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  1. There's a fellow here in Prescott Valley that does fine work. Contact H&H Leather and ask for Steve. If you come down to drop it off or pick it up I'll stand you to lunch.
  2. They might have been 94s. The pictures weren't too clear, but the loading gate looked to be way too short for a 94.
  3. There are more, but since I was ten years old I've had well over a hundred. Some only lasted a few days, the longest was eleven years but I had five or six side jobs during that time, too.....and I had a lot of second jobs, as well. Whatever it took to tree the coon and put food on the table
  4. But IMHO, it looks way too modern for a classic old gun. Even a carefully applied cold blue would look better and I have seen some very satisfactory cold blue jobs.
  5. Watched Destination Tokyo with Cary Grant, 1944, 135 minutes, black and white. Very good movie. VERY good! At one point three men are sent ashore near Tokyo on a recon mission. They are armed with Winchester Model 92 carbines. I had not hears of this before. No action for these guns in the movie, but it makes some sense. I'm just wondering if it's authentic.
  6. I worked at McDonnell Douglas and for Western Gear Corp when the Osprey was being developed. I still don't understand it but it's not any worse than any other STOL aircraft. We saw a Harrier go into the drink at Parris Island (actually it was at Laurel Bay) in 1973 when they were brand new. The crew swam ashore, a barge was brought in to get it, and I was told the plane flew again in a few short weeks.
  7. I was a pinsetter, a paper boy, and root beer stand parking lot cleaner-upper, and a pearl diver (dish washer), assembled mannequins and assembled cardboard boxes for a ladies' dress shop, worked as a stock boy and window washer for F. W. Woolworth. I helped a man install milk shed refrigeration and water sanitizing equipment, was a janitor, ran a surplus acquisition shop for a college, and tore down old school desks (I wish I have scooped u pa couple of those), and dug up and sold fishing worms. For about two months I helped a cousin strip and repaint a bunch of surplus metal office furniture for his new business. I painted signs using rubber lettering masters and spray paint can. I also picked string beans, bucked bales, and ran an empty tin can depalletizer for a Del Monte cannery. The last was what I was doing when I got married. It was a fill-in job until I had to report to APG for my first military assignment. I haven't knowingly eaten a canned pea since.
  8. No Cerakote. They deserve real bluing and a nice rub down on the wood. Or.....you could send them to me. I'll give them to my gin smith for restoration and then give them a lot of TLC and respect.
  9. Saw that happen to a female grizzly bear in West Yellowstone. The guy had left the tail gate open on his station wagon and the bear got in for food. This gut thought it would be funny to close her in. She destroyed the car but cut herself badly and a Ranger had to shoot her. The man was arrested hauled away threatening to "sue every SOB in the park service. Who's going to pay for my wagon? How are my wife and kids gonna get home?" It was way before video cameras but it was one of those things that should be shown on TV and websites every night for ever.
  10. British pop singer Julie Rogers, especially singing "The Wedding".
  11. Katherine Sargent. She could out run, out fight, out jump, out ride, our throw, out climb, and out work any boy in school (except MerlinOlsen). 5'7", maybe 145 lbs, and flaming red hair with very fair skin and freckles. We went together for a few months and then she met a farmer from over around Snowville and they got married the following summer.
  12. Had several Bearcats back when you could still buy one under $30.00 Had two Colt Scouts, one in .22 LR and one in .22 WRM. Still like them but they done got pricey. The magnum was my son's gun and I got him a Winchester 9422M at the same time. One of his dope smoking "friends" stole them both....but I couldn't prove it or I'd have a felony record now. I sure did love that little Colt.
  13. Get married Be able to use any contract Have any job outside the home or family business Fly airplanes Have a hunting or fishing license Drive a boat of any kind Borrow or lend money Have any investments in their own name Hold any public office Travel out of state without an adult supervising Attend any college without adult supervision Someone suggested a 21 year old age limit in out local newspaper about seven years ago. I responded very much like the above and it got printed. Last week a similar letter showed up and I took a copy of my letter into the editor and was told that it would have to be approved by a committee, but it was unlikely to be accepted because "it is belligerent and combative." Wonder what the statute of limitations is for printing the letter back when.
  14. I've been places where you would be fined....a lot....and jailed....for a long time....for jumping that fence. There's a lot of money invested in those critters and NO ONE should be let off the hook for disobeying the rules.
  15. There you go. It would be hard to find a better pistol. My high school ROTC traded our High Standards in for the 41s and I fell in love then and there.
  16. You have to love someone with a gift for truly biting sarcasm.
  17. I have to add Karen Carpenter and ABBA to the list. (I Have A Dream is one of my favorites).
  18. I want a straight, white, old guy who is a veteran of both the Army and Marines, was married to the same woman for over 50 years, has two straight kids, payed income taxes for 67 years, has never been arrested much less jailed, pays his bills, is a "native" (born in this country with family living here since a few years after the Mayflower landed) American, has several ethnic groups as relatives and friends, loves his country and most of its people, and is a loyal and proud American Day. I want this to be a paid holiday and I want it retroactive to 1943 with back pay and interest paid on all of it.....and I want the rest of this world to recognize all of this and to thank me for doing my part.....and to apologize for characterizing me as something "bad" for being and doing what and who I am.
  19. I seem to recall some old fashioned reference to ANY one handed shooter of any kind was a pistol" as in the old Hispano-Spanish-Mexican phrase "Pistolero".....which predates revolvers and other handguns except for single shot flintlock and percussion guns. So there!
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