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  1. She proved a lot of things to a lot of people. I liked her....a lot!
  2. Skookum was a common term when I was a little kid in the Yakima Valley. It also meant something was very good like "That steak was way skookum."
  3. Thank God for Brown Bag Burgers. It beats any / all of the world-wide outlet burger places by a HUGE margin.
  4. Used the one and three frequently in 'Nam. Depended on who was on the other end of the line.
  5. Get used to it. I've earned a black belt in falling: I don't bounce anymore, but the last few times I haven't broken or seriously damaged any body parts. You learn to spot very step in advance and your eyes never stop looking for hazards. And the itching never stops, but I've learned to ignore it most of the time.
  6. Oh BOO! Hissssssss! You can go to Hell for that kind of joke....but I like 'em anyway.
  7. I worked my way through college most of the time. My parents would front me some that I always paid back within a month or two except for $5.000 my senior year. I was commissioned a 2LT in the Army and paid them back in the first five months I was in. My wife didn't get back to college until she was 55 and we paid that out of pocket. My daughter went Carnegie Mellon on a near 100% scholarship and worked at several jobs. We paid her living expenses and she reimbursed us in about five years.
  8. I sold my 2009 Tacoma with a 4 cylinder engine, two wheel drive, funny flip-flop half back doors, and an automatic transmission. It was five years old and had about 36,000 miles on it. I have kicked myself ever since. It was just a handy little pickup for small trips to the hardware store, shooting range, to haul stuff in, etc. I may go shopping for another one one of these days.
  9. That's how Zyzzx got in touch with me. SASS called me and said he was trying to reach me and had told them to give me his phone number.
  10. Lord love a duck. Is that even remotely street legal?
  11. Grumpy!!! You're still around, but it looks like you got tired of waiting for The Grumpy Lunch Bunch to show up.
  12. You're right, Pat. I admit to needing mental help. I'm WAY too smart and need to bleed some of it off to you who need more smart in your diet. I suppose I could trade it off for some more modesty. I don't nearly enough of that.
  13. In Claremont, CA, a town of many colleges, I once long ago encountered a group of seven men waiting for a seat in a cafe. One had a full beard, one had a goatee, three of us (including me)had mustaches and I commented (being the smart ass that I am) that my recent survey found that 5/8 of the men in Claremont had facial hair. They looked confused, all except one older gent who grinned and said "Fishing for government grant, are you?" I told him I hadn't really considered that and he said "Well, think about it. Damn near everyone else in town is doing it." Finally a couple of the younger guys caught on and we had a good laugh...........but I did think about it for a long time, maybe 45 seconds.
  14. And yet another example of tax dollars at work.
  15. They should go back to what the Constitution said the were allowed to do in the beginning and stop lining their own pockets and usurping citizen authority.
  16. But if the goobermint has outlawed or restricted your ability to buy something you're pretty much screwed.
  17. I put this in the same category as the 600,000 people that a U. S. Congress critter claimed die each month from gun violence: it is pure unadulterated, gold plated, star spangled, diamond encrusted BS!
  18. We have about six trash companies and get to pick our own. I have Waste Management, the folks across the street and on the south of me both use Patriot. Another has Western Waste and there are some others. Waste Management and Patriot pick up on Friday, the others are scattered out over the other four week days.
  19. Close. The newbie got a beer and a sandwich and my exact words were "Huh! By God, it wasn't like that in the Old Corps."
  20. If you hit it at about fifty mph it should land on the top of the car...if you are very skilled and very lucky. Any other solution stands a good chance of you being very crippled or very dead.
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