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  2. So far it looks good, but I'm still praying for all of you.
  3. My daughter got a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon. We picked up the tab for lodging, food, travel. clothes, etc....but she worked at The Tartan and for Mister Roger's Neighborhood for a lot of that. She also got her first year's rent for free because she turned a room under the stairs into a bedroom, study area, and big closet. The landlord paid for the materials, she did the planning and all other work. Also came in as Salutatorian of her college. None of this was "FREE"! She skipped fifth grade and we refused to let her skip eighth because we felt she needed to be with kids her own age for her social development. It was a good decision then and still is. She stated two businesses, one with a partner and one on her own, didn't marry until she was about 45 . Sold one business, Soapbox LLC Washington DC, to her partner and the other to someone that she never revealed to me. Her husband retired from the Marine Corps as a CW5 and they are now living in North Carolina in a house worth nearly a million dollars that they pretty much built themselves. NONE OF THIS WAS FREE!
  4. Watch Hell Is For Heroes. In one scene near the end of the movie Nick Adams, playing Homer, a Polish kid who wants to fight the Germans, uses a hasty sling the way I remember it being done.
  5. Some mighty interesting "paint jobs" on those horses
  6. Drank water from a garden hose, ate raw veggies and fruits that we took right from the plants, played with BB guns, lawn darts and other other evil toys, climbed on Jungle Gyms and overhead ladders, used tether balls and hanging chains, roller skates, pogo sticks, home made stilts, played dodge ball, swam in irrigation canals down stream from pastures and feed lots, hitch hiked all over the country, made swings out of old tires and rope, build soap box cars with roller skate wheels, shot arrows in our back yards, used home made sling shots made out of forked sticks and inner tubes, played mumble peg with real knives, never heard of seat belts............and much more. We survived and many of us grew up without much illness or injuries. Now we live in an over-protective society and all this is gone. Kids don't have adventures any more, they have computer games and cell phones. Very sad.
  7. So now you know. Had a frat brother who bought one (1964?) with a slant six and the humongous rear window and the girls just fell all over him / it. He got rid of it within a year because it just didn't perform up to its image. He ended up with a Volvo (? ).
  8. I'm looking for pictures of the Quonset hut offices at Cam Ranh Bay in 1968. I'd settle for photos of the Butler Building shops there or the two story chicken coops that served as barracks. I'd also like pics of the native foliage in the vicinity. I'm also looking for any pictures of the Marine Barracks at Seal beach form about 1974. I'd like them to show the Torii Gate out front. Another settlement would be pics of the "igloo" ammo bunkers in the A Area. I'm trying to make a some dioramas and my memory just doesn't suffice as a reliable source any more. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 4T
  9. How many TV, movie, or comic book cowboys ever used one? I can remember Leo Carrillo doing amazing rope tricks (and he was a fantastic horseman who was in his 70s when he played Pancho) but he's the only "cowboy" actor that I recall seeing doing anything with a rope.
  10. Don't see many on this site. Whyzatt?
  11. Don't have any "spares", but I have all you ask for and there's one on the way. More when you need them. Keep us posted.
  12. Just watched it again. I have watched a pile of DVDs about WWII in the Pacific recently and now understand the term "bullet rich environment". Lots of combat footage expertly mixed in with the Hollywood scenes I was stationed on Okinawa from March 1966 to August 1968...21 to23 years after the fighting and th eplace was still "hot" with unexploded munitions, riddled with battle damage, and lousy with battle souvenirs.
  13. "Cheapies" describes my acoustic Harmony Cremona, vintage 1963. $61.00 with a 10% off coupon. We wuz pore y'know. I saved up and bought a used Selmer tenor sax which only cost $400 including a Golden Tone mouth piece and a bunch of accessories including reeds, pads, lube, and a real leather carrying case. I sold it 15 years later for $850.00.
  14. Who? I was dating a girl who saw them on Ed Sullivan's show and she couldn't get over their hair being "longer than any girls I know".
  15. I got range, power, and versatility and NOBODY wants to hear me sing1
  16. Did you get that on tape? You were there, weren't you? WE NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE SUCH A STAND TODAY on oh so many fronts, but seems so many of our so-called leaders have been neutered that the odds are against it.
  17. Carpenter, Mama Cass, Anni-Frid, and several score more. Even Dolly. I gotta admit that Ann Wilson is cute...maybe even gorgeous, and certainly has great stage presence...but the best? Nah. I can't buy it. Then again, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.......and thirty something other flavors.
  18. What?! Nobody remembers ABBA? I didn't like all of their stuff, but half is better than some of those mentioned that I couldn't stomach at all.
  19. That thing is positively hypnotic. You could lose yourself watching it.
  20. Sorry, I meant a B-25 Mitchel. Damn dumb dyslexic keyboard.
  21. I spent 37 months as the supply chief at the Marine Barracks, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, California. We cross supported the Marine Barracks at Long Beach and we dismantled their Marine Barracks when they shut it down so I spent a lot of time at Long Beach. (Seal Beach was shut down after I left the Corps.). I remember that big mamoo. Never got real close to it, but you didn't have to be close to see it. Thanks for the memory, Dave.
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