed to this die!!!
  2. I have to do a deep clean on my 1873 which was built last year so I'll be tearing mine apart. If you can tell me exactly what you'd like to measure I can get that knocked out tonight. *This is a Taylors Comanchero that's been slicked up by Taylors, if that matters.
  3. The one time I got called for Jury Duty I was deployed to Iraq. That was 2008. Haven't heard back since!
  4. The watch is "typically" worn on the non-dominant hand, primarily due to the dominant hand writing and doing other such activities. I had googled this a while back out of curiosity. I'm a lefty and always wear my watch, a wind up Breitling (gift from the wife), on my right wrist. Wearing it on the left is like writing with the opposite hand, just not natural.
  5. I thought I was wrong once, turns out I was only mistaken.
  6. But what if I identify as a unicycle riding horse (with shirt and shoes!)?
  7. Carey Elwes, Dave Chappelle: Robin Hood: Men in Tights I can't believe this is considered an old movie now! On that note, used to work with a kid who had never heard of the Matrix. I said 'it's not that old!' but it came out before he was born.
  8. Glad to hear you're all ok. What carseat do you have? I may need to recommend that to the wife when we have a kid in a year or so... My wife got rear ended by a drunk driver in West Palm Beach. She was stopped at a light and he hit her doing about 50 mph. If she was in a car she'd be dead. The impact literally broke her seat. I used to give her a bunch of crap for driving a Range Rover in Florida where there are no hills and no snow, but it saved her life so I stopped making fun of her vehicle choice. That was 4 years ago, shes now needing to get neck surgery from the herniated dis
  9. Had the same exact thing happen to me over a 5 dollar shipping label. Told both Co's to pound sand. Never will do business with them ever again.
  10. Good to know, thanks for the info! I live in Florida and you can opt to have Veteran placed onto your drivers license. Wonder if any other states do this as well?
  11. No worries my friend! 640FPS may be a bit low for that powder. You'll likely get significant blow-back due to the case not expanding in the chamber. It also depends on the length of the barrel you shoot. The testing equipment used is quite different than regular handguns. You likely wouldn't see 846 out of a 5.5 or 4.75 inch barrel with that load, but it won't be down to 640 either. Rule of thumb for reloading is decreasing by 10% and work your way up. Now, you can load as low as you like (I wouldn't recommend it) but there will be some dramatic changes to how the rounds perform.
  12. I use HP-38/WW231 (identical) exclusively for 38 and 45 colt, mainly because that's what I've got the most of (everything else is rifle powder). It does burn dirty, but if you are around the min recommended starting charge by Hodgdon I've noticed it shoots well and consistent. I may have some 357/38 dies for you (RCBS). I will look when I get home if you're interested. Need to make sure they're a complete set first. Send me a PM if you're interested. JR
  13. After I got out of the military I decided to not shave every day ever again. But I do wet shave with with a safety razor (with japanese blades), mug and badger brush twice a week. And to counter Snakebite I do not believe I can get a better shave with anything else except perhaps a straight razor, which I have but haven't tried yet. Used all kinds of the disposable "razors" and they all come up short IMHO.
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