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  1. If you know how to twirl there is no mess! It takes practice!
  2. Try it with a fork and spoon, that’s the high classed way! I don’t use a spoon but it’s an acceptable way of doing it in high class restaurants!
  3. This is a great topic. I've sent donations to a few of these, NOT $19.00 a month mind you just a ten spot here and there because I don't want to hooked into a monthly donation. If you send them money they will hound you every month!!! The last $10.00 I sent one of them was probably eaten up in postage and printing costs for the stuff they send, address labels, stationary etc. I refuse to send them any more!
  4. I'll still support him against anything the other side puts up. I prefer my money to go to DelMonte or Hunt's and I could care less about the people that work at Heinz.
  5. You're not a sinner at all, I believe you have great taste my friend and I agree with you 100% (except for breaking up the spaghetti)
  6. Yea but Trumps not getting any money from the Heinz family that Im aware of and he’s not antigun and a climate whacko hypocrite ! I’ve had Coney Island hot dogs, very good. Can’t find them here very much. Nathans are my favorite but I really don’t eat hot dogs very often .
  7. Oh yea and he’s antigun also!!!
  8. It’s in pretty much all the stores here as well as Hunts which is pretty good too! Heinz is Kerry to me! Can’t stand that climate change hypocrite!
  9. DelMonte and Hunts tastes better to me.
  10. I have one and I had lots of trouble with it from the factory. I sent it back and they didn't do anything! I had to buy a short stroke kit and a NEW lever because it's a cut and weld. Works great now but I wouldn't recommend a factory tuned rifle at least that's my experience with it.
  11. Sounds absolutley horrible! No thanks! You're wrong about ketchup show me some proof of what you say! I know you are kidding, I hope so anyway! I don't use Heinz because of Kerry!
  12. Now I've got a taste for a nice Nathan's hot dog with DelMonte ketchup on it. I'll have to do that soon! Yum!
  13. So that’s why you don’t like Italians? That’s pretty lame It was still a pretty rude remark
  14. What’s that’s supposed to mean? You don’t like Italians? That was a pretty rude thing to say!
  15. I just get mine out of the closet. Merry Christmas
  16. You people that break up spaghetti don’t know how to twirl it up on your fork! You’re obviously not Italian!
  17. I hate all those condiments, ketchup is great on a hot dog! Try it I guarantee you’ll love it!
  18. Everybody is wrong! Ketchup is great on a hot dog! I hate Miracle Whip!
  19. Naw, we’re pretty safe here in Ohio it’s a pretty red state and has been for a long time.
  20. A man and his wife and mother in law were visiting the Holy Land when his mother in law suddenly died. The Rabbi said they could ship her body back to the USA for $5000 or have her buried here for $150! The man thought for a second and said” Ship her back to the US. The Rabbi said why? It’s only $150 to bury her here you’d be saving a ton of money. The man said, “Well 2000 yrs ago they buried someone here and he rose from the dead 3 days later! I just can’t take that chance!
  21. Did you know Mary had originally planned on naming her son David until she snubbed her toe just before delivering Him.
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