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  1. A truer statement has never been uttered. Dont need a reason for a riot....
  2. cranberry sauce isn't any good unless it has the rings from the can on it!
  3. The world is full of Richards.... And most of them seem to live in forums.
  4. I use a boresnake after Black Powder shooting in Shotguns and rifles. Makes it nice and easy to pull all that beautiful blackness out thru the muzzle. For all smokeless I prefer a rod. Tried an Otis kit (nice Zombie kit with all parts required for AR, Shotgun and handguns). It worked fine, but still prefer rods. I keep the Otis kit in my range bag.
  5. Well, I guess there may be single tattoo needle holes in somebody that chickened out after the first puncture. Probably has a real nice little dot they refer to as "their first tattoo".
  6. Nobody gets a single tattoo needle hole. That needle pierces thousands of times. They dont lick tattoos on with kittens. But I think you are right, I'm thinking that is a vaccination needle hole.
  7. Vin Scully, the greatest voice in baseball… ever!
  8. If you are going to wire a light, you might as well wire it so the light is right in your face while you are loading, so there is even less of a chance of missing it. You can even make it a small board right on the front of the press with lights for each of the alarms. Running a shock wire to the handle may be going a little too far...
  9. ON my 2019 Tacoma, the main odometer does not show tenths, but the trip odometer does. If it is digital, there is some way to hack it.
  10. That is exactly correct. Our multi national corporation made the decision to add the label to absolutely everything. It is cheaper than tracking down what (if any) products actually contain materials on "the list". There are 995 substances on the list dated 19-Mar-21. These include everything from chemicals I wouldn't even try to pronounce to everyday items like Aspirin, Alcoholic Beverages, Carbon Monoxide, Cocaine (you think the dealers are adding the Prop 65 label), Exhaust from gas engines, Lead, leather dust, Malathion (anybody remember the malathion helicopters around Los Angeles), Marijuana smoke, Mustard gas (no kidding), NIckle (the metal), Nitrous Oxide, oral contraceptives, used engine oil, testosterone , tobacco, tetracycline (and so many other medicines I know I have had at one time or another), wood dust. Wanna really blow your mind, look up the full list.... but marijuana smoke is on the prop 65 list!
  11. Hey Dusty, For the not so gunsmith smart (like me), What exactly is the stirrup issue in the right lock, and what kind of tooling is needed to properly compress the spring to remedy it?
  12. One other time, I was shut in the closet at work. Well, not really. There was a project that I needed to finish but was getting interrupted to the point of distraction, so I set up a desk in an old changing room downstairs. I put a computer down there, locked the door and was able to get this project finished. I was leaving the lights off, just seeing by the light from my monitor. I was down there for a couple of weeks. I was noticing shadows around me sometimes. But there was a large mirror on one wall, and light did come in under the bottom of the door, so I chalked up the shadows to just reflections. That is until one of the shadows went between me and my computer monitor! I froze for a second, said "hello", and went on with my work. Never happened again. I've told this to a couple of people here, usually after they mention the downstairs in general or that room and something weird.
  13. Seen a couple things over the years... One time taking the nighttime "Ghost Walk" at Calico Ghost Town, as we walked up to the old school, I saw something on the roof. Just a black shape, but it was moving around, moving back and forth from the edge of the roof up to the bell. It was a very clear moonless night, so the stars were bright and clear. The shape was blocking the stars when it went high enough on the roof. There were only 5 of us in the group that were staring up. The tour guide wandered over to us and said kind of quietly "so, I guess you see our resident roof shadowman". He said the shadow isn't always there when they are doing the Walks. When it is, not everybody in the group can see it. I did. It wasn't mass hysteria or a planted idea. He didn't mention it until after we were looking at it.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Already passed it on to others.
  15. Definitely not just a sporting goods issue. I spend a part of each day helping our purchasing/sourcing department (everybody always comes to the engineers eventually) try to find substitutes for components and materials that up until the last year were never an issue. Just after covid hit in 2020 (and not to blame Covid, but just using it as a time reference) prices started going up on the items we use but they could still be had just at the rising prices. Now, it is a daily hunt for some of those items, and redesigning product to use alternate components that are not direct drop-ins. Not a good time to be in manufacturing... we are having a banner year, but just simply cant always get the materials we need to fill all the orders.
  16. That looks like a real healthy tubular stand under it!
  17. Funny everything else has to be labeled "may cause cancer", but the air we breath causes cancer as well. I guess they will have to start dropping warnings from planes... I may have to get a new bushing for my 45, just in the interest of full disclosure:
  18. I have one nephew that joined the AirForce and left a while ago for basic, and have another one that just got out of basic and is now a proud Marine! can’t quite express just how proud of both of them I am!
  19. Bigger question is would the moose stand still and let the technician put the sensor in his "tailpipe"???
  20. The most terrifying site I am aware of... My desk at work!
  21. We always referred to them as EBKAC errors. Error Between Keyboard And Chair.
  22. When we adopted her, we got a free dna check. Holly came back as 1/4 Rat Terrier, 1/4 Yorkshire and 1/2 Chihuahua. I dont see the Chihuahua in her at all... our other two ankle biters are chihuahuas.
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