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  1. I was thinking a .50cal. BP signal cannon would alert just about everyone within a 1/4 mile that something was going on. CS
  2. SOLD I have for your consideration a used CVA brass framed Remington Pocket model .31 caliber cap-n-ball pistol made by ASM(Armi San Marco). It could use a little TLC. Due to poor storage there is some rust in the bore and on the surface. The cylinder doesn't always rotate, I cleaned it up but didn't try to remove the nipples because they looked seized to the cylinder but the flash holes are clear and the springs are strong. It also comes with 5 full tins of Remington no.10 caps 1 partial tin and a partial tin of Navy Arms caps well over 600 caps altogether.$125 shipped OBO Somebody buy this so I don't have to buy a couple pounds of powder!!CS
  3. Goex has a much slower burn rate than anything mentioned thus giving more of a shove than a "kick". It will reduce recoil and greatly increase satisfaction!! And it cleans up with hot water. CS
  4. I have for your consideration 4 used Lee bullet molds with boxes. The 2 2cavity molds do have some rust on the sprue plates but still in good working order. 2- Lee 6 cavity .45 caliber 200gr rnfp molds with handles $80 shipped SPF 2- Lee 2 cavity .45 caliber 255gr rnfp molds $30 shipped SPF Thanks, CS
  5. EMP4 Concealed Contour or Springfield Lightweight Compact Range Officer. I don't like Glock's either. Not really a fan of any of the plastic guns. CS
  6. Everything CrApple does is proprietary! I have a BlackBerry cell phone(yes they still make them) I got it off Amazon brand new in the box for under $300, and I don't have to worry about BlackBerry giving it a virus every time a new latest and greatest version comes out, like CrApple does! My wife doesn't believe me. I asked her why she thought her phone all of a sudden got "slower" conveniently when they were bringing out a new version. Off my soap box, back to the movie. CS
  7. I'll PM you the tracking#, my receipt says, "expected delivery date 7-17-20"
  8. What put him in office was a manufactured scare tactic. Our previous Governor stood up to a pro-LGBTQ bill that allowed them to use whichever bathroom they were that day, man or woman. Because of that the NBA threatened to pull their prestigious All-Star game out of Charlotte. So of course the media was all over it talking about the "millions" the state would lose if we lost the All-Star Game!! And we've been paying for it ever since!! Another thing that helped him get in is the huge influx we've had in the past 10yrs of liberal northerners who continually tell us how great it was up there but yet they still saw fit to come here! Then they vote in trash like Cooper, the same kind of trash that ruined their own homeland and caused them to move here in the first place! Cooper also shut down a local Saturday night race track because they weren't "social-distancing". Then the same week there he was on the news marching arm-in-arm with big crowd of protestors at a Black Lives Matter rally! CS
  9. I like it!! Most teams pick a mascot that has something to do with the surrounding area. Sin City's got the Saints, NY got the Yankee's, Dallas got the Cowboy's, Miami got the Heat... Let's see what's DC got? Liars, Thieves, Crackheads... and that's just in the legislature!! CS
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