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  1. Well he did sign all the concealed carry bills and Constitutional Carry so I have no problem with DeWine. I’m just thinking that Trump doesn’t vet these people very good. Frank LaRose is a great choice. He’s our Secretary of State currently
  2. Yea, and you don’t put 100 rounds in a deer like Moreno said!
  3. Is it any different than fans of a lot of the heavy metal groups in the 70’s and 80’s getting tattoos of their favorite group? I’ve seen The Rolling Stones mouth tattoo a few times.
  4. They’re easy to get but not very common. I hardly ever see them in stores or even at gun shows. I’ve heard they don’t work very well.
  5. Looking forward to it although the Indians….er…Guardians are not looking very promising
  6. That’s all I’ve been using for the last 10 yrs, Works great!
  7. Pay per view public hanging and proceeds go to the the families of the victims ,
  8. Everything on the internet is true though right?
  9. All of the gun shows here are the same. There’s a couple tables with single action revolvers mostly Rugers and Heritage in .22. There are quite a few modern revolvers though.
  10. Latest news https://news.yahoo.com/kansas-city-shooting-full-coverage-police-say-dispute-between-several-people-led-to-gunfire-at-chiefs-super-bowl-parade-165447634.html
  11. I refuse to give anyone my phone number, sorry GOA
  12. Do you believe this moron actually said this? Republican candidate for senator! https://buckeyereporter.com/stories/654232411-what-gun-do-you-need-to-have-a-hundred-bullets-in-it-with-moderate-gun-control-stance-moreno-makes-case-for-electability
  13. Are you off your meds again? We know you love the Demonrats but you’re way off track here. Watch the video!
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