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  1. I reload .38's for my .357 Colts and rifles. You pretty much have to reload for this game unless you got big bucks!! Winchester 12 guage AA's can be found but I reload those as well and so do most of the shooters. Happy hunting!!
  2. I'd go with Uberti's in .357/.38. Cimarron or Taylor's. Look on the SASS Classified for used guns. Rugers are good to but I never cared for how they feel Just MHO.
  3. Always thought it should be called “Soy juice”
  4. I love my garage door opener, I’ve had it forever. I have no man door just a small window but if the power goes out I have a key to disable the pull for the opener. I’ve had the motor replaced once and springs once. Not bad for over 50 years!
  5. In that first picture she looks like Darla from the Little Rascals !
  6. Wait, 1.525 is longer than 1.455. I thought you said they were too long?
  7. More George Carlin, it went to the Supreme Court!
  8. I had that album. Funny! https://george-carlin.fandom.com/wiki/Class_Clown
  9. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/3410 Annie Oakley museum. Greenville Ohio
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