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  1. 30 inch barrels Cynergy CX. Sorry, thought I put that in the description. Will update.
  2. Time to part ways with the O/U. Never use it, and I have a bunch of other shotguns that can do the same job. Has no more than 200 shells through it, probably closer to 100. Some minor handling marks from the store where I bought it, it was the display model. 3 Invector-Plus Chokes; Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder plus the choke wrench Browning Encino felt lined case in Chestnut coloring. Bass Pro has these at 1700 new and the cases go from between 180 to 240 depending on where you buy it. Looking to get $1,600 for the package. Sorry for the weird alignment of pictures, this isn't my forte.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the advice! I had a feeling that the method Tequila described was going to be how I would go about doing this.
  4. So I recently purchased some MagTech brass shotshells that I want to use for black powder reloading. I have all the components but I've never reloaded shotshells before, especially not brass ones. I also don't have a shotshell press. Can I move forward with just a lee dipper set, nitro card and overshot cards? The other thing I'm unsure of is the best way to seat the primers. I don't have a press of any sort so I may need to come up with a solution unless someone else has a setup they use that doesn't blow their face off. JR
  5. I've used the term to explain the game to some of my friends, especially (video) gamers, that it's like Red Dead Redemption LARPing, but caveat that it's not actually larping but closer to a 3 gun competition, but with 4 guns and none of them are semi-autos. For those of you who don't know, Red Dead Redemption is a western video game that takes place late 1800's, early 1900's. Very popular game.
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