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  1. This is a new Mec EZ Wad. I’ve never used it. $45 shipped to the lower 48 Dayton Dave
  2. I’m selling my Taylor ( Uberti ) Open Top in 38 special to fund another rifle. Comes with box and docs and the original grips. In excellent condition. Bluing and case color hardening still new and purdy. I’ve shot maybe 50-75 rounds through it. Nothin hot just mild plinking stuff. $400 + shipping from my FFL to your FFL Follow up with I’ll take it and a PM Dayton Dave sass #75056
  3. I have an original REM. Rolling block #5 with a Numrich Buffalo 45-70 barrel. It’s 28” and very heavy. I was thinking on cutting down the barrel to reduce weight. I’d like to use it for hunting and target out to about 200 yrds. I’ll never use it for competition or long range. Just wanted opinions and hopefully someone who has done this.
  4. Good starter rig for someone looking to get into the game.
  5. I’m looking for a new condition 5 1/2” barrel and wedge for my Uberti 71 open top in 38 special. Dayton Dave
  6. Brand new never used Eastwood Rig. Fits Colt or clone 5.5bbl. 44/45 cal. Belt measures 41 1/2” from buckle to center hole. I have a 36” waist and it fits me perfectly. I bought this on a whim and really like my Duke rig better. More pics on request just PM me. $125 shipped to lower 48 Dayton Dave
  7. Would you be interested in trading a Burris Fullfield ll 3x9x40mm with cover. It’s in excellent condition. They sell for $240. I put a Leupold on my hunting rifle and don’t need it anymore. I can send you some pics.
  8. Hey Fireball, What’s is mark by the front sight caused from. I’m interested in the Davis 32 mag. derringer
  9. I’d like to have some engraving done on my Cattleman and don’t wanna wait a year to get it back. I was thinking about Laser Engraving and was interested in your input on this. Has anyone had laser engraving done. How does it hold up on wear, is it worth it, turn around time and who do you recommend. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all, Dayton Dave
  10. Randall offered to send me an item and wanted nothing for it. Good pard to ride the range with.

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