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  1. I don’t have a 32-20 I had terrible binding issues in my .357 until I sleeved the tube with a kit from Online Outpost.
  2. I’ve got a nearly-new Talo 44 Mag 3.75” Birdshead Vaquero Stainless I may trade for another Ruger
  3. Got my Sharp Tail back from Longhunter this AM, totally different gun than when I got it. It no longer takes three grown men to open, the chamber polish and action job is excellent, and the extractor mod is indeed included. Money well spent, took me about a week to get it back.
  4. I have a separate Dillon tool head with only a Lee depriming die. I bulk deprime before I tumble if it’s over 100 rounds or so. For load development I have another depriming die for my single stage. I like clean primer pockets, so I deprime first then wet tumble in SS media and a Dawn/Lemishine mix. Water goes in the large utility sink in my loading room.
  5. A guy on my team made E-7 as an 18B, but he was actually an 18C. They made him wait a year to re-board even though his packet was absolutely flawless and it was a simple spreadsheet error by some S1 clerk when the board results were compiled. Army gonna Army…
  6. My local shop has Starline if that will work, I can swing by and see if there is an left if you’re interested.
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