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  1. And what will this do the my Model 19 S&W won't? And my gun is prettier and easier to keep clean.
  2. Neither will I. I found it better to just walk away from my cart and leave the store. I told a manager that if I wanted to bag purchases I'd apply for a job with union guarantees at the rate I was paid when I was working (about $121.00 an hour.) with a minimum day of four hours, and that I'd be a damn site better employee than anyone in his store. He responded with "well in another three years we'll only have self check out and some people to help you if you need it. You'll just have to used to it." I smiled and left a full cart there for him to take care of.
  3. And people have the nerve to ask me why I quit teaching in 1988. My parents who were life long teachers advised my nephew to seek another profession over 30 years ago because of the way it was going.
  4. Some time back there was a video of a lion hunt in Africa. The guide and a couple of others and the hunter spot the cat and the hunter takes his shot.. The cat attacks and is shot at least once more and leaps at the hunter and you can see the cat die in the air. I have been searching for that and find scores of hunts with a dozen amateur jackasses stomping around, some others that are so poorly done that you can't tell what happened, and at least two that are fakes..... but not the one with this lion dying in midair. He is shown very clearly dying trying to get to his attacker. The people in the one I'm looking for are clearly professionals, the camera is wielded by a seasoned pro, and the hunter stands his ground to the end. Anyone know the video I'm talking about?
  5. Punt? I wouldn't allow that on any grid iron I ever saw.
  6. Go to your room. No TV for you tonight, young man.
  7. Speaking of "the price" how about fining these idiots a significant amount, say $10,00.00 for a first offense, for messing with national property, public property, or some other offense. And while we're at it, charge them for response team expenses, travel, loss of time, interfering with other tourists, and anything else that can be thought up.
  8. Come to Prescott and check out the Elks Opera House Guild. hey dress like that all the time. No Tv costumes or soda fountain cowboy / cowgirl garb. Much more authentic to the point of being way overdone....but it looks like 1965-1912 (Arizona Territorial times) in all the costumes and trimmings. Sadly the COVID almost destroyed the group, but I'm told it is coming back.
  9. I was an extra (cavalry soldier) in that movie and Sammy Davis was a wonderful guy to boot. He treated the extras just like he treated everyone else, like a long time friend.
  10. AMEN! And this new POS moves to a brand new level of ugly. PS, I'll give you hundred bucks apiece for those Colts. (Last guy I made an offer similar to that...for a three barrel cased Bernardelli Brescia double barreled 12 gauge set with all the trimmings that sold at that time for about $3500.00..... calmly yawned and told me "Mister, I wouldn't even shoot with one for a hundred dollars.") I don't like him any more.
  11. I do, but I've developed a taste for good sarsaparilla instead. It's sort of like Coke and root beer mixed but not as cloyingly sweet as either one. I try to keep a couple of bottles (it only come in glass as far as I know) of Mexican Coke on hand.
  12. That statistic was attributed To Abraham Lincoln and posted on Facebook clear back in 1948.
  13. Used to see a lot of those in Utah, but it's been years since I seen one except in pictures.
  14. I have no idea what you wrote up there.
  15. I know people who would believe that.
  16. Deadliest units of WWII? I think the crews of Enola Gay and Bock's Car would dispute that.
  17. That's a totally useless bit on information. I'll just keep on using my trusty old B-29.
  18. I already have dropped all but two, and I never buy anything gun related with them. Most of the time I buy things with cash or a bank check.
  19. Amazing! Grand range and control. I would like to see her develop over the next few years....and I hope she never becomes what so many "singers" are today. I don't enjoy screamers and shouters, with no musical talent whatsoever.
  20. Ken Garoo (the Aussie gunfighter) Wally Bee (his sidekick) Duck Bill (bar tender)
  21. Any info on how the horse is now and what caused it?
  22. Was there any significant difference in how dead one rabbit was over another?
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