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  1. Stouffer's has some pretty darn good tv dinners. https://www.goodnes.com/stouffers/products/?category=18316
  2. Okay I checked and it's weird I have "promotions" on my computer but not on my phone. Now that's kind strange. There was only two emails on there from months ago. NRA and SAF and that's it. Weird!
  3. Almost as ridiculous as the Lone Ranger shooting a gun out of someone's hand from 50 yds away on horseback or some of the westerns that get 10-15 rounds out of a six-shooter. How about Wanted Dead or Alive with that little rifle and .45-70 cartridges on his belt that won't fit in the gun. How about the knock out drag down fights that would kill an average guy but they take 20 punches and get up with a little blood on their lip and their hat is still on! I'm just messin' with ya Pat!
  4. That’s strange, I find it easy to use on my phone and computer. I’ve tried yahoo and others but Gmail is the easiest to use for me. I have an Apple phone and computer. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. (???)
  5. I get emails on my phone and computer and no promotions folders on either.
  6. Yea it’s crazy and unbelievable but so are most action movies today. At least Keanu Reeves is pro gun and a pretty Choi’s shooter in his own right! https://guncarrier.com/keanu-reeves-shoots-3-gun-and-his-stance-on-gun-control/
  7. Wow never had that experience at all! I have 2 gmail accounts one with my Cowboy alias and the other with my real name. I get a few spam emails but they go in my spam folder or whatever you call it,
  8. Topps baseball cards a nickel a pack with a big slab of bubble gum! We’d trade if we got doubles of a player! I think I had every player there was! Those were the days!
  9. I remember long pretzels 2 for a penny. Gumballs also 2 for a penny. Baseball cards a nickel a pack with a big piece of gum and all the candy bars were a nickel.
  10. What’s wrong with Gmail! I’m pretty happy with them,
  11. Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and peas, I think they had some kind of cherry thing for desert.
  12. My Buick manual says 5000-7000 depending on the kind of driving you're doing, Highway vs city. There's also a digital read I can call up to see how dirty the oil is. When it gets to 20% I take it in. That's usually around 6000-7000 miles.
  13. I’m on my son’s ATT plan. He has the payment deducted from his bank account. I sometimes go in the ATT store and pay the bill with my Credit Card. He doesn’t want me to but I do. Hope we didn’t get hacked
  14. I’d pay online if it was offered and I’m an old Fud but my point is getting the CLUBS to accept the new payment methods whether it’s CC, Zell, Venmo or whatever. It may not be easy depending on who handles the money coming in to the club.
  15. Gee thanks! Great looking meals! You’re killing me!!
  16. The dealership I've been dealing with sadly went out of business a couple months ago, My friend, who got me into cowboy shooting worked there and sold me all my cars. I'd been dealing with them for the last 25 years! The other salesmen and the owner used to come to the gunshop/range I worked at part time to shoot. I truly had a great experience there and they were only one mile away. They gave me some great deals. I'm stuck now but I only have 13,000 miles on my 2022 Buick Encore so I'm good for awhile but I'll never have that experience that I had there ever again!
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