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  1. Oh yes please!! It would make a great companion to a Single Seven, SP101 or GP100! Oh yeah, and whoever mentioned a '94 in .45acp, that would make a great companion to a Redhawk, Blackhawk, Vaquero and/or 1911!! CS
  2. I was thinking a .50cal. BP signal cannon would alert just about everyone within a 1/4 mile that something was going on. CS
  3. SOLD I have for your consideration a used CVA brass framed Remington Pocket model .31 caliber cap-n-ball pistol made by ASM(Armi San Marco). It could use a little TLC. Due to poor storage there is some rust in the bore and on the surface. The cylinder doesn't always rotate, I cleaned it up but didn't try to remove the nipples because they looked seized to the cylinder but the flash holes are clear and the springs are strong. It also comes with 5 full tins of Remington no.10 caps 1 partial tin and a partial tin of Navy Arms caps well over 600 caps altogether.$125 shipped OBO Somebody buy this so I don't have to buy a couple pounds of powder!!CS
  4. Goex has a much slower burn rate than anything mentioned thus giving more of a shove than a "kick". It will reduce recoil and greatly increase satisfaction!! And it cleans up with hot water. CS
  5. EMP4 Concealed Contour or Springfield Lightweight Compact Range Officer. I don't like Glock's either. Not really a fan of any of the plastic guns. CS
  6. Howdy Sorillo,


    I'll take


    Green pants w/leather suspenders: size: 38w (fit like 36w)x33 inseam made by: Classic Old West Styles

    White shirt w/ green stripes: size:XL (fits like L) made by: Gleneske thick cotton should be good winter shirt

    Navy Bib shirt: size:XL made by: Classic Old West Styles


    Let me know the total to zip code 85308

    I can do Paypal if you like,





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