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  1. My sons new 2023 Tacoma 6cyl 4x4 was 40k, they’re not cheap either !
  2. My son just bought a Tacoma, automatic 6 cyl. Nice truck! He doesn’t need it for work he’s a musician but he can haul stuff in it, rides like an SUV, smooth!
  3. The really important improvement would be more EMOJI'S
  4. I was buying this magazine and also subscribed for awhile. I pick it up occasionally if there’s something interesting but there’s usually not.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/national-christmas-tree-topples-to-the-ground-at-white-house-perfectly-summing-up-joe-bidens-presidency/ar-AA1kH4wP
  6. Personally I do not. Questions are answered on the wire.
  7. I don’t know about that, I’ve never had a bad meal there. It’s not gourmet for sure but it’s decent for the money.
  8. I shot black for 8 years, got tired of all the cleaning etc. I'm comfortable with my .38 smokeless loads thank you!
  9. https://www.dennys.com/menu/classic-breakfasts Denny's doesn't even say "breakfast steak"
  10. If I did a survey here in the SALOON and asked, How many of you like guns? I'd probably get 100%, so 100% of Americans like guns! That's about as stupid as polls are.
  11. I can’t remember the last time I had steak and eggs for breakfast! Now I got a serious craving for a steak and eggs breakfast!
  12. I bought this from a widow of a friend . He was a Cleveland policeman and cowboy shooter. He retired and one year later passed away. So sad. It’s a special gun to me, I’ll never get rid of. It.
  13. There are some benefits to being single!
  14. I paid $600 for this one, it’s a Cleveland Police Commemorative, it was unfired until I got my mitts on it! Great shooter!
  15. That’s interesting but they haven’t asked every person in the US. They didn’t ask me or anyone I know! Its just like the political polls, they poll 1000 people and come to the conclusion that 60% of Americans are in favor of blah blah
  16. Thanks, I will . I’ve made it 76 years without any problems because of any of the meat I eat.
  17. https://sites.dartmouth.edu/arsenicandyou/arsenic-in-meat-and-animal-products/ https://www.verywellhealth.com/copper-sulfate-benefits-4684436 Looks like no harm to humans!!
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