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  1. Adjusting the carrier spring tension will not make the carrier move back up into the action. It is the lifter arm that determines where it bottoms out. But that is the way the rifle was originally designed. In the original operating instructions for the '66 and '73 (I haven't seen Henry instructions), it states that these springs are adjustable by the user by tightening the screws in the case that the springs lose some tension and need more tension for the rifle to operate properly. Now, this clearly indicates that the springs were not screwed all the way down at the factory, so that they could be screwed in if and when needed for more tension. Uberti has ignored this and that is why their rifles or so "over-sprung" from the factory. Loosening those screws, within reason, makes a huge difference in the feel of the action on a stock Uberti. On a tuned rifle with lighter springs, that is a different animal.
  2. Most folks will roll crimp those. The crimp will dig into the side of a lead bullet if no crimp groove. I would be worried about taper crimped bullets collapsing into the case under spring pressure and/or recoil in a rifle. Holding one of those rounds in your fingers, push the bullet end hard against a table or solid object to make sure the bullet doesn't sink deeper.
  3. Howdy Elmer. Since there's no pics, the blue/case-color Pistolero comes in several models. Is the blue matte finish or high polish? Is the gripframe brass or steel? Thanks.
  4. I don't' know of any currently available replacements. I sent my screws to Goon's Gun Works and Mike thinned down the heads and cut a slot on the inside.
  5. I like my boots 1/2 size too large to make room for cushy innersoles.
  6. Well heck Taos, if you'd have told us the issue in the first place... those little 160gr pills don't have enough energy to get thru the barrel. If you had fired a full load 250gr behind them, that would have pushed them right out! ...and if anyone thinks I'm serious, I'd hate to know what else you think.
  7. Ace, how long have you been shooting the rifle in this configuration before having the problem? If it was a good while, then something changed. Possibly an OOB? That can bend the lever and cause timing issues. If the go-fast parts were installed more recently, then less likely to be OOB.
  8. Yes it is a cool holster. The angle looks like it might be easy to exceed the 30 degrees max cant as worn rule. But it also looks like it has a large opening for the belt, so one could add a rivet or a few stitches or something an inch down from the top corner to change the angle. I did that to one of my older x-draws.
  9. Bringing back this topic, as I was hunting for this pic before, but only just found it. Looks like a '73 painted gold
  10. If this was asked before then I missed it. Here on the Wire when you hover the mouse pointer over an avatar pic, a box opens to list number of posts, reputation number, and badges number. The badges number seems to be zero for everybody I checked (including some folks who won their category at EOT). So what is that for?
  11. There is a machinist who made his own volcanic rifle, and ammo to shoot in it. It has been mentioned on here before. And some company made volcanic pistols in .22 I think. Just heard of those, never saw one.
  12. I have a black 20+ year old Mernickle Rig. A few years ago I asked him if I should be treating it with something and he said no, it was sealed. FWIW.
  13. Howdy Curly. If those will ship for $20 or less, I will take them. Sending PM.
  14. Pull the bullets from some .22's and reload them with black powder. Then you can say you reload everything. (although I think there's actually a little more to it than that)
  15. There is an older Uberti Henry with a stretched frame on the shelf at Cimarron. There is also a new Henry frame on the shelf that was ordered to replace the stretched frame. When the customer found out how much the new frame would cost, he said forget it, just keep the rifle. Regardless of rifle vs pistol, etc. I think that IF you could buy just a frame the cost would be close to a new gun. Better off buying the rifle, sell off the extra parts, and deal with the SBR tax stuff. IMO.
  16. So if just one person decides not to buy a new car, shouldn't that free up enough metal for a few million primers?
  17. It will be obvious if it is for pistol grip. The loop itself will have a curve to it on top and bottom.
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